Archbishop Mario Rizzi

Archbishop Mario Rizzi

Archbishop Mario Rizzi, former Apostolic Nuncio in Bulgaria, and now stationed in Rome where he works on the cause for beatification of “Servants of God,” gave the following testimony when he was present at a private audience with Pope John Paul II along with Bishop Robert Cavallero who had just returned from a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. Archbishop Rizzi said:

“I found myself in the private chapel of the Holy Father at morning Mass. At the end of the Holy Mass the Holy Father approached us and personally greeted all those present. Near me was Msgr. Robert Cavellero from the Shrine of Our Lady of Chiavaria. When the Pope got close to us with the intention of greeting us, Msgr. Cavallero said, ‘Holy Father, I am just now coming from Medjugorje.’ The Pope said, ‘Monsignor, do you believe?’ The Monsignor answered, ‘Yes, Holy Father!’ Msgr. Cavallero then asked, “And you Holy Father, do you believe?” After that question the Pope stopped for a moment in silence and then said at intervals, ‘I believe…I believe…I believe.’”

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