Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia-Hercegovina

Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia-Hercegovina

When asked if the Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia-Hercegovina had discussed the reopening of the case to re-examine Medjugorje, Cardinal Vinko Puljc, Archbishop of Sarajevo made the following statement:

“Our Bishops’ Conference has not discussed this matter because the phenomenon of Medjugorje does not come within our competence. At the moment when the Holy See takes the decision and gives a task, we shall think about what to do. This is why it is not necessary to speculate, unless concrete instructions come. After the work of the [first] Commission, the Bishops’ Conference has already decided to accompany the phenomenon pastorally. This is nothing new, but the implementation of the first decision of the Bishop’s Conference about the phenomenon Medjugorje.”

Two years ago, the Bosnia-Hercegovina Bishops’ Conference was told to open up the investigation on Medjugorje again. Today, the head bishop of the Bishops’ Conference says that Medjugorje does not fall within their competence and they, therefore, will not move forward until they hear directly from the Vatican. So, yet again, Medjugorje remains as it has been since the beginning—free and unhindered.

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