Marija and the Horse

Marija and the Horse

Visionary Marija, her husband, Paolo, and their children returned to Caritas of Birmingham, in Alabama, for a private visit from May 17-24, 1998, with the founder’s family and the Community of Caritas. On May 20, Caritas’ founder, his wife, Annette, Marija and her husband, Paolo, went horseback riding in the mountains. On their way back to the Field where the community was gathered for Rosary, the horse that Marija was riding was suddenly kicked by another horse. Marija received the full force of the kick to her leg. It was a severe injury that caused her great pain. It was feared that her leg was not only broken, but even shattered. A vehicle was brought to the Field and Marija was lifted inside and taken to the hospital emergency room. Caritas’ founder drove to the hospital, while Paolo and Annette helped to make Marija comfortable in the backseat of the vehicle. On the way to the hospital, Our Lady appeared to Marija in the moving vehicle. One moment, Marija was holding her leg, crying, with a grimace of pain on her face, the next moment her face was relaxed and her demeanor was serene with no sign of pain or tears. But the moment the apparition ended, Marija’s face immediately contracted in pain and it was apparent she was in agony again. To witness Marija’s transformation from pain, to serenity and back to pain was an amazing testimony to the authenticity of the apparitions. Later, Marija said that during the apparition, Our Lady blessed everyone, including all those in the community who were praying the Rosary in the Field.

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