Suffer for God’s Sake

Suffer for God’s Sake

Are you suffering injustice, betrayals, or persecutions?

May 28, 2015 A.D.

Our Lady in Medjugorje said on September 2, 2009:

“…You suffer injustice, betrayals and persecutions, but by that you are closer to and dearer to God…”


The Cross on Krizevac in Medjugorje

A lone pilgrim praying at the foot of the Cross, at sunset on Cross Mountain in Medjugorje, a reminder of Jesus’ suffering for us.

A Friend of Medjugorje spoke of the fruit of suffering and persecution, if offered for God and His plans for you.

“I can say the good times in my life, those moments when it went well for me, when everything went my way, when everything was perfect – that didn’t build my character – that didn’t help me. It made me slack. It made me lazy. Pain is of great value. It is what builds character. What I have in me as far as character came from pain, came from tribulation, came from suffering. It molds character. If you add God to it, you do something – it turns you into a new being. You are purified, undefiled. That is what Purgatory is about, that you can enter into the presence of God. If we can enter into Heaven without feeling the passage from this life to the next, so too can we go ahead and be purified in the time of invitation. To suffer, because everybody’s going to suffer, for your own sake leads to nothing. Many people who have problems today, suffer for their own sake. If you are going to suffer, then suffer for God’s sake. It is worth something. There is power in that. Scripture says that. If you are going to be persecuted, if you are going to suffer, suffer because of God not for evil doings.”

“Change Now or Miss the Boat”
A talk given by a Friend of Medjugorje, December 1998

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