Marek and Sophia Skwarnicki

Marek and Sophia Skwarnicki

Marek and Sophia Skwarnicki, close friends of Pope John Paul II, were also very devoted to Medjugorje, traveling there often. Marek eventually obtained a job at the Vatican and would often see the Pope personally. Sophia, writing of some of the conversations she and her husband had with John Paul II concerning Medjugorje stated:

“One day, the members of the editorial staff of the paper where Marek worked were received by the Pope with their families. My husband was sorry that I didn’t accompany him, but the Holy Father noticed my absence, and guessing where I was [Medjugorje], he said to Marek that God’s Mother was competing with him, adding that I had made the proper choice. Marek took advantage of the occasion to speak to the Pope about Medjugorje and he received this reply: ‘It is a very important and very positive event.’”

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