This World Cannot Offer True Peace

This World Cannot Offer True Peace

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2020
12:33 PM Central Time USA

Our Lady appeared to Medjugorje visionary Ivan on June 24, 2020, and gave a message. Following is Our Lady’s message and description from Ivan:

“Dear children, I come to you because my Son Jesus sends me. I want to guide you to Him, I want you to find peace in Him, true peace. Because this world today cannot give / offer you a true Peace, therefore also today I invite you to perseverance in prayer. Pray for my plans, projects that I wish to carry out with this Parish and with the whole world. Dear children, I have not grown tired, so dear children, do not get tired too. I pray for all of you and intercede with My Son Jesus for each of you. Thank you dear children because even today you said yes and you answered my call.”

Then Our Lady blesses us all with Her maternal blessing. I have recommended all of you, your needs, your intentions, your families, in particular I have recommended all of you who are sick and all those people who have particularly recommended themselves in prayer. Then I particularly recommended this parish that Our Lady chose in a particular way. Then Our Lady dedicates a period of time and prays for this Parish. In prayer, Our Lady left in the sign of the light, of the cross, with the greeting “Go in peace my dear children.”

Be in prayer and on the lookout as well for Our Lady’s monthly message given through Marija, as well as Ivanka’s annual apparition. A Friend of Medjugorje will also be on Radio WAVE at 8 PM Central Time, tonight, June 25, to share Our Lady’s messages.
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10 thoughts on “This World Cannot Offer True Peace”

  1. Margaret Diane Martinez-Hursh

    Thank you Dearest Mother for your Presence in the world!! Please pray for my 5 children who have forgotten the church and God, Thank you Diane

  2. Dr Jane Ervolino

    Thank you Blessed Mother, my Mother, for everything you do for us and your constant intercession to your Son.

  3. Monica mercedes Giacomino

    Por favor, ore por mi familia y la conversion total de mis jovenes hijos para que encuentren el cause seguro que los conduce a Dios Padre. Por la enfermedad de mi esposo (diacono) hace mucho años enfermo y ahora tambien por mi salud para que pueda seguir haciendome cargo de todo lo que el Señor me ha enconmendado. Por la conversion de mi hermano y la paz y la sabiduria para interpretar los mensajes de estos tiempos que se avecinan cumpliendo la voluntad de Dios en los mensajes de nuestra Madre. Gracias Amen

  4. Please pray for my family and our country. The lines between good and evil are being drawn heavily in the sand. Pray for all of the people on all sides. Love must prevail. Until people lead with the love of Jesus, chaos and mayhem will ensue. I had the privilege of hearing Ivan speak at a Marian Conference in Las Vegas, NV in 1992. It was when the war was happening in your area and the priest that came with him let us know that the events that were happening in that time in the region could happen to us as well. I remember that he led us in the Rosary and had us place ourselves at the throne of God and with our lady. It felt like I was speaking in tongues in my spirit. I didn’t even have to think of things to pray for, they just came to me. My husband and I had been trying to children for 2 years, with no success, so, I prayed for that as well. During my Rosary, I could smell Roses. That month we were pregnant and Andrew was born. Pray for my 7 children and their vocations. Thank you!

  5. Thank you dear mother for continuing to lead us to Jesus. Please pray for all of my family and me. I have many extended family members who have fallen away from God, some dont even believe and others even mock. Please bring them all close to your Son and beg Him to save their souls. Please also pray for and bless my immediate family, especially my children, husband, and mom. Keep us all in your protective mantle. Please pray for my country with all the turmoil and nonsense going on today. It is heading toward godlessness. I love you God. I love you dear mother. Thank you.

  6. Jon Eric Thompson

    Please pray for me and my family. I am pretty confident that I have failed and am failing to bring my children close to the Lord. Even after daily Holy Mass and much prayer, even visiting Med. and many wonderful holy shrines,and the Holy Land, my first daughter, has turned to darkness, even satanism. Please anyone who reads this, pray for her, Agnes Evangelina Lucy, and all of my other 8 children and my wife, and myself for our conversion to our Lord, that we may become Holy Saints, that our Father in Heaven will draw each of us to His Son Jesus Christ. Thank you and may God bless you. In God We Trust

  7. Michael hebert

    Dear Holy Mother, thank you for calling us to prayer. We thank your Son Jesus, for sending you to this world. We Pray You Guide us to Your Son, so we can find True Peace in Him. We know that even though this world tells us, they have the way of Peace, we know they truly don’t have True Peace. Dear Holy Mother, we Respond to Your Invitation, with more Perseverance in Prayers, as we Pray for all Your Plans & Projects, from the Parish to the Whole World, to come to Fruition. Dear Holy Mother, we promise, not to grow tired, as we seek more Intercession, before your Son, for all of us Children. Please Holy Mother, Receive Our Fiat of Yes, Now & Always. Though We’re Not Worthy , We Respond, Humbly & Meekly To Your Call, Amen. Dear ABBA, Thank You for giving us such a wonderful, Mother, to Lead Us Always to Your Son. For many of us ABBA, She has been a bridge, allowing us to understand your amazing Love. We are Ever Thankful to have been Grafted into your Family For Ever More. Amen

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