Ivan Speaks about His Visit to the White House

Ivan Speaks about His Visit to the White House

Ivan shared details of his meeting with President George Herbert Walker Bush at the White House on November 14, 1990. The following is a paraphrase of what Ivan said to President Bush:

“You meet with people from nations all over the world. I am seeking your help for peace in the world. I am a young man from the Croatian area of Yugoslavia and have come to give you a message of peace for the world; for nine and a half years, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing to me daily and to others. We have been asked to be intercessors for the world, to pray for peace. I know of your efforts to bring peace for the world; please do all possible for true peace in the world so that you perform the will of God. I know this sounds incredible, but it is real. Our Lady wants individual peace for all. I will recommend you and your nation to Our Lady.”

Ivan stated that he also gave President Bush a personal message from Our Lady, imploring the President to use all of the powers at his disposal to bring peace to this troubled world. The President was deeply interested in the apparitions, and because of the need to make this particular meeting brief due to the Gulf Crisis, he invited Ivan to return to the White House for another meeting in February of 1991.

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