The Chapel of the Two Hearts

Chapel of the two hearts © COB


The altar in The Chapel of the Two Hearts spells out the Croatian word “MIR,” meaning “peace.”  Pilgrims often state that they feel a true sense of peace consecrating themselves and their families to Our Lady in Marija’s chapel.  Our Lady said on May 25, 2004:


Marija is one of the six visionaries. The founder of Caritas (a Friend of Medjugorje), realized a need for the privacy of Marija’s family, yet still give access to pilgrims for Our Lady’s apparitions to Marija. He discussed with her that she needed an outside chapel, as at the time she had a chapel inside her home.  In that way, she and her husband and children could maintain more family time inside their Medjugorje home, while accommodating more people for the apparitions, which he believed would please Our Lady. The founder encouraged Marija along, getting the Community of Caritas to lay the foundation of the chapel. The chapel was built next to their home in Medjugorje. They completed the chapel right before the twentieth anniversary, June 25, 2001.


“Dear children!  Also today, I urge you to consecrate yourselves to my Heart and to the Heart of my Son Jesus.”


Paolo and Marija prayed a novena asking that Our Lady would name their new chapel. During this apparition, Marija told Our Lady, “We give this chapel to you. What name do you desire it to be given?” When asked, Our Lady smiled and lovingly held up Her first two fingers, signifying the number two, and then pointed to Her Heart and traced a heart with Her finger. Marija was flooded with emotion, tears, and joy, and she understood in her heart that, without words, Our Lady named it The Chapel of the Two Hearts. As Marija was relaying this afterwards, she could barely speak. It was very obvious that Paolo and Marija were both very moved that Our Lady would name their chapel in this simple but profound way. Centuries from now, multitudes of people will line up to pray in this chapel, to consecrate their hearts to the Two Hearts. It is certainly a great grace for those who are fortunate enough to pray and consecrate their hearts in The Chapel of the Two Hearts in our present time.


With the founder’s relationship with Marija, we always have our pilgrimage groups consecrate themselves and their families in The Chapel of the Two Hearts to the two Hearts of Jesus anMary.


Caritas Pilgrims in the Chapel of the Two Hearts © COB


The picture above is of two members of the Caritas Community who had recently become engaged. They desired to have their engagement blessed within The Chapel of Two Hearts and are seen here lighting a single candle from the two separate ones they are holding that represent their two lives joining together into one. Several other couples have renewed their wedding vows within this chapel. It is a special gift to make your consecration in The Chapel of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

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