Ivan Entered the Seminary

Ivan Entered the Seminary

Ivan entered the seminary at Visoko on August 28. This would be a very difficult experience for Ivan as his testimony of Our Lady appearing to him was not believed. He was persecuted and also found the studies difficult. On his first day, when Our Lady appeared to him, She said:

“You are very tired. Rest, so that you can find strength. Go in the peace of God. Good-bye.”

Ivan was the first to be separated from the group of the six visionaries and was lonely in his life away from Medjugorje. The following day, on August 29, Jakov asked Our Lady if She was appearing to Ivan in the seminary. Our Lady responded:

“Yes, just like for you.”

Ivan Ivankovic, the 20 year old boy who had also seen Our Lady on Apparition Mountain in the first apparition on June 24, 1981, was arrested and put in prison a few days before Fr. Jozo. Jakov asked Our Lady if Ivan Ivankovic was well. Our Lady responded to his concern by saying:

“He is well. He is enduring everything. All will pass. Father Jozo sends you greetings.”


Ivan had questions he asked Our Lady about what was happening with the other visionaries. Our Lady responded:

“My angels perform their penance well.”


Ivan asked Our Lady whether She was going to help him and his friends in school. Our Lady answered:

“God’s help manifests itself everywhere.”

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