Summary of the Ten Secrets

Summary of the Ten Secrets


The following is just a brief summary of the most important points about the Ten Secrets. These points are taken from the more detailed information in this section about the Ten Secrets. Even though Our Lady does not speak a lot about the secrets, She does speak about them, so they are an important part of Our Lady’s plans in Medjugorje. The visionaries tell us that everything Our Lady does has profound meaning. If Our Lady has chosen to give the six visionaries ten secrets that will be used to bring worldwide conversion to the world, we need to pay attention to what She has said and done in regard to the secrets which have yet to be revealed. There are those who want to hush talk about the secrets. The question should then be posed, “Why did Our Lady let the visionaries tell that they have secrets?” Our Lady, while not wanting at this moment to reveal their contents, does want us to know there are 10 secrets, and we know enough that some are very grave. Yes, Our Lady wants very much for us to know there are secrets and for that knowledge to be an impulse for conversion now, not to wait for the secrets, because then it will be too late for many. So to those who say there should be no interest in the secrets or that one should not wonder about them, this is a contradiction of Our Lady’s intent that Her children know about the secrets.

A Friend of Medjugorje


• Our Lady is giving Ten Secrets to the Medjugorje visionaries that will bring worldwide conversion to the world.

• God is giving so much time for these apparitions, so that all may come to conversion.

• Three of the visionaries, Mirjana, Ivanka, and Jakov have all ten secrets and no longer see Our Lady daily.

• Marija, Vicka, and Ivan have nine secrets.

• The third secret will be a lasting sign on Apparition Mountain that will be permanent, indestructible, and beautiful and will appear spontaneously.

• The sign will appear on the mountain in such a way that unbelievers won’t have words to say what it is.

• The sign will be something that has never been on the earth before.

• Part of the seventh secret has been mitigated through prayer and fasting.

• Mirjana is the visionary whom Our Lady gave the responsibility to reveal the secrets.

• Fr. Petar Ljubicic is the priest chosen by Mirjana to reveal the secrets to the world.

• Fr. Petar will read each secret ten days before it occurs. He will fast for 7 days. Three days before the secret happens, he will announce it to the world.

• Fr. Petar says he will read the secrets to the world.

• Mirjana received a physical parchment from Our Lady with the ten secrets written on it, as well as the day and date each of them will occur.

• During the time of the ten secrets, one of the visionaries will still have daily apparitions

• Not all the secrets are the same for all the visionaries. Some of Ivan and Vicka’s secrets are personal ones for them.


A picturesque view of Apparition Mountain – where the world was given a new chance on June 24, 1981 – where God, in His love and mercy, has given Our Lady this special time of grace to lead His children to conversion, bringing them back to the faith, to the love of God.


More About The 10 Secrets

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16 thoughts on “Summary of the Ten Secrets”

  1. City: Gaming
    State: Niederösterreich
    Country: Österreich
    I believe Medjugorje but I wonder why the Queen of Peace brings terrifying news to the world, that sound so apocalyptic. This scares people. Not that it’s wrong, but it wonders me.

  2. City: Trevose
    State: Pa
    Country: USA
    March 18,2022 is very close. I pray and will pray by attending Mass and ask God for forgiveness. I have visited and almost had an encounter with visionary Ivanka a very beautiful girl several years ago. These end times are upon us, possible war May break out, the world in flames, we need to pray the rosary Our Lady’s weapon. Carry the rosary on your person. A faithful Maccabee, JMJ, Peace be with you all. Mary from USA

  3. City: Thoreau
    State: New Mexico
    Country: United States
    Thank you for sharing this complete information for others online. I’m grateful that our Lord and our Lady Mary are giving us all a chance to convert, and that we are so blessed to have our heavenly Mother actually come and remind us of what is so vitally important for eternal life – the goal that everyone should be seeking.

  4. City: Nairobi
    State: Africa
    Country: Kenya
    I thank Mother Mary our dear Mother,I pray for conversion of poor sinners and everyone to experience the mercy of God.Mother Mary,Pray for us your children.

  5. Roger C. Thibault

    City: Bloomingdale
    State: OH
    Country: United States
    Will our Mom Mary encourage our family, relatives ,and the world to pray the rosary until the cows come home (forever)! 🙂

  6. I pray that the holy Mother helps my family to all come back to faith.i offer up my pain to help them.Amen.

  7. Brother Raymond

    Dearest FOM: In Regards To Medjugorje Radio Program “Enemy Mentalities” July16,2020 Please Note; It MUST Be Said SARS; And Now Bubonic Plague Reappearing;Were;And Are Also In The Plan To SUPPRESS;And BRAINWASH People Into Submission To State Governments To Gain Greater POWER;And Control Over”We The PEOPLE”!-Coronavirus “WAS”!;Created In A Chinese(NWO-Communists) Laboratory;(And China Probably Has An Antidote For The Chosen Few For [THE] NWO’s;Deep State;Chosen Ones!).Indoctrination;And School Brainwashing;Are Coordinated To [THE]Culture Of Death;(the Cause);Caused By;[THE]Sexual Revolution;And;[The]EFFECT WAS Roe v. Wade;And Worldwide DEATHS By Abortions That Followed The U.S.A.’s LEAD;(And Alredy In Place); Noticing Political Correctness In The 1970’s My Fears Arose;And Now Everybody’s Under Surveylense;(Smart Phone GPS;Facial Recognition;And Iris Recognition Technology;Etc.)Even Entering Rest Rooms To Urinate;Or Defecate!Not To Mention Computer Chips In Vaccines To Control!Br.Raymond

