This Morning over France

This Morning over France

This Morning – Saturday November 19, 2011 A.D.


Cloud Cover over France, November 19, 2011

Clouds shimmering from the sun, still yet to rise over the horizon, across the fields of France. Pastures, villages and trails–Joan of Arc travelled across this path, seeing the same sky and was in wonderment of the majesty of God and her call to save France. The clouds hanging loose over Normandy as though on fire, on the path towards Rouen where Joan of Arc was burned by fire at the stake is worthy of contemplation. It leads one to thoughtful meditation that a young lady, a mere girl, was chosen to save all of France and without Joan’s heroics, France would not exist as a country today.

Our time is no different in that another youthful Lady comes to save not only France but the whole world ! Our Lady appeared in a Chapel on Rue du Bac holding a golden globe in Her hands while saying “this globe represents the world and particularly France”. The true and incredible story of Joan of Arc saving France was a prefigurement of Our Lady who would come later, now in our time, to save the whole world. Crossing this land bringing Our Lady’s messages in a deeper form to the beloved people of France, one sees that God was so thoughtful and His care that He divinely intervened to save France from extinction. And today we are seeing this replayed by a youthful Lady who is saving the whole world and particularly France. The Lady is known by us who love Her as Our Lady the Queen of Peace.

With Love from a land God saved by two women,

A Friend of Medjugorje

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