Jakov’s Final Daily Apparition

Jakov’s Final Daily Apparition

Our Lady told Jakov on September 11, 1998, who was in Miami, Florida, in the United States at the time, that the following day She would confide to him the tenth secret and that this would be the end of his daily apparitions. Visionary, Mirjana, who is also Jakov’s cousin, was with him in Miami. She describes what happened:

“On September 11, 1998, Our Lady appeared to Jakov just as she had every day since the beginning. I knelt in another room and prayed in silence. Knowing what he could see, it was too painful for me to be near him. When the apparition ended this time, however, Jakov came to me with tears in his eyes. ‘I need to speak with you,’ he said. ‘Today was my last regular apparition. Our Lady asked me to prepare myself to receive the tenth secret tomorrow.’ My heart broke for him and I started crying as well. ‘I’m so sorry, Jakov,’ I said, thinking about the confusion and despair I had felt so many years before. I worried that Our Lady’s absence would be even more difficult for Jakov to accept than it had been for me. After his mother died, Our Lady practically raised him. Now, at 27 years old, Jakov would have to face the world without the solace of seeing her everyday…‘Let’s pray,’ I said, and we spent much of that evening on our knees…The next day, Our Lady appeared to Jakov at 11:15 a.m., much earlier than usual, and she stayed longer than she normally did. Half an hour later, when the apparition ended, Jakov cried and went off to be alone.”

Our Lady was sad while confiding the tenth secret and then with a gentle smile she gave the following message.

“Dear child! I am your mother and I love you unconditionally. From today I will not be appearing to you every day, but only on Christmas, the birthday of my Son. Do not be sad, because as a mother I will always be with you and like every true mother I will never leave you. And continue further to follow the way of my Son, the way of peace and love and try to persevere in the mission that I have confided to you. Be an example of that man who has known God and God’s love. Let people always see in you an example of how God acts on people and how God acts through them. I bless you with my Motherly blessing and I thank you for having responded to my call.”

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