Jakov’s First Annual Apparition

Jakov’s First Annual Apparition

This was Jakov’s first apparition after Our Lady stopped appearing to him on a daily basis. Because Jakov’s annual apparition is on Christmas Day, he receives the added joy of seeing Our Lady holding Baby Jesus. This apparition lasted 12 minutes. Our Lady came joyful and spoke to Jakov about the secrets. Our Lady’s message given through Jakov:

“…Today, on the birthday of my Son, my heart is filled with immeasurable joy, love and peace. As your mother, I desire for each of you to feel that same joy, peace, and love in the heart. That is why, do not be afraid to open your heart and to completely surrender yourself to Jesus, because only in this way, can He enter into your heart and fill it with love, peace and joy. I bless you with my Motherly blessing.”

Jakov had prepared himself for the apparition with Confession and Holy Mass. He remained depressed for many months, but eventually came to understand that through prayer, he could still experience an intimacy with Our Lady. However, no one can understand the martyrdom of these visionaries who have experienced Heaven on a daily basis, and then are asked to return to living in the world as if they could ever return to “normal” life. They can never get used to “not seeing” Our Lady everyday. As Mirjana said when she was with Jakov in his last daily apparition, she prayed in a separate room from Jakov because it is too painful for her to know that Jakov is seeing Our Lady while not being able to see Her herself. This was six years after Mirjana’s last daily apparition. After all that time, the wound is still fresh.

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