“In the Name of the Family”

“In the Name of the Family”

On December 1, 2013, Croatia took a stand for traditional marriage. A Croatian laywoman, Zelja Markic, heads a group called “In the Name of the Family” in defense of traditional marriage. This group helped to organize voters against the initiative for abominable unions masked as marriage. Markic and her organization had a decided role in recognizing that the fundamental characteristic of marriage, as all human societies up until now have always believed, is the union of two people, a man and a woman, and in winnning support for that traditional position against the power and influence of the European Union. She stated that: “All the rights pertaining to marriage can only be part of a union between a woman and a man.” While national governments around the world are folding to the pressures placed on them by a godless agenda forcing believers into submission to their political correctness, Croatia rises up as an example of what the power of the people can do in stopping satan’s advancement. No doubt this land and these people who have been chosen by God to witness to the world Our Lady’s presence was given the help of God to defeat this attack on marriage and the family. Our Lady said on August 2, 2011:

“…As individuals, my children, you cannot stop the evil that wants to begin to rule in this world and to destroy it. But, according to God’s will, all together, with my Son, you can change everything and heal the world…”

And as a Friend of Medjugorje wrote in defense of marriage in 2015:

“Marriage is barred to everyone other than one man and one woman. It is exclusive. It is an exclusionary covenant. Marriage is discriminatory by its very nature, by Natural Law. It cannot be changed. Therefore, we will discriminate…Natural Law gives you the authority to defy laws or new referendums redefining marriage by any authority who tries to enforce it. All people and faiths, especially Christians, are obligated to defy any verdict against Natural Law. No township, no city, no county, no state, no government, no governor, no king, no leader, no nation anywhere in the world can pass a law against Natural Law that any man anywhere has to obey.”

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