The Sin of Waiting

The Sin of Waiting

Mirjana, who receives the 25th message from Our LadySpecial About Our Lady’s Feb. 2, 2016 Message: We obviously do not have truth. How do we define what is truth?  You will want to read this special writing right away from a Friend of Medjugorje, because it’s about confrontation.

February 4, 2016 A.D.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s February 2, 2016 Message
Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers


“Dear children, I have called you and am calling you anew to come to know my Son, to come to know the truth. I am with you and am praying for you to succeed. My children, you must pray much in order to have all the more love and patience; to know how to endure sacrifice and to be poor in spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, my Son is always with you. His Church is born in every heart that comes to know Him. Pray that you can come to know my Son; pray that your soul may be one with Him. That is the prayer and the love which draws others and makes you my apostles. I am looking at you with love, with a motherly love. I know you; I know your pain and sorrows, because I also suffered in silence. My faith gave me love and hope. I repeat, the Resurrection of my Son and my Assumption into Heaven is hope and love for you. Therefore, my children, pray to come to know the truth; to have firm faith which will lead your heart and which will transform your pain and sufferings into love and hope. Thank you.”

The Sin of Waiting

by a Friend of Medjugorje


Today Our Lady said:

“…to come to know the truth…”

We obviously do not have truth. How do we define what is truth? The Maker of the Rules of Truth is the One which all things come from. He alone is the definition of what is truth. Anything He says, does, wills, or proclaims is what truth is. No one can deviate from Him without separating themselves from truth. Therefore, anyone who forsakes truth, forsakes his own wellbeing. When man does so, he evolves and matures a society away from truth. As he grows his culture, separated from truth, he grows problems and difficulties. Why? Because a culture separated from truth operates in the realm of what is false – a negative realm which can only grow problems which make other problems in the culture. If you have a culture dish filled with healthy human cells and inoculate the culture dish with one powerful, infectious, contagious cell, it will spread, infecting the whole Petri dish of human cells.

This is where today’s man is, in the societies throughout the cultures of the world today: further and further away from truth, creating more and more problems. An ugly infection caused by the virus of falsehood has grown a sick world. Multiculturalism is a dangerous virus spreading an infection that lowers cultures to the lowest common denominator. All cultures are degradating to the lowest uncivilized beast of man, pulling all in such a direction to tolerate their behavior. These abnormal norms of today are behaviors which grow as man grows away from truth. Solomon himself took pagan ways, through his wives, which infected his reign and eventually his kingdom. The wisest man of all time fell from his pedestal of truth. The answer today is not the untruth of diversity and multiculturalism, a lie, derived from satan, but a life based in Christianity, truth, derived from the Christ. A society built on the truth of His principles will thrive, will naturally solve problems, operating in a self-healing way. It is not diversity, it is not separation, but rather, it is a truth of unity where principles of life unite all into oneness, demanding an “expectation of behavior” for all society, though there be separate cultures. Christ, Truth, the unity of man vs. satan, untruth, the division of man. The first ‘invites’ you how to live together in unity. The second ‘forcefully tells’ you how you are going to live in tolerance. Unity elevates to peace – tolerance de-elevates to unpeace. Truth vs. falsehood. Health vs. infection. Cultures can thrive together in peace where Truth, the Christ-God, is threaded through society. On the other hand, cultures cannot live together in peace where the falsehood of multiculturalism, ‘the satan-god,’ is threaded through society. Today, man lives a lie. Today, the Church bends to what it should not. It does not see the Christ as Truth. It sees a false god, satan, under the banner disguised as social justice. True social justice is simple. Social justice is simply returning an injustice back to justice. The social justice crowd has moved way beyond the borders of truth, infecting the Church with many false, infectious and diseased mentalities. Everything wrong in society is blamed on those who propagate Christianity to peoples of the world, those who built infrastructures built on Christian principles, those who civilized uncivilized peoples. Now we are abandoning more and more, so much that we are even apologizing for changing peoples’ pagan ways, changing their races to be Christianized. Christianization of peoples was truth and the multiculturalism, as accepted today, is false – false to believe it trumps Christianity. The answer today is what Our Lady says:

“…I have called you and am calling you anew to come to know my Son, to come to know the truth…”

It is His love that will unite, not embracing diversity which separates and then allows the lowest common denominator to bring down that which would elevate. The ‘crybullies’ dominate and dictate the societies’ direction. They impose their ways on society, while those who have the answers do not because of the false sensitivity we operate by, within the Church. In this area, the Church is bankrupt today. This may appall many to see someone who is willing to say such a thing. But reality is truth and truth is reality. It is why Our Lady said today:

“…His (Christ) Church is born in every heart that comes to know Him…”

This is where the Church is growing.

