The Gospel of Mary

The Gospel of Mary

The following was written by A Friend of Medjugorje, and taken from his book, “Quietism”. This segment is titled, “The Gospel of Mary”. It was written through much deep prayer. It can only be understood through much prayer. Pause, close your eyes and enter into a deep ardent prayer to the Holy Spirit that He will show and help you to understand all that is written, and not written, that Our Lady wants you to understand.


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Gospel of Mary

by a Friend of Medjugorje

Our Lady’s apparitions are to prepare the world for a time of peace and victory, but these same messages will be used by those in the ultimate battle in which, through the Gospel of Mary, She, the Woman, shadowed not even by the greatest angel or saint, and in the light of Her Son, will crush the serpent’s head, and Who at His glorious return, will cast the serpent into the eternal flame forever.


He who chokes at the words “Gospel of Mary” does not know Her. Jesus said you do not know Me because you do not know My Father. If you knew Him, you would know Me. Because you do not know Me, you do not know He who sent Me. If you do not accept Mary’s words, you do not accept Her Son’s Words. If you knew Her Son was the Word, you would recognize Her words and Her Son Who sent Her. “His” Mother said that She would give messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world. In the beginning was the Word and the Word became flesh.


For you who do not accept Her words, how then do you accept the Word? Mary’s Gospel, the echo of the Word, given in a new way, a new understanding, are immense in that their effects will affect all creation until the final battle in which the serpent’s head will be crushed, never to rise again. Whether the final battle be ten years or one thousand years from now, we are being given a gift, a grace, incomprehensible in this moment, that will give passage to many future Christians to survive amidst the great tribulation, the suffering under the anti-church, until Jesus, in the glorious moment, comes back.


As men confined in mortal bodies, limited in so much humanness, we are not able to see Mary as God sees Her. We can pray to comprehend, to rise above the confines of the flesh in better knowing Mary, but we will never know and understand Mary as She is known by God. She, who is in the midst of the Trinity, comes on the second day of the newborn millennium and says:


January 2, 2000

“Never as much as today, my heart is begging for your help! I, your Mother, am begging my children that they help me to realize what the Father has sent me for…”


Shudder, O man, that She Who alone can dwell deep in the midst of the Trinity where no being can dare go, not even the angels, and now She is before you begging! How man have you responded to Her words?


A Friend of Medjugorje
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37 thoughts on “The Gospel of Mary”

  1. Michael John Hebert

    Not having a lot of money, I was still blessed with a visit to Medjugorje, where I met Caritas giving out message cards. I’ve always wanted to go back, but equally, I’ve always wanted to be able to send or bring someone else, who hadn’t had the chance to experience the blessing, I had. I wish there was a way to donate a few extra dollars to Caritas & for them to have a small raffle, to send “Those Whom Haven’t Gotten To Medjugorje Before”. It’s wonderful to hear how many times some people have gone there, but my heart would leap, hearing, others, instead, telling of the sacrifice they made, sending others there. What a Blessed Way To Spread The Messages……..God Bless

  2. Chris Eastridge

    Excellent information and it should be an eye opener for many uninformed people. Enjoy listening to your program. Thank you and may the Lord continue guiding you

  3. those words are beautiful,for those that are trying to get close to our lady, remember she was the first tabernacle carrying Jesus in her womb,

  4. I believe with all my heart, all my my mind and all of my soul that the end times are very near! Faith in God, Jesus the Holy Spirit and of Our Blessed Mother is Critical to Our Salvation!!!!! God Bless this world and fogive US OUR sins. Prayer is Our strength against the evildoers!!! Unite in the Truth! Pray Pray Pray>>> Thank-you Holy Spirit for allowing me to hear and truly understand. My eyes ears and soul have been opened> AMEN

  5. Yes Mother Mary we need thy help. we need you in our every action work deeds and each time when we are not aware of you too. each step is valuable for us. whatever it may be change it for better purpose. we need u.

  6. The article explains so well, who is this beloved Mother and what is Her role. I see this great Women as our prophet, she is crying out to us to love Her Son, to do His will, this is because she is a loving mother, and like a loving mother she wants the best for her children. ‘Our Dear Holy Mother, help us to understand your coming into this world giving out all these messages. Help us to share them with everybody so that one day, every knee shall bow, every tongue shall say, This is the Lord.

  7. Our Lady has been unmasking all the deceptions of the evil one; She has been uncovering every lie that we have lived through the decades, and that I believe, is little by little “crushing his head”. And we, as Her children, should separate ourselves from this culture that we have so gotten used to. I really believe Our Lady is gathering the remnant together; I also believe that we are living the book of Revelation.

  8. We all need to be reminded about MARY being our real MOTHER. I pray daily to know, love, serve, and to be with BOTH JESUS AND MARY SOMEDAY IN heaven. But to do the above also on this earth, where we can only be truly fullfiled with all they offer. I have a long way to go!

  9. Rosalie Inocencio

    Thank you so much. I enjoyed the reading with the music in the background. Due to vision loss, my husband can listen to the message. Simply beautiful, thank you and keep up the good work. God Bless Rosalie

  10. I am Lutheran by upbringing and currently a Christian based faith follower over the last ten years. Mother Mary found me in August of this year 2010. I am very thankful. I now know I was quite blind before. Still being a ‘protestant’ I pray my Rosary daily and fast 1 x each week for her. I know Our Lady intercedes in our lives when we truly give it to her and her son Jesus. I am so thankful and in my conversion I pray by example, I may lead others to her. Gospa Lives!