  8. Jill Hoschette

    What a great message! This is truly a war and many don’t want to see the war. I used to listen to you back in 2011-2014. I fell away from it after I bought my little bit of silver. Then, I’ve been researching and discerning all of this like crazy. You popped in my mind because I remember you talking about Obama back then and the fiat money system. I was delighted to hear your perspective. This message was particularly good. Thank you for your great discernment and giving us strength to stand our ground and put up our shield of faith. I would love to visit your place! God Bless!

  9. ALLELUIA! THANK YOU MOTHER MARY! You have truly inspired A Friend Of Medjugorje to speak in a truthful and frank way that hopefully will wake up many to what is coming. I am not by any means intellectual, but I just read Mary’s messages and through praying the Rosary and Holy Mass (please pray for me to fast as well), they make sense. These Radio Waves and writings by A Friend Of Medjugorje make sense, too. Sooo much information and News both Secular and Catholic, who call themselves conservative can be confusing and contradicting. Where a mask, don’t wear a mask, virus hoax or real? President Trump is our only hope to save our nation and on and on.I believe Our Lady’s words that our hope will not come from Presidents. It’s is from Mary and her plan period. Please pray for me and my family to accept and live Mary’s plan. I am under heavy persecution to not do this. Thank you for all you do.Leedell

  10. What a great message! This is truly a war and many don’t want to see the war. I used to listen to you back in 2011-2014. I fell away from it after I bought my little bit of silver. Then, I’ve been researching and discerning all of this like crazy. You popped in my mind because I remember you talking about Obama back then and the fiat money system. I was delighted to hear your perspective. This message was particularly good. Thank you for your great discernment and giving us strength to stand our ground and put up our shield of faith. I would love to visit your place! God Bless!

  11. Dear Caritas, i agree with everything I heard on thts broadcast. I had a message on my feed that said one of the States has made it mandatory to wear masks except for the people of color. My first thought was If we are suppose to wear masks to save lives…are you trying to kill these people? After listening to your tape I had a new perspective. People of color are use to doing what the lying voices tell them because they are rewarded with welfare and free “stuff” but they need to condition the rest of us to obey their directives without questioning anything. Thank God for Our Lady and people like Rush and A Friend of Medjugorje…

  12. Thank you, I’m glad I’m not alone & spending last weekend at Caritas with my granddaughter was so beneficial to us both. Thanks again for your hospitality! Praying & fasting for our country. Blessings & gratitude

  13. Crissy Corpus

    Now, I realize that, that time of separation with my prayer community, shielded me from a developing attitude towards Her community, that I can only say is very sad and misguided. Of all those I know who follow Her faithfully, I can only say there is one that I know, that recogizes Her community and the amazing grace of what that it is. Praying always…for Her intentions…Her plans…Her projects…and God’s plan of salvation for me and through me. I don’t have a theology degree…but my faith is simple. She is my Mother…Caritas is Her community. And I will stand for both.

  14. Crissy Corpus

    Idaho…you are not alone! While I grew in Our Lady with local prayer groups, conferences…I became disconnected for the most part as I began my family. Saw people at church, but was out of the Marian or Medjugorje circle. During that time, I was blaming myself for not going to prayer groups, even though I would be carrying several little ones in toe, at hours of the evening that they needed to be home. I was convinced that I was neglecting the spiritual path I should be leading my children to. In 2015, I had a fall with injuries to my hand so I couldn’t work for over 3 months. It didn’t take long for me to feel in my spirit that I needed to reconnect with Our Lady and what She was doing in Medjugorje. So…by grace of God…I literally put in Medjugorje.com! I didn’t google Medj! Well guess where that took me! Straight to Her community, that over last 5 yrs, I realized I already unknowingly had connections with as they played a principle part in my conversion.

  15. Michael Hebert

    Wherever the devil, sees us receiving Great Grace, he’ll attack the most. Over the years, satan has used many things to make God’s voice, harder to hear, while making his own, louder. Jesus told us, a house divided can’t stand. He told us this as a warning to the future we live in. People are at the point, where they are even divided within themselves. We’re constantly tested, with questions to choose between our sympathies and our faith. This is why the true way, is so narrow. There are billions upon billions of ways to sin, but only one way to be perfect. Truth reminds us, we need to constantly seek those cleansing Sacraments as the Real Gifts they are. The Internet, Twitter, etc., teach people, they need “Followers”, providing another of satan’s “gray shadows” against the splendor of Following Christ. We know it’s easy to get the wrong ideas about people, from gossip, and even truth. Friend, has no hidden agenda, & Caritas is wide open to all. Be thankful for the Blessing.

  16. I have been reading a lot about apparitions of our lady but this one is more interesting as it is still current. My faith has grown through what I have gained from reading them. Thanks to our Lady

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