The Birth Of Jesus

The Birth Of Jesus

the Nativity

The light was dim in the small cave. The little stable was cold, providing little protection from the wind that whirled around on the outside of the tiny dwelling. Joseph was asleep in the corner, exhausted from traveling and disheartened that he was unable to find better accommodations for Mary. She soothed his sorrow by accepting every inconvenience with generosity and love. She kept Her own grief hidden in Her heart so as not to increase Joseph’s sorrow, not that She desired more comfort for Herself in the hour that would bring Her Son into the world, but that Jesus would feel deprivation from the first moment of his life on earth, this is what pierced Her heart.

Kneeling by the fire, Her contemplation of the event that was about to transpire, lifted Her higher and higher in a vortex of love and grace. Light invaded Her, consumed Her, surrounded and lifted Her. And suddenly, there in Her arms, Her eyes met the eyes of Her Infant Son, the beautiful face of God. Joseph, stirred by the brilliant light, as if in slow-motion, awakens, comes to his feet, and becomes enraptured at the sight of the Mother and Son. He kneels beside the two and with trembling hands accepts the gift Mary gives to him with outstretched arms. Tears flow freely down their faces. He is born. Jesus is born.


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