  11. Mother Mary, Thank you for coming to us. Help us to respond to your messages with joy.May your Son, Jesus, be born anew in all of us this Christmas as we wait with you for His coming.

  12. Honestly, I don’t do much for our Lady. I don’t pray enough or love enough…I don’t fast enough or do it with love. And this is after almost 5 yrs of listening to message after message. I hope that I find the strength to just open myself and not fear anything…pray for me.

  13. Mary Ann C Golden

    Medjugorje peace on earth in that small poor town.Miracles happen there.She is there.You smell roses see the sun spinning ,feel Her love everyday your there.

  14. angela casebier

    i want you Our Immaculate Mother to know I will do everything possible I can do to help spread your gospel and Your Son Our Saviour Jesus Christ to get the Blessed recognition you both deserve the best . You both deserve the best this Earth can give and Happy Immaculate Conception Our Beautiful Mother who is such a excellent Caring Loving Fathiful Mother. I love you

  15. angela casebier

    My Most Beautiful Immaculate Mother Mary. I love you and admire you .You are most blessed and I feel so special that you chose to be our Mother and I thank you so much and thank your Father and our Father for you to be born without original sin and remained without sin. I am constantly posting on my facebook to You and for you. You are our Mother and we need you ever more now and now we are having to fight for you because of non-believers trying to blasphem You.

  16. Michaelle Compere

    Praise be the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for the good work you guys doing,and i praise HIM for the IMMACULATE HEARTH of MARY.In that moment we are living by grace,and our DEAR LADY is telling us that SHE is there for us with all Her sweetness.Please keep HAITI in your prayer

  17. Well done!! We must continue to pray for those who have left the Church and Our Lady ! Please Dear Mother bring them back to Your Heart!

  18. Trapped in mortal bodies is so true. I struggle with that all the time, but do take Our Lady’s words to heart. May her mission be accomplished. Thanks, Friend of Medugorje. God Bless.

  19. Sr. Scholastica, OSB

    Mary is our Mother, she cares for us her children as like any mother would. She wants us to live good lives, to listen to her so she can bring us to her Son.Let us cooperate with her pleadings she will not ask us to do anything wrong. Happy Feast Mary our Mother

  20. Thank you God for the chance to change and for sending us the Blessed Mother as a guide. I struggle every day and only hope that we can all together respond to her call.

  21. Help us Mary, to understand everything you are here to tell us. Help us all to be prepared for the finalization of your messages.

  22. “How man have you responded to Her words?” A question not easy to answer…but each one of us should reflect upon seriously, by digging deep into our own souls.

  23. It makes me think what to prioritize. It’s hard to give up all and follow Christ, the narrow road. The Blessed Mother is pleading and appears every month…this is serious. Blessed Mother, please pray for us.

  24. Edwin De Castro

    It is real to me, as it must be for others who read. I can not even begin to simply describe back, what A Friend of Medjugorje has described.

  25. Frank Kaposvary

    Truer words have not been spoken. Our Blessed Mother is here to save us, those who believe in the Word. Though we believe, we are sinners, we must humble ourselves before our Mother and Her Son and ask for forgiveness. May She fill my heart with Her heavenly love and lead me from temptation and ask of her Sons forgiveness for my sins here on earth.

  26. Beautiful words and very comprehensible to me because I knew the Blessed Virgin since I was a little girl. The confirmation to me was when I saw her twice in 1968 in Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt when she appeared and I was devastated…words that I cannot express… I have great faith in Jesus and His Dear Mother Mary..pray the Rosary daily which She showed me how. Follow and listen to Her messages.. Blessed Mother is our advisor and Guide to Her Only Son Jesus Christ who suffered and died for us..

  27. The only words I have are these “this is a beautiful tribute to Our Blessed Mother ” Thank You Friend of Medjugorje’ and family for bringing this to the internet for many to see and hear. God Bless

  28. What beautiful words! Yet we as mortals know so little about this Virgin lady who accepted God’s will so willingly! It is by prayer, sacrifice and acceptance that Mary, full of grace, took upon Herself the role of Mother. We need at all times to pray and clutch at our Mother, who is ever praying Her Son for us sinners. There is no other religion where God sent His only Son to suffer so much for humanity; there is no other religion where a woman “bright as the sun..”care so much for her children.

  29. Jennifer Comiskey

    Thank you friend of Mary, friend of Medjugorie, for being so kind to our precious Most Holy Mother, thank you so much.

  30. I have been to Medugorje twice, and after reading so many articles and watching videos of Medugorje, I feel like going again. Thank you.


    As a earthly mother, I listened to my mother that if you give your children a foundation they will stray but they will come back to the Lord. Now I see them stray, but I believe they will come back because I know the heavenly MOTHER IS TRYING TO TEACH ME. How to recognize her love and lead me deeper into the Lords Love. It is so hard to watch your children stray but more so, that my husband is lost. Thank you Mary for your love and guidance.

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