The Lord’s Prayer – To Jelena

The Lord’s Prayer – To Jelena

Date Unknown


The Lord’s Prayer and commentary was dictated by Our Lady to Jelena:

“OUR – This is your Father. Why are you afraid of Him? Hold out your hands to Him. [Makeshort pause.] OUR FATHER means that He has given Himself to you as Father. He has given you everything. You know that your earthly fathers do everything for you, so much more does your Heavenly Father. OUR FATHER means: I give you everything my child.”

“FATHER – Who is this Father? Whose is this Father? Where is this Father?

“WHO ARE IN HEAVEN – [Makeshort pause.] This means: your earthly father loves you, but your Heavenly Father loves you even more. Your father can get angry: He does not; He offers you only His love.

“HALLOWED BE THY NAME – In exchange you must respect Him, because He has given you everything and because He is your Father and you must love Him. You must glorify and praise His name. You must say to sinners: He is the Father; yes, He is my Father and I wish to serve Him and to glorify only His name. This is the meaning of ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name.’

“THY KINGDOM COME – This is how we thank Jesus and mean to tell Him: Jesus, we know nothing; without Your Kingdom, we are weak if You are not present together with us. Our kingdom passes whilst Yours does not pass away. Re-establish it!

“THY WILL BE DONE – O Lord, make our kingdom collapse. Let Your Kingdom be the only true one, and make us realize that our kingdom is destined to end and that at once, NOW, we allow Thy will to be done.

“ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN – Here, Lord, it is said how the angels obey you, how they respect you; let us be like them, too; let our hearts open, too, and may they respect You like the angels do now. And make it possible for everything on earth to be Holy as it is in Heaven.

“GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD – Give us, Lord, bread and food for our soul; give it to us now, give it to us today, give it to us always; that this bread may become food for our soul, may nourish us, may that bread sanctify You, may that bread become eternal. O Lord, we pray to you for our bread. O Lord, let us receive it. O Lord, help us to understand what we must do. Let us realize that our daily bread cannot be given to us without prayer.

“AND FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES – Forgive us Lord our trespasses. Forgive us them because we are not good and we are not faithful.

“AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US -Forgive us them so that we, too, may forgive those we were not capable of forgiving until now. O Jesus, forgive us our trespasses, we beseech You. You [meaning us] pray that your sins may be forgiven you in the same measure as you forgive those who trespass against you, without realizing that if your sins were really forgiven as you forgive those of others, it would bevery miserable thing. This is what your Heavenly Father is telling you with these words.

“AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION – Lord, deliver us from hard trials. Lord, we are weak. Do not let our trials, O Lord, lead us to ruin.

“BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL – Lord, deliver us from evil. May we succeed in finding something worthwhile in our trials,step forward in our life.

“AMEN – So be it, Lord, Thy will be done.”

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