Bishop Hnilica Speaks at Notre Dame Conference on Medjugorje

Bishop Hnilica Speaks at Notre Dame Conference on Medjugorje

Czechoslovakian Bishop Pavel Hnilica, a strong believer and follower of both Fatima and Medjugorje, sees in Medjugorje something different than other Marian apparitions. In a talk given at the 1992 National Conference on Medjugorje at the University of Notre Dame in the United States, Bishop Hnilica said:


“This is, more than ever, a crucial and decisive hour of history; the messages of the Madonna of Medjugorje are being received continually concerning the extraordinary character of the moment in which we live. Even if Medjugorje should be destroyed so that there remains not one stone upon another, Medjugorje will not be destroyed because Medjugorje is already in the 30 million hearts; the spirit of Medjugorje lives in the 30 million souls, those who have been pilgrims in Medjugorje, and tens of millions of others that there are around the world. I travel a great deal in the world. I can say that the Medjugorje movement today is the strongest, most vibrant one in the Church around the world. But one characteristic of the Medjugorje movement that is not found in the Lourdes movement or Fatima movement is the familial aspect, the solidarity of all those who live the spirit of Medjugorje. Wherever I go, into whatever country in the world, when I encounter any Medjugorje group, I find myself suddenly as if at home, within my own family. It is this spirit of unity, of family, of solidarity that will bring victory to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, victory of the Church, the victory of Christ. Every Marian Movement, every Marian Christian is invited to become an apostle for this Triumph of Our Lady. We have to change not only Russia, but also the entire world through our own conversion. In a special way, this mission, this call, is given to the Marian Movement of Medjugorje.”

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