Our Lady Appeared Sad and with Tears

Our Lady Appeared Sad and with Tears

Our Lady appeared very sad this day and with tears said:

“So many people, after they have begun to pray, to be converted, to fast, and to do penance here, quickly forget when they return to their homes and to their bad habits.”

To the priests of Medjugorje, Our Lady said:

“The information suffices. People already know enough. Tell them this place is a place of prayer. Pray as much as you can, pray however you can, but pray more always. Each of you could pray even four hours a day. But I know that many do not understand because they think only of living for their work.”

Father Vlasic questions Our Lady concerning telling the people to pray four hours a day and having them turn away. Our Lady then said:

“Even you do not understand. It is hardly a sixth of your day.”

Our Lady, again, expresses concern over the unconverted hearts who approach Medjugorje more through curiosity rather than with a firm will to change. Even amongst those who have been following Her messages, Our Lady challenges their bewilderment by suggesting they could find the time to pray, but they are too preoccupied with their work.

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