Mirjana Comes to Portland, Oregon

Mirjana Comes to Portland, Oregon

Mirjana received this apparition in Portland, Oregon, in the United States while visiting her friend, Fr. Milan Mekulich, the Croatian priest who was the main celebrant at her marriage in Medjugorje in September 1989. Mirjana had been receiving interior locutions on the second day of each month but on this occasion she was graced by an apparition and a message for the world. Our Lady’s words were startling for many who were following Medjugorje. Her words:

“I have been with you nine years. For nine years I wanted to tell you that God, your Father, is the only way, truth and life. I wish to show you the way to Eternal Life. I wish to be your tie, your connection to the profound faith. LISTEN TO ME! Take your rosary and get your children, your families with you. This is the way to come to salvation. Give your good example to your children: give a good example to those who do not believe. You will not have happiness on this earth, neither will you come to Heaven if you are not with pure and humble hearts, and do not fulfill the law of God. I am asking for your help to join me to pray for those who do not believe. You are helping me very little. You have little charity or love for your neighbor and God gave you the love and showed you how you should forgive and love others. For that reason reconcile and purify your soul. TAKE YOUR ROSARY AND PRAY IT. All your sufferings take patiently. You should remember that Jesus was patiently suffering for you. Let me be your Mother and your tie to God, to the Eternal Life. Do not impose your faith on the unbelievers. Show it to them by your example and pray for them. MY CHILDREN, PRAY!”

Through the years, Our Lady has given several bold and strong messages when the visionaries have had their apparitions in America, as this message given to Mirjana in America shows. Jakov had his last daily apparition while in America, and when he recieved the tenth secret. Marija’s apparitions in America have been profound and are a unique events in Medjugorje’s history. Our Lady has a purpose having certain apparitions take place in America, perhaps because the mentality in America is more apt to release what Our Lady says and get the information out.

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