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They had almost given up hope. As a young couple in love, they waited to be blessed with a houseful of children, but as the years passed, the baby crib was put away. Grey hair came, wrinkles began to crease their faces, youth gave way to middle age. They never got used to the looks of pity cast their way. Theirs was a lonely life of longing and waiting….of calling upon God to see their tears and hear their prayers. Now, even middle age was slipping away, and still they hoped, they dared to hope.

But they weren’t really expecting “the Glory” to come to them. A whole lifetime of learning to live without did not prepare them for the “fullness” of “being with child.” It was much more than they could ever have dreamed. Nor could they foresee that their joy was the precursor for “the Glory” Who was coming to them, riding on a donkey, through the hill country, to their home, into their lives. Hear Elizabeth exclaim: “Who am I, that the Mother of my Lord, should come to me?” And a lifetime of waiting, of hoping, of longing…turned into a joy beyond measure, when “the Glory” came.

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A Radio WAVE Special: Gather your family and friends for a Special Radio WAVE broadcast, the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre™ production, A Christmas Carol. This is a beautiful story with a beautiful message. A story that at this time is very appropriate to hear, A Christmas Carol on’s Radio WAVE.

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