The Grace Our Lady Brings

The Grace Our Lady Brings

Our Lady is changing the world, just by coming everyday…

January 22, 2014 A.D.

Forty-one years ago today, the evil of abortion was decided by the United States Supreme Court to be within the right of a woman’s privacy. This decision without legitimacy,* has paved the way for millions of children to be killed. Will this evil ever stop? Will there ever be a victory for God? We believe certainly there will be a victory, and that victory began in 1981.

The Virgin Mary began appearing on June 24, 1981, on a hillside in a small village called Medjugorje. She came holding the Baby Jesus in Her arms, uncovering His face and showing Him to the visionaries. While the world said that a woman’s right to privacy gave her the right to kill her child, ‘the Woman’ came, Our Lady, and uncovering Her Child, shows Him to the world – ‘He is your salvation.’ It is up to us to respond to that salvation. Earlier in the week, in the writing ‘Are You Changing?’1, A Friend of Medjugorje wrote:

“The grace Our Lady brings to the world everyday in Her benediction, at the moment of the apparition is working to chip away at errors in the hearts of every good-willed man on earth… Our Lady’s grace given to the world today is prevalent everywhere, even for those without the realization of Her intercession before God in this time to save the world…”

The Caritas Community has for 25 years, gathered at this time to pray the Rosary, as in Medjugorje. The moment of the apparition is a sacred moment that should be honored by all. These few minutes each day will one day end abortion. How? When enough souls are illuminated to begin to live God’s Commandments, then everything will change. It doesn’t begin with the pagans, but rather, with the Christians, who, living like pagans, begin to change their lives.

In the Joy of Life,
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas


We stop our day, every day to honor Our Lady’s apparition time in the Field of Apparitions. Doctor’s appointments, meetings, etc. are scheduled around this Rosary. Our school closes down, and everyone leaves their work behind. The blessings from stopping to pray each day are renewed every day. Meaning that each day, God gives such profound graces to us, that it is not a sacrifice to honor Our Lady at this time, it is a joy. It is scenes like this below that grace our daily Rosary in the Field.

Caritas Kids at Rodary Time

These little scenes, by not hindering life, but rather nurturing it, providing a structure for it to grow, changes us. Little Luke is trying to pull little Annaleah, and little James. They are a little too heavy for him. The picture below shows the results:

Caritas Kids at Rodary Time
Yes, it is a little too heavy for Luke. Many times people find themselves like this, when they are pulling so much weight that it is too much, and fall down. But Our Lady tells us on May 2, 2013:

“…And when it is the most difficult for you, when you are falling under the weight of the cross do not despair, do not judge, instead remember that you are loved and praise the Heavenly Father because of His love…”

So what does Little Luke, being raised in this environment of Our Lady’s Medjugorje messages do? What is the automatic response?

Caritas Kids at Rodary Time
Luke gets back up, smile on his face and tries again. Being raised in a heritage of what Our Lady established here, over 25 years ago with our founder and his family, and the changes She had them make in their lives that affect our lives today, in that everyday at our daily Rosary, great joyful fruit of innocence at play, children’s laughter, renews us, revives us, teaches us, and changes us. So much is available for you, if you decide to honor this Sacred Moment of the Day, when Our Lady appears on the earth. Begin to pray and you will see your life and the world change. If you seek an end to abortion, whether the physical murder of children, or the abortion of joy and innocence in your children, then begin to honor this moment. Everything else is in Our Lady’s hands.


* ‘without legitimacy…’ for more on this, and Our Lady’s plans through Medjugorje, read They Fired the First Shot 2012, by A Friend of Medjugorje. You can order They Fired the First Shot 2012 from Amazon.com here…

1. Are You Changing?, originally published in 2010

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