The USCCB is Shaken by a Friend of Medjugorje’s Writing “Blind to Your Wrong”

The USCCB is Shaken by a Friend of Medjugorje’s Writing “Blind to Your Wrong”

Less than 24 hours after the release of a Friend of Medjugorje’s writing, Blind to Your Wrong, the U.S. Bishops found themselves in a hot debate1 as to whether or not to release a strongly worded statement on the morning of the inauguration of Joe Biden. What caused the Bishop’s conference to go into high-gear and put out a statement?


The statement from Archbishop Gomez, head of the U.S. Bishops Conference, was quickly put together. Cardinal Cupic of Chicago opposed the statement and said that it was done without the consultation of the administrative committee. Why the haste to put out a strong statement?


There is only one reason, judging by the thousands who read and shared a Friend of Medjugorje’s writing, along with phone calls which were being made, and letters and messages being sent. It’s time for the “peasants in the pew” to act. Spread the writing, Blind to Your Wrong, to everyone you know. Spread it on social media, spread it to all your co-workers and your whole family.


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P.S. A Friend of Medjugorje has repeatedly seen in our mission, that many non-Catholics believe what we believe, and would willingly come into the fold of the Church, but the only thing that holds them back is the actions of some of the leadership, and their teaching false “socialist” doctrines. This writing, Blind to Your Wrong, sets a standard that even non-Catholics can embrace, and we will see many come into the Church, despite that her leaders may disregard Medjugorje. Spread this to all your non-Catholic friends as well.


1. https://www.pillarcatholic.com/p/breaking-vatican-intervenes-to-spike


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11 thoughts on “The USCCB is Shaken by a Friend of Medjugorje’s Writing “Blind to Your Wrong””

  1. Joanne Sullivan

    I place my name in agreement to the truths in “Blind to Your Wrong” and pray for the conversion of all souls reading it from the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Thank you Caritas community for being like JOSHUA, BOLD AND COURAGEOUS.  The Truth must be continually proclaimed the Gospel.and truths revealed by our Blessed Mother.  GOD BLESS.

  3. Is it true that The Vatican withheld approval of the bishop’s statement until it was too late? If so, who was responsible for the delay? I would guess someone from within.

  4. GOOD!  Too many of our bishops need to be shaken up. They have attached themselves to the world and left us without truth, starving. They are being exposed. I was so happy to see you speak of Cardinal Burke.  I often follow him for his wise and holy homilies and teachings. God bless you all in Community of Caritas. Thank you FOM.  Jeri G Field angel in Indiana

  5. Bout time the Bishops disobeyed and listened to God in their hearts!!!   Keep praying for more change of hearts.  That is what God the Father asking for!!  Mother Mary says:  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!  Lets do it and keep on the pressure………

  6. Oh my goodness — My heart is so full and it’s a heartbreak for all that was supposed to be and was shut down.  I worked for the Archdiocese of Louisville for several years. Archbishop Kurtz was President of the USCCB.  I formed the prayer group which Our Lady asked for in the July 2012 apparition at Caritas – I was there. I shared messages and prayer books at the Catherdral – so many people loved the Blue Prayer Books –  however, I found out that all of the material that was not immediately taken by the faithful was thrown away by the Pastor. In 2018 my job was “eliminated” and I was out of work and there was no unemployment compensation.The Archbishop had withdrawn the diocese from unemploylment benefits for finacial reason. I had NO income and was labeled a kook and difficult. I was suddenly an outcast, lies were told about me and put into my work file. Things I never did were “documented” and I am banned from working for the one institution that I completely love and want to spread. Hard times. I will continue to share the messages and your writings. Thank you for putting your life and reputation on the line. God bless President Turmp and his family.  God bless our Bishops and all the clergy. 

  7. This man who had a NDE and saw hell and Heaven was saying this past Tuesday that the reason Trump didn’t get into office even though he clearly won is because the pastors of all denominations didn’t speak up for him. He said God is punishing them. Also, our focus needs to be on God. I believe you are correct. The martyrs died for less than their (bishops) compromises.

  8. Unfortunately the USCCB should have been “shaken” a long time ago! There’s so many agendas that have gone against God, Our Lady and Church teaching for many many years and they are ignored by our diocesan Bishops! I also feel many parish priests are afraid to speak up! I believe there to be many “social justice warriors” within our Catholic Church and it makes me sad! I continue to pray for our great nation! Thank you Friend of Medjugorje for for putting into words what so many of us have been feeling! God Bless you!

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