The People Must Act For This Year’s November 4th Election

The People Must Act For This Year’s November 4th Election


The Community of Caritas fasts several times a year for nine days on bread and water. Even our youth participate. It purifies our soul like a cleansing rain and we see things in the light of a brisk clear washed sky. Several years ago we invited you to join us in one of our fasts. Twenty five hundred people from across the nation fasted for nine days. Because the response was so enthusiastic, we continued to invite you to join us each year since 1999. This year is the ninth year, a novena of years, and we invite you, again, to join us in this critical year to offer your nine day fast for one single day of the next four years of the next presidential term, for things to turn upside down in order to be turned right side up for our nation to be healed. This year’s fast will end the day of the Presidential Election, starting Monday, October 27 and ending Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

Again, you fast for nine days on bread and water from October 27 – November 4, and your nine day fast is to cover a single day of the next presidential term. (Call Caritas for your assigned day that your nine day fast covers.)

 Our Lady said peace will not come through the presidents so while who is elected is important, it is up to God to grant the grace to be poured out upon us as a people in which He will save us, our families and our nation.

December 31, 1985

“…You will not have peace through the presidents but through prayer…”


If we do not pray, if we do not fast, even a good willed person in office will accomplish nothing. This is why we must offer a 9-day fast, October 27–November 4, 2008 praying that Our Lady will grant a restoration grace for the one day you sponsor. We want to cover every day of the next four years, starting with the first day of the new term with a new President. Call to be assigned your day that you will be fasting for. The term has 1,461 days so 1,461 people are needed to cover each day of the next four years in the grace of binding satan and for the restoration of our families and nation.





O Queen of Heaven, we unite ourselves with others across the land in a holy fast, reminiscent of the so many times ancient Israel cried out in repentance to their God. By their history, we know God the Most High will hear our cry. We humble ourselves because of our sins. Seek, Mary our Queen, on our behalf, that the Lord not look upon our sins, but the love we show Him through this fast. Persuade Him to not only forgive but also forget and blot out our sins, that through Your hands we will grow close to Him and know Him intimately as a Father, as our Protector.

O Mary, these days of fasting we wish to empty our hearts of everything useless. Cleanse us. Let this fast purify us and atone for everything that has defiled us. O Mary, Queen of Peace, let our hearts be refilled through Your hands with whatever graces are necessary to reconcile us, our families, and our nation back to God. We wish also to atone for any wrongs in advance for each day of the coming four year term of the presidency, 2009-2012, so that all be consecrated to Your Immaculate Heart, to purify the body of believers in order for the rebirth and the ushering in of a new springtime for Christianity in our beloved Nation.

We seek the healing of our hearts of all spiritual disease and illness and for You to fill our hearts especially during December 8th-12th. Please, please, dear Mother, please grant us these requests, and grant the three special intentions of the Community of Caritas as well as my own personal intentions of (name your personal intentions)………I especially offer _________ ____, 20__ (Day assigned by Caritas)*, that on that day the plans of satan against ourselves, our family, and nation will be thwarted and grace will abound for conversion across our land.

We consecrate our hearts to You, Mary, and to Jesus. We want to give You and Jesus “title” of not only our souls but also our bodies, as well as all we possess. We know Your words of January 1, 2001, when You revealed that satan was completely unchained, were followed with what our response should be. It was to give ourselves to You and Jesus completely, as a possession into Your and His hands, through the formal daily act of consecration, thereby, owned by You and Your Son, we are afforded protection through being Your possession.

January 1, 2001

“My dear children, now that when satan is unchained, I desire you to be consecrated to My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus. I bless you with my Motherly Blessing.”

We, therefore, present to You the intention to empty our hearts that You may refill them, as well as Caritas’ intentions and our personal intentions through this nine-day fast, prayers and consecrations, in order that You will present this novena with your Son before the throne of God. We ask for an unleashing of grace to be poured out upon ourselves, our families, our nation, and upon the countless numbers who are in need of conversion throughout our land, and Your intentions for all of the above intentions. Please intercede for us as our Mother and as our Queen. Amen.


* Call 205-672-2000, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Central Standard Time to receive the day you will be fasting for with your 9-day bread and water fast.


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7 thoughts on “The People Must Act For This Year’s November 4th Election”

  1. Kathy Schuhwerk

    Amazing story of conversion that parallels what happened to Saul on the road to Damascus. On the Nat Geo issue, we have too many lukewarm Christians who are more concerned about who is going to win the football game and what vacation they are going to take next, then these very troubling social and moral issues.

  2. Standing for God’s truth: You are in grace you can see but millions cannot because they were not given the gifts you have. I wish you would learn to play the game and not let their game play you. WHAT IS YOUR MISSION? WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? WHY DO YOU HAVE THE ARC? If you reflect on other Christian periods, you will find the purge cycle repeating. In Christian Russia & Germany, the Christians died by the tens of millions. The Reds vs the Whites. The Reds, mostly Jewish Atheists took over the Russian government and church AND PURGED IT but decades later (today) Christianity is back but I wonder was Jesus and God a jew 100 years ago? Jesus taught spirit not bloodline politics. When you feel outraged remember WHAT IS YOUR MISSION and do not take the bait because you can not save the Titanic but you can continue to build THE ARC with truth and love. BUT if you want to go to war with evil, THEN THE EVIL RACISTS HAVE ALREADY WON. See it coming? War to draft women to the front line, your women

  3. Amazing story of conversion that parallels what happened to Saul on the road to Damascus. On the Nat Geo issue, we have too many lukewarm Christians who are more concerned about who is going to win the football game and what vacation they are going to take next, then these very troubling social and moral issues.

  4. May God richly Bless Caritas. We canceled our subscription to National Geographic years ago after they published articles that promoted liberal ideas on Life, and the environment.I thank God for the pro-life movement (and Caritas) which given us guidance in this area years ago.

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