First Anniversary of the Apparitions

First Anniversary of the Apparitions

June 24, 1982, marked the First Anniversary of the apparitions. An estimated 50,000 people packed St. James Church and the surrounding terrain, for both June 24th and June 25th. Despite the threat of persecution, tens of thousands came to Medjugorje to pray to Our Lady, much to the dismay of the government authorities. Physical signs continued to be given from above. Fr. Rudolph Kadled of Zagreb, Croatia, reported seeing a cloud descend on Mt. Krizevac. The Cross disappeared and in its place a silhouette of a Woman in a long white garment appeared. A small white circle, like a Host, with a small white Cross above it appeared above the Woman. It was a vision that many people saw, those who were on Apparition Mountain as well as those who were present in the area of the Church, and also those who were on roads and in the fields.

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