Special Release: Important Information for Worldwide Medjugorje Movement

Special Release: Important Information for Worldwide Medjugorje Movement


Introduction to the Following Release

Monday November 8, 2010

In February 2008, after much fasting, prayer, and years of thought-out planning, our founder, A Friend of Medjugorje, launched a major project called the Retooling of The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. This is a major project that is ramping up for the time of the Great Evangelization and the release of the 3 Secrets of Medjugorje.

It is the only plan in the world of its kind.

The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages is, as originally built, a 35,000 square foot Mother House for the operation of Caritas of Birmingham, operated by the Community of Caritas. It is made with stained glass and stone. The three-story building includes the graphic design and printing facility of Caritas, distribution and shipping center, an auditorium, administration meeting rooms, radio studio for recordings and broadcasts that are heard all over the world, and programming department for Medjugorje.com.

As with other major expansions, when The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages was first being built, jealous opposition rose up with intense effort to put a stop to the building. Efforts were put forth by those in and outside the Medjugorje movement, who aggressively attacked our funding base, much by slander but also using any other methods to stop donations. Our discernment knew clearly who was behind the opposition. Our Lady says July 12, 1984:

“…satan wants to frustrate my plans…”

But Our Lady said “my”, so can “frustrate ‘my’ plans” be ascribed to plans of Caritas? can it be ascribed to others who are proactive in the Medjugorje movement, those, along with us who are working to spread Our Lady’s messages in a broad way and by special methods? Our Lady said:

May 9, 1988

“…satan wants to disturb ‘your’ plans…”

But still, one could argue, can we know Our Lady wants also what follows below which you are about to read, for the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s messages? Our Lady said in a private message for Caritas through Medjugorje visionary Vicka, in regards to the work of Caritas,

August 26, 1996

“Whatever you are doing with the heart, it is all precious to Me.”

But yet still, how do we know Our Lady is working with us? Our Lady said October 31, 1988:

“I want to collaborate with you. I have great plans.”

But Our Lady said “I” for great plans, not Caritas. Our Lady also said July 24, 1989:

“I need you to collaborate with me because there are today ‘many’ plans that I cannot fulfill without you. I need your cooperation.”

So, Our Lady said whatever is from the heart, I want to collaborate with you, I want you to cooperate with me, I have many plans, and satan wants to disturb ‘your’ plans, in order to stop ‘you.’

With clear discernment, and the years of resulting fruit of Caritas by following the direction of many other messages given to our founder through Medjugorje visionary Marija, our founder led Caritas to forge ahead. We therefore move forward with confidence that Our Lady wants this collaboration of ours at Caritas and yours, in league together, and Our Lady then will cooperate with good-willed plans! These plans of Our Lady are guaranteed to be opposed by satan, in every conceivable way possible, in order to stop them.

The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages is part of a giant machine for the promotion of the Messages of Our Lady, Queen of Peace of Medjugorje. For the past 17 years, the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages has served its purpose well, but, like anything that is blessed, the Mission of Caritas has grown beyond its means to keep up. The mission of Caritas, under the direction of A Friend of Medjugorje, is now moving at a faster pace to prepare more quickly for the time of the Great Evangelization and the release of the secrets.

A Friend of Medjugorje has always believed that in the end it is the printed word that remains. Not the internet, not electronics, not television, not radio, but rather the printed word. The dead sea scrolls made it to our time from two thousand years ago.

The Retooling of The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages is a fundamental plan to reach out to every corner of the world and in every language, the printed word of Our Lady’s messages that She gives in Medjugorje. It’s purpose is to transmit the way of Our Lady transforming it into life and the way of holiness, not only to the present world, but for the written messages to be deposited across the world; preserved for the future in every village and populace across the earth! In that way, whatever life will be like in the future, there will be a permanent written record of not only the message, but the practical implementation of the message into everyday life.

The 4th Retooling update was first posted on Medjugorje.com in October 2009, and featured under the section of the Ten Secrets. For anyone involved in the movement of Medjugorje, for any follower of Our Lady, you will want to read in its entirety the following 5th update on the Retooling of The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. It is very exciting, a little lengthy, but very necessary and important and worthwhile reading. You will be excited and will realize you can become actively involved in seeing a “great plan” through to completion. If you choose, you also can receive a color copy of the following, free by visiting this page and sending your mailing information.

We suggest you pray a little prayer to the Holy Spirit before going further. You’ll understand more in-depth, depending on whether you pray or not. Prepare yourself for the joy and hope the following will give in helping the world to ‘walk through continued conversion.’ Remember, read completely, rather than skimming through. You’ll feel joy afterward!

