Ivan’s Prayer Group Member Dies

Ivan’s Prayer Group Member Dies

On the 17th Anniversary of the start of Ivan’s prayer group, July 4, 1999, just after the end of their private dinner celebration, Nedjo, one of the members of the prayer group died suddenly of a heart attack. Nedjo was only 36-years old and married to one of Vicka’s sisters. He was the father of four children. The prayer group members and their families had gathered that evening for Ivan’s apparition, followed by dinner and desert. Nedjo was just leaving the party with his wife and remarked to her how happy he was, and as he was getting into the car to drive home, he suddenly died. It was a shock to everyone, yet a beautiful death, especially as it happened on the anniversary of the founding of Ivan’s prayer group. It is difficult to understand why God allows certain things. Vicka’s comment concerning her brother-in-laws death:

“God knows why He has asked us for this sacrifice.”

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