The Church has no impact on the world today. It is inconsequential. It is ignored more and more and justly so. It has been chasing lofty ideals for crybully cultures and has bowed down to their ways to accommodate them, even to the point of apologizing for what we have done to you.

“We are sorry we changed your ways and culture. We are sorry we Christianized your savage behavior. We are sorry we introduced the Christ to you and replaced your pagan gods and uncivilized behaviors and rituals. We respect your ways more than we respect our Christ, who commanded us to ‘go and witness to the ends of the earth.’”

We are an apologetic Church, bending and blending into falsehood and have lost our way.

THIS IS WHY THE MOTHER OF CHRIST HAS HAD TO APPEAR EVERYDAY FOR 34 PLUS YEARS. TO SAVE THE CHURCH! The bishops did not do what Our Lady said to do in Fatima. Our Lady said that World War I would end soon, but if man did not repent from sin, a larger and greater war would break out. The bishops did not lead the flock strongly to repent from its sins, did not guide strongly to avoid a greater war, and Word War II happened.

Today the Mother of God is here. Here now. Here telling us something worse than World War I and World War II is headed for the world and our bishops again do not listen. For Christ’s Sake, literally, why are you who are bishops not inviting everything about Medjugorje to be in your diocese? What are your answers for the Church? More bishop’s conferences? You do not have to do anything. You do not have to believe in Medjugorje. You only have to say, “Anything to do with Medjugorje, I open the door of my diocese to you the people who carry and propagate Her messages. All the doors of my churches are open to your work.” To the bishops who believe in Medjugorje and who do not act – the same Holy Virgin Mary who stated explicitly, as She told us World War II could be avoided, said in Her Medjugorje apparitions that the United States of America can be healed. Our Lady literally gave an extraordinary message on July 3, 2012. The Virgin Mary told Medjugorje visionary Marija Lunetti what would cure the United States of America. Our Lady told her on the evening of July 3, 2012:

“Form and make prayer groups through which we will pray for your healing and the healing of this nation (The United States of America) to draw closer to God and to Me.”

Is this too simple of an answer, bishops? Do you not believe it? What would it hurt to call for it? What would be lost by doing so? What would have been gained if the bishops had pounded the pavements with the cry of “repent” when Our Lady of Fatima said: “If man does not repent, a larger and greater war would break out?” What was done in Nineveh is what should be done at bishop conferences. We do not need any more letters and empty voices calling for actions that result in no action. We need to do what the Queen of Peace called for in the above message, given in a Field just moments after thousands of lay people consecrated the United States into Her hands in Her presence, and then Our Lady appeared and gave the solution.

“Form and make prayer groups through which we will pray for your healing and the healing of this nation to draw closer to God and to Me.”

Do not think as bishops, “Well, maybe we will just call for prayer groups diocesan wide,” but not mention Our Lady of Medjugorje. Then do not do it at all. The power behind it is not you, as a bishop, who calls. It is your call, empowered by the Holy Virgin Mary who made the call, that people will rally and respond to. The mentality, “No, let’s be cautious. Let’s let the Church look into it more,” is a garbage mentality because it led, in 1917, to the garbage of WWII – that did not have to happen!

The faithful are leaderless. Their frustration grows. Falsehood is rampant. The sin of non-confrontation prevails throughout the office of bishops and we the Church are persecuted more and more while you enjoy your dinners. Go ahead, but don’t be alarmed when the anger of the peasants in the pews go beyond what they should in their actions because of your inaction. This path can be ‘de-activated’ by your active action to follow Heaven’s direction.

We have hope in Our Lady. It is Her love that has kept our light burning. We have suffered in silence at your silence, and we know, as Our Lady said today:

“…the Resurrection of my Son and my Assumption into Heaven is hope and love for you…”

It is hope and love for us because it was Jesus who redeemed us and, Our Lady who has saved us in this time.

With Love for Truth,
Friend of Medjugorje

P.S. A last warning to bishops: Our Lady said of these apparitions:

May 2, 1982

“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time. Afterwards, I will not appear any more on this earth.”

