Final Apparition Before Marija Left

Final Apparition Before Marija Left

After nearly three months away from her home in Medjugorje, the day arrived for Marija to leave Alabama. This day ended Our Lady’s apparitions for the period of November 1988 through January 1989. The apparition with Marija and Caritas’ founder, wife and family was very intense and emotional. They had given everything of themselves to serve Our Lady, Marija, and thousands who had descended upon their home. During this last rosary, they could hardly recite it knowing that Our Lady was leaving. Our Lady told them:

“Dear children, I desire that your lives become prayer.”

Our Lady ended the apparition with the same message She began with them. November 20, 1988 — Her first words, “May your life be prayer >”

It was clear, through the three months of Her presence, that Our Lady desired something to unfold that She was initiating.

Marija said that Our Lady was always very happy. Marija flew to Italy and convalesced for another two months before returning to Medjugorje.

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