All Saints Day

All Saints Day

On the feast of All Saints Day, November 1, 1999, Vicka said while speaking to pilgrims:

“Just as Our Blessed Mother has told us, here on this earth we make the choice of going to Heaven, Purgatory or hell. After death we continue to live that which we chose to live on the earth. In fact, we all know how we live. Personally, I try with all my heart to go to Heaven. I have a great desire to go to paradise. On the earth, though, many choose to go to Purgatory; that means that they are not totally decided for God. Other people choose to do everything against God and against His will; these people choose to live in hell and after their death they continue to live the hell which they lived on the earth. That which we will live after our death depends on us because God gave each of us the freedom to choose. Our Lady has told us that many live only for the earth because they believe that all ends with death, but this is an enormous error because life is only a passage which leads us to eternity.”

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