The Tremendous Importance of These Medjugorje Apparitions

Even the people of Medjugorje don’t realize the importance of what is going on in their parish:


May 9, 1985

“…no, you do not know how many graces God is giving you!…”

The graces that God gives through the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje are tremendous:


June 2, 1984

“…God will give you gifts by which you will glorify Him till the end of your life on this earth…”


During Ivanka’s last daily apparition, the Queen of Peace told her:


May 7, 1985

“…No one in the world has had the grace which you, your brothers, and sisters have received…”

The apparitions in Medjugorje are unique. They represent something that was never before done by God – daily apparitions for over twenty-eight years now. Our Lady also said that they were to be the last apparitions on earth. This statement caused some surprise, so the visionaries asked Our Lady questions about it many times and She confirmed:


May 2, 1982

“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time. Afterwards, I will not appear any more on this earth.”

However, this does not mean that there are no other apparitions going on now in the world while the apparitions in Medjugorje are happening, such as happened with Kiebho. On the contrary, this is “a time of grace” where God is actively bringing men back to Him. But after the end of the Medjugorje apparitions, there won’t be any more genuine apparitions on earth, “only some false apparitions,” says Our Lady.


We have many messages that tell us how Medjugorje is important to Our Lady. She wants Medjugorje to be an example for all parishes and all communities, both religious and lay, in the world, because this parish is special and has been chosen in a special way:


February 6, 1986

“…this parish, which I have chosen, is special and different from others. And I am giving great graces to all who pray with the heart…”


In 1987 Marija was asked this question by a French theologian: “Why do I have to come to Medjugorje as Our Lady is everywhere where we pray to Her?” Marija’s answer was simple: “In Medjugorje Our Lady gives SPECIAL GRACES.” Medjugorje is a special place, but the people of Medjugorje are a special people also:


November 15, 1984

“Dear children, you are a chosen people and God has given you great graces. You are not conscious of every message which I am giving you…”


Here Our Lady speaks to the people of Medjugorje. They are a “chosen people.” They are called to be the instrument of a great plan. An important intention of the Mother of God is to make all of us realize the importance of Her plan because we are not conscious of it or the greatness of it all.


According to Vicka, “What Our Lady does here has never been done before.” Our Lady explains on April 4, 1985 – Holy Thursday:


“…I wish to keep on giving you messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world…”


Our Lady accomplishes this project, which is so great and unique and the first of its kind, through a people of a parish, a people She has chosen. This is very clear after studying the messages as a whole. Here is one example:


March 21, 1985

“…I love you and in a special way I have chosen this parish, one more dear to me than the others, in which I have gladly remained when the Almighty sent me…”


Although men remain men, with all their sins and shortcomings, these men and women of this little village of Herzegovina were chosen in a very special way. Many temptations, many of the seductions of the world attack them, but they are still the chosen ones. Sin and satan are powerful and even though the spiritual nature of the parish is in danger and could even die, the Blessed Mother continues to watch over Her chosen and dear children:


August 1, 1985

“…I wish to tell you that I have chosen this parish and that I am guarding it in my hands like a little flower that does not want to die…”


At least a small number will be saved to be the witnesses of God’s peace in the world. After reading the following messages, it is obvious that Our Lady gave a special “privilege” to the parish of Medjugorje.


March 1, 1984

“…I have chosen this parish in a special way and I wish to lead it. I am guarding it in love and I want everyone to be mine…”


February 6, 1986

“…Dear children, I am giving messages first of all to the residents of the parish, and then to all the others…”


And this message given to Jelena (July 30, 1987):

“…Dear children, to be chosen by God is really something great, but it is also a responsibility for you to pray more, for you, the chosen ones, to encourage others, so you can be a light for people in darkness….Dear children, this is the reason for my presence among you for such a long time: to lead you on the path of Jesus. I want to save you and, THROUGH YOU, TO SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD…”


This message was addressed to the parish in general and in particular to the members of Jelena’s prayer group. Our Lady wants to save the whole world through Medjugorje.


With Love for Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre

From Words From Heaven, 1991

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  1. Dearest FOM:- Regarding Program Saint Forgiveness(Immaculata);From Rawanda She Stated How Our Lady Cane With A Warning For Rawandans;And Another Seer Of Our Lady Of Life;Speaking Of The Future Stated That On October-31st,2020 A Major Worldwide Event From The Father In Paradise Would Happen For The Purpose Of MASS CONVERSIONS To The TRUE God Worldwide!ANOTHER WARNING!!!Hatred IS Again Widespread Worldwide NOW!The Man Who Murdered Hundreds And Could NOT Eat Afterwards;And Died Is Typical Today Psychologically Speaking.!Today People Are Obsessed With Health;And Well Being For Long Lives;And Yet Still Die Young;Because As Is [The] Christian Bible Says”The Penalty For SIN [IS] Death;And Dying At 100 Years Of Age [IS] A Curse.! SO;”Let There BE PEACE On Earth;And Let It BEGIN With Me.!” Reflect On CAUSE;And EFFECT Of LOVE;And Your Future LIFE;In LOVE;And Gods Coming KINGDOM On EARTH…!!!-THANK YOU ALL.!God BLESS.!Amen;And AMEN.!-A Friend Of-A Friend Of Medjgorje ——- F.A.-Brother Raymond

  2. Revelation 12:11 “And they Overcame him (satan By the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of the Testimony and they Loved Not Thier Lives Unto Death.” The definition of Testimony includes: providing evidence or proof of the existence or appearance of something questioned regarding truth. In these days, we may need to become Martyrs, by allowing ourselves to die for Christ, showing the Truth of Our Belief, that God truly does exist, to others. In the Bible, Jesus spoke of a “Final Test”, telling us to Pray that we won’t have to take that Test. Today, while we have Time to Increase our Frequency, Fervor, and Committment to Our Lady, we still haven’t reached a time in our country, that includes this test. Before it gets to that level, described by Immaculee, Our Hearts Need to Reflect, the Love & Foregiveness, She Has Now, For Her Countries Past Assailants. If We Increase Our Love Now, & pray, Just like Our Holy Mother tells us, We Can Change Natural Law, Stop Wars, & Create Peace.

  3. Kellie Kilchenman

    Wonderful interview with Imaculee. We all should listen to this. We all need to forgive. I will look for her book. Thank you for this recording. God bless you all.

  4. Dear Caritas,It would be real treat to have you studio on video when you make these podcasts. Just a thought. Thank you for the nutritional spiritual food listening to Truth is so so good for my soul,God bless,Tom (Scotstman) living in pagan Ireland.

  5. DeShea Donovan

    I listened to Immaculee Ilibagiza’s interview and developed a deeper understanding of Mother Mary’s messages. Immaculee’s message is a message that all Americans need to take to heart during this time in our country. I was so touched that I bought 25 copies of her book. I spoke to my priest and plan to give a copy to every family in the three surrounding parishes. If more books are needed, I will order more. Please tell her thank you from the bottom of my heart.God Bless you all,Deshea

  6. Mary Ann Campbell

    Read her book a few years ago & found it so inspiring. I thank her for sharing her story of forgiveness

  7. We have been forgiven and redeemed by LOVE .The chaos of our times has become our reality. The TRUTH has been reviled the truth is being reviled. Our wills to choose to LOVE or hate has been given in LOVE. Live in the TRUTH given.Return the LOVE given in FORGIVENESS. God’said LOVE will reign in JUSTICE and MERCY.All glory and honor be to our Triune God.May our Queen and Mother protect us with her mantle. VIVA CRISTO REY !

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