Time for Ivan’s Prayer Group Tonight

Time for Ivan’s Prayer Group Tonight

Ivan’s Prayer Group will meet tonight at 10:00 PM at the Blue Cross on Apparition Mountain. Click on the link below to see the chart for your local time of Apparition.

Ivan’s Prayer Group will meet tonight, May 27, at 10:00 PM at the Blue Cross on Apparition Mountain. It’s important to be on your knees and to be in Prayer!

Chart for your local time of Apparition, 10:00 p.m. Medjugorje time.

Your Time Zone Apparition Time

Eastern Time 4:00 PM

Central Time 3:00 PM

Mountain Time 2:00 PM

Pacific Time 1:00 PM

Alaska Time 12:00 PM

Hawaii Time 11:00 AM

Brazil Time 5:00 PM

Sydney, Australia 7:00 PM – (May. 28)

Seoul 4:00 AM – (May. 28)

Beijing, Singapore 3:00 AM – (May. 28)

Calcutta 2:30 AM – (May. 28)

Baghdad, Moscow 11:00 PM – (May. 27)

Jerusalem, Athens, Cairo 11:00 PM

Warsaw, Paris, Prague, Rome, Berlin, Medjugorje 10:00 PM

Nigeria 09:00 PM

South Africa 10:00 PM

Kenya 11:00 PM

London, Dublin 9:00 PM

Another article of interest, about why you want to be in prayer and on your knees:

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17 thoughts on “Time for Ivan’s Prayer Group Tonight”

  1. Late in hearing this but thankful I have……once again FOM you have given me more understanding,faith and hope, I truly would be lost without your translations! Thankyou Immaculate Heart for giving us the earth Angels of Caritas? 

  2. Late in hearing this but thankful I have……once again FOM you have given me more understanding,faith and hope, I truly would be lost without your translations!  Thankyou Immaculate Heart for giving us the earth Angels of Caritas? 

  3. Brother Raymond

       In The Mystery Message On The 25th There Were Referances To The Restaurants Going Out Of Business Because Of Violating The Sunday Sabbath.! You Could Also Mention The Coming Woldwide Famine Due To Grocery Shopping On The Sabbath Day;Where Many Peoples Claiming A TIME For Getting Groceries Is More Convienient On Sunday.!In The U.S.A.’s Stimulus Plan Grocery Clerks And Workers Will Get A Hazard Pay Payment For Being Exposed To CORONA On DUTY.!NOT ONLY Is Sunday Shopping A Violation Of The Sabbath Day;The Consequences Of ARE To Be FAMINES Worldwide As Stated In Other Apperitions Other Than Medjugorje.! Please Remind Grocery;And Retail Shoppers Of The Sunday Sabbath Violations With Which MANY WILL Be SOON SUFFERING;-Famine;And Homelessness As A RESULT…!!! – Brother Raymond – A Friend Of A Friend Of Medjugorje…!!! – Thank You…!!! – May God Richly Bless You ALL…!!! – AHMEN;And-AMEN…!!!!!!!

  4. Catherine Cowell

    I’m so incredibly thankful that Mary gives these messages!!  I was filled with hope after reading both messages from the visionaries.  I saw Mary when I was a little child & I’ve always been dedicated 2 her & Her most beloved son Jesus.  I know that all will be made well in Jesus’ time.  I remain hopeful even though we’re faced with these trying times.  God bless humanity!! ???

  5. Thank you Almighty Father, Jesus and our Beautiful Mother for visiting this planet and inspiring FOM & COB to create these amazing broadcasts. I predict they will save billions of souls, mine included. To also include Our Lady’s favourite song at this time of year in this broadcast is also a wonderful act. Our Lady has truly saved us from a Dark World that truly would have consumed us all if she didn’t arrive in 1981. God bless everyone at COB and thank you on behalf of all the world.

  6. Would the Love of Jesus not shine through humans too.  I believe so….if you have Jesus in your Heart that will be evident. Gods love needs to be manifested.  

  7. As I listen to the podcast, I’m not sure what the political view and the clinical COVID view has to do with the visionary message on December 25.  I was looking for more spiritual message connecting the visionary message to our lives today, but I’m going to listen to more to see if I get a better feel, for the purpose of the podcast.  Thank you.  Debra

  8. This morning I opened to the message for December 25, 2013 in which Out Lady says “The fruit of prayer will be seen on the faces of the people who have decided for His Kingdom.” I thought this was pretty awesome! Because if you have a mask on, you wouldn’t be able to see the fruit of prayer. 

  9. Wow!  What great insights.  Thank you so much!  I will be sharing. What a great time to be witnesses.  We can illuminate the darkness more than ever. She has shown us and the way has been provided.  It is now up to us to love our neighbor and instruct the ignorant.  It is a corporal work of mercy.  Thank you for making that so clear.  God Bless you all!

  10. Mary’s message to Jackov, are words I want to hold onto deep in my heart.  Yes, do to many societal ills, today we are bombarded and conditioned to keep wanting human love–but it is really Jesus’s love that we desire. I realize that human love is imperfect and Jesus’s love is far sweeter and perfect. His love is far deeper and all encompassing for us and we need to surrender or better yet just ease into His embrace. God Bless to All and Merry Christmas.  Joanne

  11. Thought I’d heard the whole episode,  but instead I was wrong.  My previous post makes the point that FOM, didn’t mention Jesu as Baby & Father.Please correct my post if you’d like to post it or, simply delete it if you feel it’s too inaccurate at this time.Thanks as always for your great work & God Bless you all.

  12. Perhaps another Major Mystery we should discuss, is why Our Lady gave us all, one message [b]bringing[/b] [b]Baby[/b] [b]Jesus[/b] to us and one with [b]Jesus as Our Father[/b] instead, on this Christmas day. This is especially important when you consider as FOM has done, the Importance of the Number 7 to the Jewish Faith.  In Judaism the [b]Number 7, represents “Completion,[/b]” as it took 6 days for God to create the earth, while on the 7th day He rested & gave this day to us as a blessing, so we would all be able to have a day of rest as well.  Now we need to ask FOM, to explain why Our Lady spoke about the [b]Past, Future, and Present[/b], while giving us [b]Her Son as Both the Baby & Our Father[/b].  Perhaps we should consider this as a message regarding Completeness as well. Our Lady said, “Dear Children, I am carrying to you little Jesus who brings you peace, Him who is the past, present and future of your existence.”  Through Jakov, Our Lady tells us, “Dear children, also today [b]Jesus is here beside you[/b]….His arms are extended towards you, that [b]as a father[/b], He may embrace you and tell you how important you are for Him, how much He loves you and cares for His children.” Perhaps, Caritas can please tell us all, how many times Our Lady has called Jesus, Our Father, throughout these 39 years of messages. By the way, it wasn’t unusual in Jewish Gematria, by which these meanings from numbers, come from, to add numbers together, such as adding the 3+9, for the 39 years of Our Lady’s messages to get 12……which just so happens to be another Number, which means [b]”Completion of God’s Purpose,”[/b] to the Jews.  Perhaps Our Lady is giving us some significance regarding the coming 40th anniversary of Her Messages?  We all know how important the Number 40 is in the Bible.  Perhaps we should mention this to all those we can about 40 & how it usually designated a time of radical transition or transformation, just like in the Bible, we need to be preparing the way for it to happen.

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