The Need to Pray

The Need to Pray

Our Lady continually speaks of the need to pray…

December 22, 2015 A.D.

Our Lady of Medjugorje continually speaks of the need to pray. This Christmas, prayer/no prayer can mean the difference between peace/no peace in your family.

Pilgrims praying the family consecration in the Bedroom of Apparitions

Like thousands who have come here before them, a mother and son, pray the Individual and Family Consecration prayers in the Bedroom of Apparitions in the home of the founder of Caritas

Those who are joining in the nine day novena before Christmas with the Community of Caritas have been taking time out of their busy schedules to prepare their hearts for Jesus in prayer. A Friend of Medjugorje writes:

The peace of the world is in danger because faith is in danger. Our Lady said:

“…have you not observed that faith began to extinguish itself?…”

This is the picture of modern world. The heart of man is not at peace and many times it physically manifests itself in violence. Therefore, Our Lady tells us that we must pray to have peace in our hearts. When enough individuals do this, it is then that peace will reign around us. Our Lady said:

September 6, 1984 

“Dear children, without prayer there is no peace. Therefore, I say to you, dear children, pray at the foot of the Crucifix for peace.”

We can change the world through prayer. It is very important for us to realize that.

We talk about that all the time. This is the center of Our Lady’s plan: Prayer! This is the most frequent message in Medjugorje. Let us quote just a few simple messages about prayer:

April 25, 1987 

“Today also I am calling you to prayer. You know, dear children, that God grants special graces in prayer. …I call you, dear children, to prayer with the heart.”

To pray with the heart is to pray with abandonment, love, and trust and with concentration also. Prayer heals. Prayer heals human souls. Prayer heals history [history of sin]. Without prayer, we cannot have an experience of God:

February 25, 1989

“Without unceasing prayer you cannot experience the beauty and greatness of the grace which God is offering you.”

The visionaries of Medjugorje all speak in a profound way about the importance of prayer in our lives. In one of her testimonies to pilgrims in Medjugorje, Ivanka stated:

“Our prayers have to come from the heart. The need to pray needs to be as air is for the lungs, as water is to the thirsty and as food is to the hungry. A man is not only a material being but also a spiritual one too.”

A Friend of Medjugorje
from Words from Heaven

We are physical and spiritual beings, about to celebrate the birth of our God Who became Flesh. Are we taking the time to pray in our family?

July 3, 1989

“…I, as your Mother, especially want to tell you that the family has to pray together.…”

It is not too late before Christmas to ask God to bring grace into your family. It may mean the difference between peace/no peace.

In the Love of the Holy Family,
Caritas of Birmingham
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