Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, reportedly visited Medjugorje incognito. This would not have been a far-fetched possibility as there were other cardinals and bishops close to John Paul II who came to Medjugorje incognito, or in other words, in an unofficial manner. Czechoslavakian Bishop Hnilica testified that when he told John Paul II that Bishop Zanic had ordered him to stop coming to Medjugorje, John Paul II told him to continue to go, but to go incognito. Also Archbishop Frane Franic from Split went to Medjugorje unofficially, as did many others. They came to observe for themselves the experience of Medjugorje. With the controversy surrounding Medjugorje it was quite probable that Ratzinger would wish to experience Medjugorje himself, rather than send an emissary, in order to form his own opinion.

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