Fr. Vlasic Threatened by the Police

Fr. Vlasic Threatened by the Police

Fr. Tomislav Vlasic, a young priest who came to Medjugorje after Fr. Jozo went to prison, was being threatened by the police to be removed from Medjugorje. He had involved himself with the visionaries, and therefore, became a target by the police. When the visionaries asked Our Lady what should happen if the police force Fr. Vlasic to leave, Our Lady responded:

“If it is in God’s design that he depart as has been the case with Father Jozo, have him abandon himself to the will of God. He must think very much and you must pray for him.”

Also in this apparition the visionaries had learned that in the village Izbicno, about 60 miles from Medjugorje, there were several people who were also reporting seeing Our Lady. When the Medjugorje visionaries spoke to Our Lady about the Izbicno seers, Our Lady said:

“It is not necessary for you to meet them.”

Two days later, on January 22, again the visionaries asked Our Lady if the Izbicno visions are real. Our Lady responded by saying:

“They are coming from God.”

Reportedly, 18 people, mostly females, said they had apparitions between 1982 and 1983. They only lasted a short period of time. A few months later, in the spring, Our Lady reprimanded the visionaries for meeting with the Izbicno visionaries after She had told them not to.

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