Ivanka is Married

Ivanka is Married

Visionary, Ivanka, was married in St. James Church to Rajko Elez. She met Rajko soon after the apparitions began. Ivanka had sought advice from Our Lady concerning her vocation, as had all the visionaries. In early August, 1981, when the visionaries asked Our Lady what She wanted of them later on in life, She said:

“It would be good if you become priests and religious, but only if you, yourselves, would want it. It is up to you to decide.”

Our Lady did not require of the visionaries to become priests and nuns. In fact, when She gave the rules to the prayer group, Our Lady had said everyone could be consecrated regardless of their state in life. However, she did ask those in the prayer group to wait for four years before making a decision about their future. She wanted them to develop a prayer life and walk in the spiritual life and through their experience with God, they would be better prepared for whatever God called them to as a vocation. Ivanka had always believed her vocation was to marriage, before and after the apparitions began. Though some had difficulty accepting this choice because of their mindset that a visionary should always become a priest or nun, there were other visionaries of Church approved apparitions who married, such as Mariette Baco of Banneux, France (1933) and the four girls from Beauring, Belgium (1932).

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