Future Chapel Site

Future Chapel Site

After the regular apparition on February 13, 1982, Draga Vidovic, cousin of visionary Marija, and Marinko Ivankovic asked Marija to go to the area of Apparition Mountain where on the 3rd day of the apparitions, June 26, 1981, Our Lady had said:

“I am the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

The three went back to this location to pray a Rosary. Suddenly, Marija went into ecstasy. This was unexpected because Marija had already had her daily apparition and wasn’t expecting another. When the apparition had ended, Marija told Draga and Marinko that Our Lady told her She wanted a chapel built on this specific spot. Our Lady said She would inform Marija when it was time to build the chapel. The next day, February 14, 1982, Marija crossed paths with a young friend of hers, Nedjeljko Brecic (Nedjo). Nedjo, astounded by Our Lady’s request, wanted to know everything about the chapel. Marija said Our Lady hadn’t given her any details, but that she would ask Her in the apparition that night (February 14). In the apparition, when Marija asked Our Lady more details about the chapel, Our Lady actually showed her the future chapel. In the vision, Marija was able to walk in and all around it, seeing it from every side. She saw it in great detail. Though Marija was physically walking around the chapel in her apparition, those who were present with Marija in the apparition only saw Marija kneeling as normal throughout her time in ecstasy. Over the years, Marija has asked on other occasions if it was time to build the chapel. Always Our Lady said:

“It is not yet time.”

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