Apparition in the Field

Apparition in the Field

Most all were present by 5 PM., singing and praying. The Rosary in preparation for Our Lady’s apparition in the Field of Apparitions began at 6:20 PM. But Our Lady had something else in mind. Our Lady unexpectedly and suddenly appeared at approximately 6:44 PM. while Marija was praying the fifth decade. This was very unusual in that Our Lady had said that She would come when we prayed, which in similar circumstances in the past when Our Lady gave this special grace to the founder and the Community, Our Lady always gave us time to finish the Rosary before appearing. But, Our Lady had planned a surprise in this apparition to the delight of everyone present. The apparition lasted a little over three minutes. Following is Marija’s description of the apparition:

“During the moment of the apparition when Our Lady came, She came and She watched us. She immediately began to pray over us. She did not give me the possibility to recommend [anyone]. After, I think that Our Lady was going to give me time to say something [because] for one moment She was [standing there] in silence. I tried to say something… and Our Lady make like, I am [Our Lady] not finished.”

Marija, laughing, could hardly speak. Imitating Our Lady, Marija held up her index finger, a gesture that made Marija stop speaking. Then Marija continued, saying:

“And Our Lady continued to pray. She began to pray in Aramaic. And after, She smiled and She looked at me as if to say, “now”, this is your turn.’And I began to recommend all of us, all our intentions, all sick people who are here with us, who is in our heart, in our family, whom it is not possible to come here and be with us, but they are in our prayers, in our hearts here tonight. And Our Lady began to pray one more time and She blessed us, and She said,“Go in peace.” Our Lady made the Sign of the Cross and She left.”

The founder asked if Our Lady had really put up Her index finger to silence Marija. Marija answered,

“Yes. You know, I think I am supposed to recommend all these people, all who are here with their intentions, a like, “I am not finished.”

Marija said that Our Lady was very joyful during the apparition. Our Lady was smiling when She made Marija be silent. When he asked Marija why she thought Our Lady made that gesture, Marija replied,

“She is so happy to be with us, I think. Our Lady was joyful in a special way tonight.”

Marija said later,“Our Lady likes to tease.”Another note from the founder reflecting on this apparition was that everyone in the crowd was in peace, praying and singing reverently in preparation for Our Lady’s apparition. There was a serenity that blanketed the Field with a longing that was felt for Our Lady’s presence. Our Lady’s smile was a sign given in response to the love we gave Her. The love being given to Her was given back to us in Her smile.

For the next day’s apparition, Our Lady said that She would appear in the Bedroom of Apparitions and that it was to be a private apparition, only for the Community at the regular apparition time, 5:40 p.m.

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