Daily Apparition in the Bedroom

Daily Apparition in the Bedroom

For the apparition today, Our Lady appeared in the Bedroom while the ever increasing numbers of pilgrims gathered in the Field. Marija then came to the Field to greet the pilgrims and explain what happened in the apparition. She said Our Lady had come and blessed everyone, prayed over everyone and blessed all their religious objects. Marija then said Our Lady had come with a surprise tonight. In answer to the question put to Her by Caritas’ founder through Marija, “What time and where will the apparition be tomorrow, Sunday, March 20,” Our Lady said She would come at the same time, 6:40 p.m., and that She would appear in the Field. After the apparition, the founder questioned Marija about how Our Lady relayed that She would appear in the Field. Marija said that Our Lady used the word “Field” in relaying Her wishes for tomorrow’s apparition. When he expressed his amazement at that, Marija answered him by saying “Our Lady knows the language we speak.”

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