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Updated July 12, 2024

Originally Published on June 26, 2024 A.D.

Special Feature from a Friend of Medjugorje


by a Friend of Medjugorje

Our Lady of Medjugorje’s June 25, 2024

Monthly Message to the World


“Dear children! I rejoice with you and thank God for permitting me to be with you, to lead you and love you. Little children, peace is in danger and the family is under attack. ‘I am’ calling you, little children: return to prayer in the family. Put Sacred Scripture in a visible place and read it every day. Love God above all that it may be good for you on earth. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


Do you ignore a Messenger who comes from Heaven and tells you, “Listen to me. ‘I am’ telling you what the “I AM” has allowed me to tell you in order to alert you that ‘peace is in danger.’” Do you ignore that satan is undermining the fabric of the world, a fabric that holds nations together? satan’s claws are ripping, tearing, shredding this fabric like a rabid dog.  The attacker is winning. his goal is to destroy the world’s nations by destroying the family.


The family’s defense is:


1. Return to prayer


2. Have the Bible in a visible place


3. Read the Bible every day.


4. Your first love is God.





A. What percentage of each day do you talk to God in prayer?          %


B. What percentage of each day do you talk on your cell phone?          %



C. What percentage of each day do you read holy, meaningful things or Holy Scripture?          %


D. What percentage of each day do you read secular and meaningless things?           %



E. What percentage of the visible things/décor in your home would show it is a Christian home?          %


F. What percentage of the visible things/decor in your home is secular?          %



Add up your percentages in letters A-C-E. Then add up your percentages of letters B-D-F.


Compare the total percentage of A-C-E versus the total percentage of B-D-F.


If you are honest with yourself, the higher percentage will reveal to you that:


“It may be good for you on earth.”




will tell you that


It will be bad for you on earth.


Being honest with the total percentage (%) globally, when added up, will show that it is going bad for 85-90% of the world’s populations. Just one little god has changed family life and has enslaved everyone.


When Medjugorje visionary, Ivanka, had her June 25, 1989, apparition, I was kneeling shoulder to shoulder with her. Our Lady gave a prophetic message:


“Pray because you are in great temptation and danger because the world and material goods lead you into slavery. satan is active in this plan. I want to help each of you in prayer…”


The #1 satanic tool to enslave man is the cell phone. It is worshiped, fondled, occupies the first place, is in one’s heart. It is the spiritual degradation of the whole world, all the way down to “your world,” your family. It is diabolical and destroys families, towns and nations. According to Statista, a data gathering company, there are 7.95 billion people in the world, yet the number of subscriptions for cell phones is 8.59 billion. That means there are 64 billion more cell phones than people on the earth. Revelation 13:16-17 states:


“And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead [your mind is occupied], and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark…”


The whole world’s population has fallen into satan’s hands while you have it in your hand. If this is not enough to convince you, just 10 months ago, Our Lady said in a monthly message to the world the following:


September 25, 2023


“…I am calling you to strong prayer. Modernism [satan] wants to enter into your thoughts and steal from you…prayer…”


Praying That it Will be Good for You on Earth,

Friend of Medjugorje

More Phones than People


Updated July 19, 2024, 10:23 AM Central Time USA

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5 thoughts on “TEST TIME…”

  1. City: Edinburg
    State: TX
    Country: United States
    Dear Blessed Trinity, thank you for sending Our Virgin Mother to us that She may bring us messages on the importance of Prayer and Love, Forgiveness and Healing. Please convert the nonbelievers to You thru Our Mother’s messages and Prayers. Dear Holy Family, please bring healing and Love to the many broken families. May we do away with abortion, evil, violence, murder and all sins. Keep satan away from your little children. May we pray the St. Gertrude prayer that Our Lord take 10,000 souls to Heaven and out of purgatory. I love You, the Blessed Trinity, St. Joseph and all the saints and angels. Bless my friends and family and keep us safe. I pray for all my family in purgatory.

  2. City: Paso Robles
    State: CA
    Country: USA
    I believe it’s no coincidence that we are having the readings that we are getting for daily Mass. Especially the prayer in the Old Testament that asked God to preserve Israel from invasion and destruction. I prayed that prayer as I read it for our Country. The other prayer I have been praying during the Consecration at each Mass when the chalice of Jesus ‘s Holy Blood 🩸 is elevated is asking, begging that by the Power of His Precious Blood 🩸 under the Title Victor over demons, to break the demonic hold on every single man, woman and child as well as the leaders of our country and our church! Also World Wide! The Consecration is the most powerful part of the Mass, let us not fail to take advantage of this Holy Moment!!!

  3. City: USA
    I was thinking theres a prayer by St Gertrude iits in the Blue pieta Book you sell and im sure its online that when you say it releases a 1000 prayers from purgatory and you can say it 10 times that day or more. I believe if we can release an endless amounts of souls out of purgatory they will help us in our spiritual battle and in our families conversions. They need prayers and help and they can pray it back to us in our desperate need for prayers. Kinda like a prayer group with the souls in purgatory. I pray for them daily plus I pray for Mercy on the souks for the dying everyday!

    1. City: Ontario
      State: ON
      Country: Canada
      Thanks Dawn, that’s a great idea. Our prayer group does exactly that, we pray it 10 times, and if there’s 8 of us in prayer group that’s 80,000 souls released from purgatory. We sometimes contemplate what that celebration must be like. 🙂 The souls will help us and our families. God bless you and your family!

      Let’s listen to FOM and get rid of our cell phones. A prison ‘cell’ that we can be free of.

      Thank you Eternal Father for allowing Our Lady to still be with us! A Beautiful and serious message. May the Holy Family bless us and protect us.

    2. City: Juno Beach
      State: FL
      Country: United States
      I say this prayer daily, sometimes multiple time per day.
      The poor souls need our prayers and support!
      We’ll see one day.

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