Miraculously not Broken

Miraculously not Broken

Miraculously, Marija’s leg was not broken, but the injury was still serious, and for the next few days she had to stay off it, which brought the apparitions back to the house. The apparition on this day was in the living room of the house in which only the family was present. Marija sat in a chair with her leg elevated, facing a beautiful picture of Our Lady hanging on the fireplace. It was here that Our Lady appeared. The founder asked Marija to ask Our Lady a question. It was a question that he had asked when Our Lady was present in 1988. At that time, ten years ago, Our Lady responded by saying on January 20, 1989:

“I will inform later.”

The founder had not questioned Our Lady concerning this since he first asked Her about it, but felt during this visit, to present the question again. When Our Lady appeared, the apparition was only a few minutes long. Our Lady came, prayed over everyone and blessed them. Our Lady indicated in regard to the question that:

“The time has not yet come.”

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