The Historic First “How To” New Communities Conference

The Historic First “How To” New Communities Conference

Before the December 6-7, 2012 “How To” New Communities Conference was to begin, phone calls started pouring in… Update on the Historic Conference

January 14, 2013 A.D.


“Wonderful—Truth—Factual—Earth Shaking—Scary—This conference was better than the book (They Fired the First Shot).”

From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference
People from 35 States Attended


“Five Star Conference—speakers were dynamic and material covered is so very important! I plan on spreading this message and Our Lady’s messages and inviting many to come to the next conference.” (New dates announcement follows at the end of this report)

From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference


It was required for all those who attended the “How To” New Communities Conference that they sign an oath stating that they had completely read They Fired the First Shot 2012. This conference had to start on a level that everyone knew why the others were there. Before the December 6-7, 2012, “How To” Conference was to begin, phone calls started pouring in. We had approximately 150 people who had pre-registered and we were guessing that an additional 50 people would register at the door, but as we were finalizing the count, every few hours we were adding 10, 15, 20 more people on December 4 and 5. By the evening of December 5th, we had more than doubled the original number, and with walk-ins the next morning had nearly 400 people in attendance, representing 35 states. We were more than pleased at the turn out. We offer here an abbreviated account of this historic event accompanied by pictures and quotes from those who attended the conference, and by the speakers. We call it historic because it was a meeting of minds and hearts to take a different path for our nation than what is being measured out to us by the “powers that be.” Like the meetings that took place in 1775 that gave birth to a new nation, there was a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit felt by all present. It is impossible to relay the intensity, passion and exuberance felt in the hearts of those who attended, who were given renewed hope.  We hope what follows will give an impulse for many of you to attend the next scheduled conference coming up. There was not one person present who was not strongly impacted by the speakers and events they participated in. One woman, after reflecting on the impact the conference had on her, said, “Courage was born in me.” A man from Florida who has worked in the corporate world for more than 30 years and has experienced many kinds of conferences said that he has never attended anything that has impacted him so profoundly as the “How To” conference. It was incomparable to what it had done in his heart and the wisdom he gained from it. A woman from Texas, upon saying goodbye, told us that she feels so happy. She said, “I know it’s a contradiction that I can feel so happy even though I know the world is falling apart—but I do. I’m so excited. I’m so hope-filled.”


Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

Each person, before being admitted, had to sign an oath that they had read They Fired the First Shot 2012, so that everyone in attendance would begin the conference on the “same page.” This was invaluable for what transpired over the two day conference. The unity of spirit was powerfully felt by the speakers and attendees alike. Providence, no doubt had its hand in the selection of the date, exactly one month after the November 6 presidential election. We heard over and over again why it was historic, and before the closing, asked everyone to share their impressions.  Just a small sampling of the many written comments received are included in this report, such as the following from one who attended:

“Wonderful! There were so many graces and lots of love and unity among the people here. This conference will change our nation.”

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

One very hopeful element of the conference was that there were many young people present. Entire families attended, and grandparents with grandchildren. Taking a look at a cross section in the conference room one could see large representatives from all age groups. Those who attended were serious-minded, faith-filled, enthusiastic and greatly appreciative of the spiritual and secular information combined being made available to them. 

“This was a powerful, powerful two days. I not only learned much but realize how much I need to learn. The speakers were clear, direct, extremely knowledgeable and inspired me to pray, pray, pray and do whatever I’m called to do. Thank you, truly, thank you. You ask ‘what would strengthen this?” Don’t change a thing, except maybe three days!”

  From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

People repeatedly told us to please make it three days instead of just two.

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

“We’re living in a society where we have a Federal Government that is purposed to destroy the very foundational principles of this nation, taking God out of government, taking liberty out of our lives.”

                                KrisAnne Hall, Speaker at “How To” Conference

                                Attorney, Teacher, Author and Missionary for the Constitution

This was one of the fundamental purposes of this gathering—to educate ourselves to the founding principles upon which our nation was created, wedded to why Our Lady has come to the world with a plan to rebirth all of Christendom—from the nation to the village, from the family down to the individual—all back to Her Son. The knowledge, passion and courage of the speakers who came to teach these “founding principles” was stunning and it immediately connected people to the heart of what is at stake in this battle we are engaged in.

