Operation Introducing Medjugorje

Operation Introducing Medjugorje

With the war raging in Iraq, a Friend of Medjugorje creates a new division of Caritas of Birmingham giving it the name Operation Introducing Medjugorje (OIM). OIM would be an evangelization arm of the mission, creating different packets of spiritual materials depending on the circumstance of the targeted group of people. The purpose of the packet was to introduce Medjugorje. During the war in Iraq, with young soldiers heading into war and knowing that they would be dealing with fear, boredom, loneliness, being wounded, losing friends, homesickness, death, etc., the packets were made to help direct them towards Our Lady of Medjugorje as a source of strength, courage, comfort and protection. The packets were very successful as many soldiers wrote personal testimonies of conversion that came about through the packets. It was yet another example of the power of the grace of Medjugorje. OIM packets were also used to introduce Medjugorje to prisoners, and were also developed as evangelization materials to pass out on the streets of New York, New Orleans, and other cities, as well as TV commercials.

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