Mirjana’s Annual Apparition

Mirjana’s Annual Apparition

During Mirjana’s annual birthday apparition, Mirjana brought many questions from other people who wanted to hear Our Lady’s response to them. Our Lady gave only one answer on behalf of all of the questions. She said:

“Pray all three mysteries of the Rosary daily for non-believers and attend Mass specially for them once a month. God knows what their own needs are which they must bring to Him.”

Upon Our Lady leaving, Mirjana said that she saw the Heavens open and three angels waiting for Our Lady. That had happened only one other time in the apparitions with Mirjana, which was in August 1981. Speaking to Mirjana in the apparition, Our Lady guided her to be generous in her prayers for nonbelievers. This would become Mirjana’s special mission. Our Lady said:

“…Most of all I would desire that you dedicate prayer for my children who do not know my love and the love of my Son. Help them to come to know it! Help me as a Mother of all of you!…”

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