“Thank you for assembling such passionate, dedicated courageous speakers…and the powerful program by the children. I was very humbled by the guidance to focus on our need to obey all commandments (like honoring the Sabbath and keeping it holy), to purify ourselves so God can work through us more fully. Please continue to emphasize this along with prayer and fasting and self-consecration to God.”

                                       From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

“WOW!! We all thought it was a very educational, inspirational and motivating two days! Lots of information to absorb and figure how it can get put into action back at home. Sure hope you get these speakers back again and more new soldiers and Davids the next time.”

                    From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

Sheriff Mack, one of the conference speakers, captivated the conference attendees.

“If the Constitution really is flexible, then we’re in a lot of trouble, because it is the number one thing that separates us from the government. If we hold to the Bill of Rights especially and if we have those in rightful authority standing and protecting the Bill of Rights, we’re going to win this. Then we will be left to make our own choices about religion and God and prayer. We won’t have one or two individuals removing God from our schools anymore.”

                          Sheriff Richard Mack, Speaker at “How To” Conference
                          Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association


Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

“If government will not protect the first aspect of property among the most innocent among us, they certainly are not going to protect your private property rights as an adult. It’s just that simple.”

                                       Don Casey, Speaker at “How To” Conference
                                       Freedom Advocate in particular for Property Rights

The invited speakers each had their own moment of conversion that led them to studying the foundational documents of our nation. Being enlightened by these documents and the lives and words of our founding fathers they felt the Holy Spirit calling them to witness to the Truth—becoming missionaries of the Constitution. They do so at great personal attack against their reputations—or as the founding fathers said—against their Sacred Honor. They are very strong and faith-filled Christians and they do not hide their faith, but rather draw on their loyalty and love of Christ as the number one reason for taking such a stand. Their passion helped to ignite the willingness of those listening to them to confront their own fears and become involved.

“Please do more of these conferences for people who couldn’t come to this one. I learned so much. The speakers were among the Best I have ever heard. Thank you! Yes, I’m afraid and overwhelmed, but will do my best to implement what I can.”

                                      From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

“This conference was exceptional. It covered much more than I anticipated. The detail provided by each speaker far exceeded what I had expected. In addition, the speakers were excellent—well prepared and knowledgeable, and gave their all and beyond to inform us of what we need to know to move ahead with our projects. They were unselfish individuals who truly believe in their cause and ours.”

                                     From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

The conference was inspired by the book, They Fired the First Shot 2012 and brought to life what many had been reading in the more than 900 pages written by A Friend of Medjugorje. What the conference displayed was that the book was only the beginning. It gave a plan of great personal interest to the individual empowering one with authority to act. The implementation of a plan gave hope and was very evident in the spirit of the people who gathered at Caritas December 6 & 7, 2012.

“The conference was a beautiful, awesome event. The speakers were truly informative and were totally knowledgeable. Everything was inspiring. The book* is inspired by the Holy Spirit as is everything A Friend of Medjugorje writes! Thank you so much!!”

From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

“These two days have been filled with many graces. I think everything that was shared, the information, really was the dessert to the book*. I am grateful for all the sacrifices your community made in order to provide us with so many ‘treasures’. God is using you all for His voice! Glory be to God.”

From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

“This was an awesome, amazing, and extremely inspiring conference that was 100 times worth driving from Buffalo, New York to Alabama. I can’t even describe how beautiful and tangible the love of God and Our Lady is here in all of you, in all you do and how you really live Our Lady’s messages. It all started when my friend gave me a free copy of “They Fired the First Shot”—that I wasn’t going to read for awhile because I didn’t believe it could be that important, and I was so “busy” trying to do whatever I could think of to help stop Obama from winning again. God got me to “give in” and start the book on a Friday and I couldn’t stop until I finished it after midnight that Sunday and from there I’ve gotten and read almost all the regular books from Caritas. So, what I’m trying to say is that I now believe in everything you’re doing and stand for and I am trying to turn my life over to Jesus and Mary and I believe the solutions and plans laid out in the book* are the only real answers and hope—from God and Our Lady. Everything was awesome!! This conference and all I’ve read so far from Caritas has really been a miracle and unbelievable blessing. All the speakers were awesome and all the events, activities and the love and generosity in the food and fellowship were huge graces from God. Thank you!! God willing, I will be at the next one and going with you to Medjugorje in March.”