After these apparitions, Our Lady has explained to the Medjugorje visionaries, there will never again be these types of apparitions of Our Lady, like Fatima/Medjugorje, where the visionaries see Her, speak to Her and touch Her. These Medjugorje apparitions are the fulfillment of all Marian apparitions of the past. This is the moment of Mary, Her triumph. Our Lady said:

January 25, 1997

“…This time is my time…”

This is a time awaited for, for 2000 years, a revealing of the Mary of Christ to all peoples of the world. Our Lady has said these are the last apparitions because afterwards there will never be a need for Her to appear again. This gives man everything he will need until the end of the world. That is the warning. What will history record of you, as bishops, who lived in this moment and you did not have the wisdom to do at least what Gamaliel did: “Let it flourish. Don’t stand in its way.” History will not treat you kindly, as bishops. Many, perhaps, will look at you as villains of silence. This will be a legacy of shame you leave. History is not going to treat you with favor.

But what of those Bishops who are Heroes?

Patrick and Nancy Latta, who built what has become known as “the Castle” in Medjugorje, just returned from a missionary trip to South America. They were invited there by a heroic Bishop who is one hundred percent behind Medjugorje. They said it was an incredible experience. The churches were full. They were invited to speak to the military. They were invited to speak in the prisons. They were invited to speak in the churches. They said that the smallest churches held 1000 people and they were full. They said that the bishop’s diocese had 70 churches and he was preparing to build 30 more. In the streets throughout the drug lords’ Columbia, every corner had a statue of Our Lady. Why, bishops, would you not want this for your diocese?

Our Lady said:

“…I have called you and am calling you anew to come to know my Son, to come to know the truth. I am with you and am praying for you to succeed…”

It is really sad that so few heroic bishops have succeeded in recognizing the truth of the apparitions. When this time passes of the last apparitions on earth, it will be a tragedy of what more Our Lady could have done, but She was not invited nor wanted.

August 25, 1997

“…God gives me this time as a gift to you, so that I may instruct and lead you on the path of salvation. Dear children, now you do not comprehend this grace, but soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages…”


Lastly to the Bishops

From 1983 to 2005, approximately 20 scientists tested and studied the six Medjugorje visionaries with the latest, most advanced instruments science offers. They concluded in 2005, having exhausted every avenue. Their scientific testing studies gave the simple verdict. The scientists agreed the Medjugorje apparitions are:


The six visionaries of Medjugorje are seeing something not of this world.

Scientifically proven.

We have the answer for the cure of the United States of America.

And we are told to wait!

No, we won’t, as a matter of conscience.

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16 thoughts on “The Sin of Waiting”

  1. Very encouraging and beautiful words coming from a Mother!! As divine Lord said “without me you can do nothing ” we or better I need to be emersed in Jesus so that I can put in action what the truth is. This needs prayer with faith. As she’s our Mother I need her continued guide to remain in the road of her Son !

  2. Very encouraging and beautiful words coming from a Mother!! As divine Lord said “without me you can do nothing ” we or better I need to be emersed in Jesus so that I can put in action what the truth is. This needs prayer with faith. As she’s our Mother I need her continued guide to remain in the road of her Son !

  3. Richard Northrop

    Hi; Love Our Lady’s message and your writings about it. I am tired of waiting and would like to do something about it. First; I am not supporting my Archdiocese any more. Two, while in the Navy like LA and Milwaukee went broke. Second; I am irritated that our presidential democrats, in my opinion, are either an alleged criminal or a Socialist. While in the Navy I had a top secret clearance and training on how to keep secrets secret. Now about the socialist; I have been reading some of the Pope’s encyclicals from 1875 to present and many state how bad the virus of socialism is and how it intends to break up the family. Also, since we are not all born with the same abilities, some will be rich and some poor while the rich must share with poor under Gods law. Please google pope encyclicals and socialism; better explanations. Why don’t we hear sermons about socialism. I will contact some of my churches about this. Nativity by my home and Our Lady of Mountains in Estes Park, CO

  4. We must rise up as a people chosen by Our Lady. Rise up within the church that refuses to open it’s doors to it’s Mother. We must rise up together to get the attention of the Church and the world. When we rise up as a people of Mary, when we speak Her messages to the world, the world might wake up and see it’s faults and see the truth. Christ only needs a crack for the light to come through. He will do the rest. But we must make that crack by rising up and letting Our Lady’s message out into the world and into our Church. Amen.

