The Importance of the Messages

The Importance of the Messages

Since 1981 Our Lady has been appearing daily in Medjugorje. Every day She prays. Every day She speaks. What is the message She speaks?

October 28, 2013 A.D.

The following writing from a Friend of Medjugorje in 2009 sheds light into the way we should be think about Our Lady’s messages.

Since 1981 Our Lady has been appearing daily in Medjugorje. Every day She prays. Every day She speaks. What is the message She speaks? This is what we would like to discover now. From June 1981 to April 1984, the Blessed Virgin Mary talked to the visionaries and answered their questions. Those years were the years of the birth of the message. From March 1, 1984 until the beginning of 1987, Our Lady gave a weekly message to the parish of Medjugorje and to all people throughout the world who wanted to live Her messages. From January 25, 1987, She has been giving a monthly message on the twenty-fifth of each month. We are in the year 2009 and we are still receiving these monthly messages.


Our Lady’s words hold a supreme place above all other words, all other philosophies, all works of spiritual writers, all books, encyclopedias, etc. Only one thing stand above these precious words of Our Lady: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. They alone, the Holy Trinity, are above Her. Also their words alone, the Bible, are above Hers. She is to lead us to God just as Her words are to lead us to the Bible. Her words bring new light to the Scriptures, leading us to them, and to a better understanding of God’s holy words. Her words are living just as God’s words are living, just as God’s words are living. Our Lady is speaking to us, to lead us to the living words of the Bible which are from a living God, instructing us, encouraging us, giving us hope. The Bible is not a dead tree manufactured into paper with ink pressed on it, but God’s powerfully present voice, living and holy. And now Our Lady is coming daily, giving living words that are not on an equal level with God’s words, but are given in order to lead us to those Heavenly words of the Bible. Her words will go down in history as a preface to understanding Holy Scriptures and to show us how to bring into the modern world new life which is presently dying. We are being given a preface to the Scriptures, an owner’s manual, Our Lady’s words, to the machine, the Bible, on how to use it, how to work it, how to understand it, how to make our lives better in this world through it.


Through all the different hypothesis, theories, and explanations, the true answer as well as the solution to all the problems in the world can be found within the messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje. Contained within these messages are God’s words on how to bring peace to the world. Our Lady’s messages are the very thoughts of God. When we read these messages, pray with them, study and meditate over them, we begin to learn them and, by the grace of God, live them. Through this process, we can replace our worldly ways and opinions with God’s own thoughts and desires in every area of our lives.

As children of Mary, Her messages need to have a prominent place in each of our lives. Why is this necessary? Because Our Lady speaks strongly to us through Her messages to help us find God’s way in everything we do as individuals, as families, as parish churches…Her messages are living messages. They can speak to us today, tomorrow, next year, ten years down the road. Our Lady, Herself, is offering the world spiritual direction through Her messages and if we go to Her with our prayers, petitions, and concerns, She very often gives us direct answers that can transform our lives.

Our Lady wants to teach and guide us through Her messages. We only need to give Her the opportunity to do this. Through the messages, we learn not only how to change our hearts, but we are given a deeper insight into God’s presence in national and world events as we pray to understand Our Lady’s plan to save mankind.


In the Love of Our Lady,
A Friend of Medjugorje

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