                                          From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

“We feel so blessed to have been invited to share with all at the conference. It was an amazing experience to have witnessed seeing the progress of A Friend of Medjugorje writing “They Fired the First Shot,” listening to his broadcasts and to have been here for the last visit of Our Lady this past summer. Reading the book and sharing it with others was very helpful during the last election even though results did not turn out the way we would have liked. The book had warned us of what to expect which somehow helped to lessen the disappointment we felt. We are so grateful to have the book and to continue to share it with others. The “How To” Communities Conference was amazing and we met some very wonderful people. I cannot say enough of their patriotism, dedication and the invaluable information they gave to all of us. We look forward to future “how to’s” as we are in dire need of direction in this time in our country’s history. We beg for the continued love and direction from Our Lady, Her Son and the Community of Caritas and we thank you all for allowing us to be a part of Our Lady’s mission.”

                                        From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

*The book being referred to is They Fired the First Shot 2012

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

One of the most powerful and valuable components of the two-day “How To” New Communities Conference was the ability to connect individuals together who live geographically near to each other in the United States. A Friend of Medjugorje has always been one to “think out of the box,” and never content to accept the status quo, walking through prayer. Breaks were scheduled throughout the conference to give the opportunity for people to meet each other and talk amongst themselves as to how they could work together to begin implementing the plan as outlined in They Fired the First Shot 2012. As one of the main speakers said to the crowd, “A Friend of Medjugorje is offering the promise in his book and we’re the boots on the ground to make it happen.”

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

“We can learn from the enemies of our nation and realize we must change hearts as they have.”

A Friend of Medjugorje
From They Fired the First Shot 2012

They Fired the First Shot 2012 is about “changing hearts” one at a time, and to bring understanding that there is something we can individually and collectively do together to bring our nation back to God, and back to the biblical Christian principles which illuminated and inspired our founding fathers to create the United States of America. During the conference breaks, it was very moving for those who took the time to stand back and take in the scenes from around the large room of the small pods of people animatedly sharing and discussing the ideas and knowledge they were gaining. Everywhere you looked, people were engaged with each other. It brought to mind the recent message Our Lady gave in Medjugorje:

August 2, 2011

“Dear children, today I call you to be born anew in prayer and through the Holy Spirit, to become a new people with my Son; a people who knows that if they have lost God, they have lost themselves; a people who knows that, with God, despite all sufferings and trials, they are secure and saved. I call you to gather into God’s family and to be strengthened with the Father’s strength. As individuals, my children, you cannot stop the evil that wants to begin to rule in this world and to destroy it. But, according to God’s will, all together, with my Son, you can change everything and heal the world…”

“What a powerful experience! One cannot leave this conference and not be a convicted Constitutional American in love with our unique nation. You have empowered souls to stand tall for God and His laws as we strive to live as Americans. It was evident that God’s spirit pervaded the talks and pulled together both speakers and the attendees. Thank you for every moment spent by your community on this historic event. The speakers gathered were all essential!! The meeting at the maps was a huge success for us—and a joy to meet so many likeminded “local” people.”

                                        From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

The “How To” New Community Conference” was about many things, not just learning about the Constitution, or connecting with other people, but rather the fullness of transforming Our Lady’s messages into a way of life. On day two, all those present were given the opportunity to take a peek behind-the-scenes of the Caritas Community’s life and agrarian (agricultural) operation.

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

The first stop on the walk behind the scenes brought us to the Community’s cemetery. A Friend of Medjugorje’s father had unexpectedly died less than a week before the conference. In the midst of preparing for the conference and the Five Days of Prayer for the Reconciliation of Ourselves, Our Families and Our Nation Back to God, we had upon us the duty and honor of preparing the final resting place of Papa Tony in our community cemetery. The cemetery is on the way to our St. Joseph’s workshop, much of our farm equipment, and many of our animals. We pass through it often throughout the week because of our agrarian duties, and it is a joyful obligation that we stop to pray for our beloved dead every time we enter the cemetery. It brings the purpose of our lives into perspective—where our earthly journey is leading us. It speaks to our hearts when we are present there, that every sacrifice is worth it in establishing a live and die community. The spirits of the holy souls in our cemetery encourage us to be faithful, persevere and fulfill the will of God in our lives.

