This is why Our Lady did not wait…

This is why Our Lady did not wait…

January 24, 2017 A.D.

When Our Lady came to the founder of Caritas and his wife’s home for the first time in 1988, Our Lady appeared in their home everyday, except Thanksgiving Day, when She appeared in Field nearby. However, there was one apparition that Our Lady did not appear either in the home or the Field.

The day was January 24, 1989. After two and a half months of constant asking by local news crews to film Marija for the apparition, the founder of Caritas finally allowed them to set up to film on January 24. The founder of Caritas, his wife and Marija had been out for the day, and were running late coming home. There had been similar circumstances before, and Our Lady would wait for the apparition time, in order to appear in the home. On this particular day however, Our Lady did not wait, and appeared to Marija in the car. After the apparition, Marija was surprised, as well as the founder and his wife, that Our Lady had not waited, though Marija said that Our Lady blessed those present near the Tree and received their intentions.

As soon as Marija came in the house and saw the television camera crew set up in the Bedroom, she said, “This is why Our Lady did not wait until I got home for the apparition.”

This experience, was one of many that eventually led the founder and his family to remove the television from their home. The Community, following after, also did the same, and life without television has become part of the way of life of the Caritas Community. This experience also led to the writing of the book, I See Far, which set a precedent for homes everywhere, that life without television, is life indeed, and to quote the phrase that the founder of Caritas wrote in I See Far“Others watch life on TV, we live life.”

Our Lady in Medjugorje said on December 8, 1981:

“…It would be a good thing to give up television, because after seeing some programs, you are distracted and unable to pray…”

As we are nearing already the end of the first month of the new year, make a new committment to Our Lady to live differently. Tomorrow Our Lady gives us the first monthly message of the New Year. Be in prayer to be able to hear what Our Lady is telling us, to accept it, and to live it.
Caritas of Birmingham
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I See Far, by a Friend of Medjugorje

What About Religious Programming?
What about educational purposes?
What about the news or weather?

These questions and much more, are answered in I See Far, by a Friend of Medjugorje.
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