Our Lady Calls the Youth to Medjugorje

Our Lady Calls the Youth to Medjugorje

There was much excitement and anticipation of August 15 in Medjugorje, the closing of the Marian Year that Pope John Paul II had called for. The crowd that night was one of the largest ever and the ascent up Apparition Mountain was very difficult because of the thickness of the crowd. Many sat along the trail because there was no more room on top of the mountain. Lights were extinguished during the apparition. There was total silence and darkness during it. In the message Our Lady called for a Year of the Youth. She said:

“From today on I would like you to start a New Year, the Year of the Young People. During this year pray for the young people; talk with them. Young people find themselves now in a very difficult situation. Help each other. I think about you in a special way, dear children. Young people have a role to play in the Church now. Pray, dear children.”

This was an exciting message because many of the groups on the mountain that night were made of youth. There were still other youth groups arriving in the next days. It was as if Our Lady was calling the youth to Medjugorje starting this year.

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