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

Most people know nothing about how to live off the land. Because of this, the community set-up several demonstrations aimed at educating people of “how to’s”. We have gained our experience through lots of prayer and through years of trying new methods and procedures to learn the most efficient and cost effective methods to run each area of our agrarian self-sustaining life.  The conference attendees gained a wealth of instantaneous knowledge without having to go through years of searching, research and experimenting themselves.

“Thank you for the excellent speakers—knowledgeable and serious in their presentations. The sessions allowed us to network and find support for future efforts. I thank you for the inspiring discussion of the Constitution. The second day was exceptionally effective in affirming our commitment to creation and following through on the small communities and constitutional prayer groups. I thank each member of Caritas for their prayers and work in making this a most memorable and life changing conference.”

                                        From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

The community raises both egg-laying chickens and chickens for meat. A demonstration was made of how we feed and process chickens for meat. Small communities and even neighborhoods in subdivisions can purchase the above equipment, raising the chickens in their yards, and come together several times a year to process them. Homeland security is not in Washington D.C., it’s in your backyard. We are entering a time when food will be worth more to have than money. Contemplate that statement through what Our Lady said on January 25, 1997,

“… I invite you to reflect about your future…”

and on April 2, 2010,

“…Be ready…”

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

Using methods which aid what is already built in Creation, one method we showed was how one pound of grain, daily, can produce 6.5 pounds of grain daily!! The grain which is produced is a higher quality feed than the original grain itself, all with a lot of work from nature and nature’s God and little input and work from us. The community produces everyday over 1,100 pounds of feed grain from only 170 pounds!!

Another piece of equipment forms plastic over mounded top soil, incasing the soil and the seeds in an environment most conducive for growth. Pulling the top soil out of the rows, you double your top soil. If you have 6” top soil you end up with a foot of top soil. The plant is nourished easily through the plastic, while the weeds are kept at bay. You only weed, or can even mow, in-between the rows. Again, the ability to do this with a group of people who can share the initial investment cost makes this very viable, whether in a small community or neighborhood. Though not all who attended the conference were ready to begin making these steps as yet, there were quite a few who were delighted at the demonstration and very much ready to proceed in this area. We heard from so many people how much they enjoyed and appreciated the information.

“Coming here has gotten me even more convicted and more committed! Everything about this 2-day conference was absolutely awesome! It was moving in every way. The special presentation was a complete surprise, utterly moving. The speakers were amazing—we learned so much. I know God brought these speakers together. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this is all God’s doing. I loved with all my heart the lessons we got in the agrarian way of life. I felt so privileged in being allowed to witness how this community lives this life. Hands on lessons were truly beneficial. Thank you for consecrating us to Mother Mary.”

                                          From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

The community smokehouse is seen in the background. It was built by the community, including the hinges and handles of the door in our blacksmithing shop. A Friend of Medjugorje recalled seeing all the families living in Medjugorje in the early days, living off of only one acre of land with their own family smokehouse, family vineyard, a pig, chickens, and cow in which they made fresh cheese every day from the milk. They all had gardens and grew their own wheat for flour. Along with the cheese, they made fresh bread every day. He was amazed at the amount of industry that was seen in every household from so little land use.

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

Moving from the smokehouse, the crowd watched as several community men cut down a tree and then sawed it into sections.

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

One section of the tree was picked up and carried a short distance away to our sawmill.


Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

Within minutes, the tree was being turned into boards, which in turn were carried a short distance to our carpentry shop.


Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

Everyone was invited to come forward and put their hands on the newly cut boards. It was amazing for many to see how quickly, from God’s creation, a standing tree can be turned into a valuable commodity that can furnish your own needs right before their eyes.

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

Within a total of only 13 minutes from the time the tree was still standing in the woods, to the tree being cut into 1 ¼ x 6 ½ boards, sent through an edger that trimmed the sides off, then sent through a planer, and then ran through a molding machine—turning the tree that was standing a few minutes ago into crown molding. The cost of crown molding can range from $45.00 per foot to several hundred dollars per foot. For us, since our equipment was long since paid for, it cost us nothing—just our time and labor.