  5. I think Gay is absolutely right! As Mary’s apostles we need to take the lead. We can not sit around and wait for the bishops to act. We should all put a note in our bulletin or local newspaper or wherever advertising the formation of prayer groups in our homes. We need to start our own Rosary Guilds and figure out ways to spread the word about Mary’s messages.

  6. I have believed 100% on the messages of Our Lady given to the 6 children (who are adults now) in Medjugorje. I send the messages of the 25th and the 2nd of each month to a lot of people. But I am not sending it to my -in-laws because they do not believe in Jesus. I would like to send them this message to them (or part of it) to them. Please tell me what part I should send to them. I would like to really impact them on the messages of Medjugorje. Thank you!

  7. I am so thankful that i am able to get all the current information from you on Mary and what she has to say to us.What has become of us that we hear more about global warming from our pope and bishop’s than the apparitions of our Blessed Mother? God have mercy on us.

  8. Excellent idea, Reene! We can’t just sit back and complain without putting forth the effort ourselves in showing our bishops we are serious and very strongly encourage them to take Medjugorje seriously–to free Medjugorje. There is too much at stake for our future and for souls. My bishop will be hearing from me. Count me in!

  9. We need to do what Our Lady asks so we can help save America. We are sinking deeper and deeper into a pit. We can’t keep waiting for peace when it is in our power through prayer to change the direction we have been following for so long. Prayer is power. The rosary is our weapon and a prayer group are the soldiers Our Holy Mother needs to bring peace and unity. Our Holy Mother has come from Heaven so often to help us, but we think we know better. That is exactly how we got into our present situation in the first place. We think what is wrong is right now and what is good is bad today. Enough! We will see very soon where we will be if we don’t pray. Now is the time to change the course. Later will be too late. Our ship will be under water. I love you too much and can’t bear watching our society tell you what to believe is right and good for you and it is really the opposite. You know better don’t give up on God. He is not changing we are. Love and prayers always,

  10. Why don’t we all print out this writing and mail it certified, return receipt requested to our own bishop with a note that we will call (or visit) in a week to ask what he thinks? Perhaps if many people in a diocese send the same writing, he will take the time to read it. We can fast and pray for him to be open before we send it, but we must be willing to follow up with him as promised in our note. Following up is critical because it shows we are serious.

  11. You know I love my church. I love creation too. Nobody that I know wants to destroy the earth. But, all the time in church, I get the “protect creation” stuff forced down my throat, the global warming garbage that has no scientific backing whatsoever, and this is all they talk about. Yet, Medjugorje has as you said, 30+ years of scientific backing and the bishops say – NOTHING. Will somebody tell me how I am supposed to think of that? And we wonder why our church gets completely laughed out.

  12. conservative diva

    After Ireland voted to allow [abominable] marriage I wrote to my Bishop to encourage him to make a strong statement on marriage. He never answered. He released a weak statement during the summer of 2015. I was disappointed. When I asked other Catholics what they thought of it most told me that they didn’t know what he said. Since I wrote my letter I notice that the priests at my church look at me like I have the plague. I guess the Bishop showed them my letter and one of the priests is very angry towards me.

  13. Beautiful! We need our shepherds to lead us. We want to follow truth. I join you in praying for leadership and a rising up for Jesus through our most blessed Mother Mary. Tell us what to do. God bless you in every way

  14. norman holland

    A truly wonderful in-take of Our Lady’s messages from a Friend of Medjugorje yet again, and wonderfully put together, by the work and guidance of the Holy Spirit working within him. This present world is rotting away from truth, the church needs to be revived, and let the living waters of Christ’s truth, ripen it again, where the branches of Christ’s tree ( the church ) are being denied the living waters of Christ’s truth, we, all of us, that’s us, the people of this world, need to help our priests ,were it is fading ,and the branches of the church (our parishes ) are weakening, this is why Our Lady is crying out for Her apostles to show themselves and be active in these parishes, for, just like our friend of Medjugorje says, it is up to us, all the people, Medjugorje is the light for this world. If you truly follow the Medjugorje messages, which Our Lady brings to us, be a beacon of the light for Our Lady, be one of Her apostles, let the living waters of Christ’s truth in you, ripen.

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