Through Medjugorje

Through Medjugorje

The hope for today’s world is coming through Medjugorje.

March 7, 2016 A.D.


“Certainly this was a writing inspired by our Mother. Beautiful and like Her, so full of encouragement.”

M., Jacksonville, Florida

The above message, was referring to a Friend of Medjugorje’s recent writing, Hope – Make it So, that has spread like wildfire across the world. It strikes a cord in many hearts and therefore connects Our Lady to many life situations. This is what Our Lady has come for, to affect the whole world.


Apparition Mountain in Medjugorje

The colors of the morning sun wash over Apparition Mountain, a place where many pilgrims await the moment of Our Lady’s arrival at the Blue Cross to Mirjana. The village, the world, wakes to another daily visitation from Heaven.

Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana, who receives words from Our Lady for the world on the second of each month, once again saw the skies open on, Wednesday, March 2, 2016 and witnessed Our Lady descending to earth, among those gathered on Apparition Mountain. How can so many hearts be indifferent to what is happening in our time? A Friend of Medjugorje wrote in 2010:

“Through Medjugorje, the whole world will come to salvation, and the laity must not be stopped in their effort to evangelize the messages. Our Lady wants you to clearly understand that it is She who calls you. It is She who commissions you…”1

Our Lady said on March 2, 2016:

“…I am coming to confirm the truth to you…”


“…I desire to remind you of the words of my Son…words of salvation for the entire world…”


“…Therefore, my children, my apostles, listen to me…”

In this age, the more we listen to Our Lady, and connect to Her in our hearts, the more we will affect the world around us.

Caritas of Birmingham
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Be sure to continue spreading, Hope – Make it So, far and wide. You will never know whose hands this writing may end up in, and whose life will change because of it.


1. It Ain’t Gonna Happen, by a Friend of Medjugorje, 2010, pp.234-5

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