“The conference was excellent! The special presentation was very moving. I just read the book, ‘You Can Farm’ and was delighted to see your agrarian practices in action. The speaker’s were dynamite! I wish we could all be so knowledgeable. We love listening to A Friend of Medjugorje. He shares so much knowledge and insight with us. He is a true blessing to us all! The conference was amazing.”

  From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

As happens often with the gatherings we hold at Caritas, the community reproduced a presentation that we had created just for our own edification within the community, and as it was so moving to us, we wanted to share it with others. We did not expect that the special presentation would be as impacting as it was on those who saw it. The Holy Spirit was strongly present. There was silence and a somber spirit as what was being brought to life laid heavy on people’s hearts. One of the presenters who spoke afterwards said:

“I don’t know if any of you were moved to tears in the last hour, but I sure was. I know A Friend of Medjugorje has been inspired by God and I believe in him and I believe in each one of you…I believe in America.”

Sheriff Mack, Speaker at “How To” Conference


One in the crowd said:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Blessed Caritas! The most moving performance sent us from present to past to future back to our present time with such a passion we could hardly breathe.”

From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

We met individuals who came to this conference who had been born and raised in communist countries. They broke away from their countries because of the oppressive government and lack of freedom that made a joyless life and existence. One man told our founder that his heart is in deep, deep pain in seeing what is happening to the United States. He recognizes the signs in our nation that are leading to the same oppression that developed in his homeland of Poland. If it happens here, where else is there to go? He was invited and briefly addressed the crowd saying:

“I left my country because of the system I didn’t accept. And I see this country is becoming like what I left behind. My grandparents fought with the Communists. My father fought in the Second World War, and then my son fought in Iraq in the Marine Corps. And when I was praying why I’m missing fighting, I hear, “Wait, the time is coming.” So, probably I will fight here. No run away anymore. I think for men it’s an honor to fight. We are to defend our families, our countries, our beliefs and we’re supposed to be happy that we are facing something which will be like following Our Lord, take your cross and follow me.”


A young woman originally from Romania said:

“What a great conference! There was so much to learn. But the best gifts of this conference were: Meeting those who share the same thoughts on the direction of the country; the peace that comes from this place (Caritas); the grace to find that there is so much fear in my heart that I am called to live through the same evil (communism) with which I grew up in Romania for 17 years. I know what is coming, and I fear it, but I will stand tall. Pray for healing of the memory, and a hope that will not disappoint.”

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

These were sobering testimonies that brought reality to our gathering. But we were reminded time and time again that others faced their giants and won the victory.

“This was wonderful information and sobering with incredible responsibility. It is overwhelming as to know where to start. It was a wonderful conference with so much information. The speakers were unbelievable! I cannot comprehend the responsibility of the leaders and of myself. I will continue to pray for this community and ask for prayers to spread the word and lead where needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are Her army. God’s blessings to you all.”

                                          From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference


“The conference was dynamite. A Friend of Medjugorje said we would feel we are again at Williamsburg 1776. He nailed it on the head. It was electric. I could never thank you enough.”

                                      From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

Historic First New Communities Conference at Caritas, December 6-7, 2012 A.D.

“Thank you, Mama Mary, for giving us the “manual” to preserve our liberty and unalienable rights. Thank you, Friend of Medjugorje and the community for putting this together. We are privileged to be a part of this “Historical moment.” I would say on a scale of 1-10, it rates 11! I got more than expected or not even expected it to be like this, so encouraging, giving us HOPE, holy confidence to face courageously with Our Lady, our future. Words are not enough to thank all of you.”

                                        From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

“Having been coming to Caritas since 1995 and having been a Field Angel for as many years, I have prayed for this day. You all have inspired me since day one. This has been the ultimate. It gives us a way out. Courage has also been given to us through many years of prayer. We received a lot of information this week-end. Some overwhelming, some understandable. You gave us the means, now we need to take the reins and go. Thank you so much. I feel so blessed for being here at this time. The conference was exceptional. God Bless you one and all for all you do. You give me strength.”

                                      From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

“I can only come humbly before the Lord with praise and thanksgiving for His divine presence working in and through all here. This was the first time my husband and I were here. There is no way we could have imagined that these two days would be as life changing as they have been, and again we can only thank God for all He has done here. Because of you and your great love for Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother we have been encouraged and greatly blessed to follow your example.”

                                       From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

There is more we could share, but there is enough here for you to consider coming yourself to participate in an amazing experience, a work of the Holy Spirit, that confirmed the time for small communities has come. The next They Fired the First Shot “How To” New Communities Conference is scheduled. One suggestion that came up over and over again was to expand to three days, rather than two in order to give more time to certain aspects of the conference. You can fill out the following form to register for the next Historic “How To” New Communities Conference. We end with one testimony that captures what many felt upon leaving this conference:

TO: Lost and Found

“I was driving in to work this morning and started to cry as I realized I’ve left something behind and I hope you can find it. It’s incredibly valuable to me now.

“I remember having it with me when I was listening to A Friend of Medjugorje’s talks. It was in flames. I remember I had it when anyone from the community was sharing stories and it was pounding hard as I was begging to remember every detail so I wouldn’t forget.

“The last time I remember having it was when I was in the Field for the Patriotic Rosary and HAD to say my goodbyes to everyone, even though I missed some of the community in getting hugs.

“I can tell you now that it’s big and red and looks like it’s about to explode. Before Caritas, it was small, black and unrecognizable and you would have never noticed it.

“If you find it, please place it by the statue of Our Lady in the Field and I’ll get it when I come back, if I can live that long without you all.

“But knowing it’ll be in the Field everyday for the Apparition Rosary, I can spiritually see it at the statue watching you all kneeling for prayer.

“How I love you all with incredibly sincere gratitude to Our Lady in finding the most beautiful people living the perfect Way.”

From an Attendee of the “How To” Conference

What makes a people beautiful is not in and of themselves, as everyone is a sinner and falls short in striving to live holiness. But it is a holy way of life that makes a people beautiful—and it is this “way” that Our Lady has come to show and lead people to, so as to renew hearts, renew families, renew nations, and renew the world.

Announcing the Next They Fired the First Shot
“How To” New Community Conference
Thursday, April 18 through Saturday, April 20, 2013

With the success of the first ever “How To” conference, Caritas of Birmingham will be hosting a second conference of “How to Begin a Constitutional Praying Village,” including many other “How To’s,” hosted by A Friend of Medjugorje and other special guests whose answers will help you “set out.” Attendance will be limited to 600 people. To make sure you will be included in that number, you should pre-register. By the success of the first conference, we anticipate many will book early and we do not think there will be space for walk-ins.

This conference specifically relates to and is advertised in They Fired the First Shot 2012™ and is “only open” to those who have completely finished reading the book. The conference is something that will not be understood by those who have not read and finished the book completely! Therefore, admittance into the conference comes with the requirement of a full read of the book. The conference is the next step after reading the book. Any who accompany you to the “How To” New Communities Conference must also have read the book. This applies to all ages, 16-years and above.


*Please also be advised that the guidelines to be on Caritas grounds during the conference, are as they always have been for events in years past:

1. No Immodest Dress   5. No Cameras
2. No Cell Phones       
   6. No Smoking
3. No Video Cameras      7. No Lounge Chairs/Other Chairs
4. No Gum Chewing        8. No Pets


There will be an admittance fee to help cover the meals and expenses of hosting the conference. We will provide lunch on April 18th, 19th and 20th. We are changing our Friday fast day to Monday, so everyone can eat together on Friday.

Single Adult by himself—$80.00
Husband and Wife—$75.00 per spouse = $150.00
All youth other than small babies if they will be eating lunch here—$25.00 per individual(this includes older children who are coming with their parent or parents).

There are many hotels nearby Caritas to stay at during the conference. Listed below is contact information for the 5 hotels that are closest to Caritas. Call the hotel for availability and directions. REGISTRATION WILL OPEN AT 6:30 A.M. ON THURSDAY, APRIL 18TH TO RECEIVE PACKETS AND NAME TAGS. MORNING PRAYER WILL BEGIN AT 7:30 A.M., FOLLOWED BY THE CONFERENCE AT 8:00 A.M.

Special Note:  The “How To” New Communities Conference is open only to those who have completely finished reading They Fired the First Shot 2012. As you know, the impact of the book is ruined if one skips ahead to discover the solution before reading the first half of the book. One must graduate in understanding from one page to the next in order to fully understand when one arrives at the plan of action. It is the only way to read this book. The same would be true of those who haven’t finished the book but want to attend the conference. Do not bring anyone with you who has not read the book in its entirety. Youth of any age can attend the conference. However, any youth age 16 or older (14-year-olds have read the book) must have read the book to be in the conference.  Those who have not read the book are welcome to come as part of your family and be on the grounds during the conference, but they will not be able to participate in the actual conference sessions unless they read the book. Lunch will be together with everyone.

**Please keep in mind that the days of the “How To” Conference are close to spring break dates, so hotels may fill up quickly. It would be best to secure your rooms soon. **

Hampton Inn & Suites, approx. 10 miles, $89.95*/Night, 205-981-0024
Oak Mountain Lodge, approx. 11 miles, $49.95*/Night or $199.95*/Week, 205-991-0100
Candlewood Suites, approx. 13 miles, $68.95*/Night, 205-991-0272
Wingate Inn, approx. 13 miles, $85.00*/Night, 205-995-8586
Hyatt Place Inverness, approx. 14 miles, $94.00*/Night, 205-995-9242
Studio Plus, approx. 14 miles, $57.99*/Night, 205-408-0107
Fairfield Inn, approx. 14 miles, $80.00*/Night, 205-991-1055
Days Inn Mountain Brook, approx. 14 miles, $74.99*/Night, 205-991-9977
Holiday Inn Express, approx. 14 miles, $84.00*/Night, 205-776-6370
La Quinta Inn – Hwy 280 Cahaba Park Circle, approx. 15 miles, $58.50*/Night 205-995-9990

Call the hotels directly and mention Caritas to receive the discounted prices.
* Prices start at the listed price and are subject to change.

If you are interested in attending, print out and fill out the form below.

Special Note: Again, Friday, April 19 is normally a fast day. So that everyone can share in the meal time discussions of what is being learned in the conferences, we suggest the week of the conference you fast on Monday, April 15 and Wednesday, April 17 instead of on Friday.



If you are interested in attending print out the form below, and mail to Caritas, or fax:

Caritas of Birmingham
c/o New Communities Conference
100 Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive
Sterrett, Alabama 35147 USA

Fax: 205-672-9667
Or call Caritas in the US at: 205-672-2000

April 18-20, 2013 New Communities Conference

Print out the above form and mail to Caritas, or fax to: 205-672-9667


*Please also be advised that the guidelines to be on Caritas grounds during the conference, are as they always have been for events in years past:

1. No Immodest Dress   5. No Cameras
2. No Cell Phones       
   6. No Smoking
3. No Video Cameras      7. No Lounge Chairs/Other Chairs
4. No Gum Chewing        8. No Pets


Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

For the latest update and to help us reach the goal visit here

9 thoughts on “The Historic First “How To” New Communities Conference”

  1. I’ve signed up for the April conference and can’t wait. I’m halfway through the book and learning something new every day. We certainly need an action plan – the sooner the better. Now I can’t wait to finish the book. In fact, I ordered a case today for my family and friends. Thank you so much and will see you in April. God bless.

  2. I am just learning about the book They Fired the First Shot and I am telling everybody about it so they will read it and get educated about what all is happening to change our country. It is a wonderful book and I can’t quit talking about it and reading it as it is RIGHT ON! Is there still opening for the 2013 conference? I would love to get some friends together to attend. Thanks Nancy

  3. I miss you all. Thank you. Pray, I have applied in US embassy through which I hope to reach you all. Thank you and more prayers for my people and relatives.

  4. This is too amazing and very overwelming. I would like to attend the conference. It is important for me to attend even though I live in Ontario? Thank-you

  5. Don’t forget to the mention the prayer times we had and way of life we’re being called to live. Forming the prayer groups is key to hearing God’s answer for each of our small communities – one of my friends in the Chicago area has handed out 100 books and formed three prayer groups and one of the members is heading to Medjugorje.

  6. Don’t forget to the mention the prayer times we had and way of life we’re being called to live. Forming the prayer groups is key to hearing God’s answer for each of our small communities – one of my friends in the Chicago area has handed out 100 books and formed three prayer groups and one of the members is heading to Medjugorje.

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