♥ Medjugorje.com


5th Update on Retooling the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages


Retooling the Tabernacle of Our Lady's Messages


Fifth Report Update for Retooling

For release Medjugorje.com,
Monday November 8, 2010

By A Friend of Medjugorje

March 31, 2010

Dear Caritas,

“I want to thank you for all you give and do for others. I found you when I needed you so badly to not feel alone and lost and God let me find you because He knew you were just what I needed!!! What an awesome God!!! Please don’t ever go away!!!”

Nevada City, California

Caritas would have “gone away” several times in its beginning years had its decisions not been bold, decisive, with a lot of prayer in regards to reflecting on the future.

  • What ‘are’ Our Lady’s plans?

  • What is our role at Caritas?

  • What is your role?

  • What will the future look like?

  • How will we be living?

  • What happened to every single civilization that degraded morally to the point where the whole world is today?

  • Will civilization, as we know it, have a radical transformation?

  • What does Our Lady mean when She says to use this time well?

  • What does Our Lady mean when She says, “I guide you into a new time?”

  • Why does Our Lady convey to “act now”?

  • Why does Our Lady say these times are particular?

  • Why did Our Lady say, “now in this time, like never before, to prepare for the coming of Jesus?”

  • Why did Our Lady tell you to “place everything at God’s disposal”?

  • Why did Our Lady say there will be no “third world war”?

  • Why did Our Lady say, in regards to the world, for it “to be saved while there is still time”?

  • Why did Our Lady say “prepare yourself to look at Jesus ‘eye to eye’”?

The letter which preceded these questions ended by writing, “Please don’t ever go away.” How could we? How could you not support this mission? The questions above give the reasons. These astounding statements of Our Lady in these questions could continue for many more pages. What these questions tell us, what they leave us with are conclusions — conclusions that we must put, as Our Lady says, “everything at God’s disposal.” Once these things are made known to us, how can we, you, not give everything, do everything, to use this time well? Our talents, our time, our things, our money, our very beings are to be placed at God’s disposal.

The Retooling of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages is more than a necessity if one only halfway grasps the preceding questions. Our Lady gives us a lot to be thoughtful about in regards to Her words, “reflect on your future,” a future where a great deal is at stake; a future that if actions are not taken now, in the present, there will be great losses. But by being prepared, being ready for the great moment of evangelization, a future of great gains can be achieved.

We are very excited to announce to you this fifth update for the Retooling of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages – the most advanced, serious, and prayerfully thought out plan for Our Lady’s messages throughout the whole world and of the Medjugorje Movement. It is a bold step, not by human choice or invention, but led by the Holy Spirit. It is Mary, the Queen of Peace, who desires this, for it is the Mother who said, concerning Her Medjugorje messages:

“…transmit them to the whole world…”


Retooling the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages is a direct response to think bigger than what we know Medjugorje is at the moment. From May 16, 2010, until September 14, 2010, no beds have been available in Medjugorje. Medjugorje has no “room in its inn.” This year, Medjugorje is being over booked. It caught much of the village by surprise. But what will it be like when the secrets are released, not only in Medjugorje, but throughout the whole world? Therefore, now is the time. Now is the “Seize the Moment” to enact a plan to:

“…transmit them to the whole world…”


Since our last update, #4, we have wonderful and major news in regard to progress made on the Retooling of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. Of the five departments to be retooled:


alt The funds for the Caritas Cutting Department equipment are nearly 100% complete (one more machine to be sponsored)! The machine has been manufactured and is waiting on our OK to deliver and install.


alt The funds for the Caritas Folding Department are 100% raised!! Equipment is already manufactured and is waiting on our OK to deliver and install.


alt The funds for the extensive book binding department and all equipment are 100% raised!!!! The machines are manufactured and waiting on our OK to deliver and install.


alt The funds for the Caritas Prepress Department are about 80% complete, but because we are able to utilize what has already been acquired, we have waited on the other 20% to complete prepress in order to focus our funds on the other above three departments.


alt The final department, shipping, is only about 10% complete with equipment. We have focused first on the preceding four departments because they are all integrated and depend upon each other, whereas shipping is independent of the other four departments.


alt The Caritas CD Production Department was an addition after the Retooling was initially launched. The funds for the Caritas CD Production Department are 100% raised!! Equipment is already purchased and is currently producing an amazing amount of CD’s. Daily production can run 15,000 CD’s.


alt This also was not initially included, but our system became overloaded and had to be changed to a larger capacity. The funds for the Caritas Mail Management Department are 100% raised!! Equipment is already purchased and is waiting on our OK to install.

alt The following is another major update concerning the Retooling we believe you will be excited about.

This 5th update is the greatest leap since the start of the Retooling fund raising. Thank you!

The greatest news and the most important is that the book binder we were going to purchase, which binds 25,000 books per 10 hour shift, was upgraded to another machine that binds 50,000 books per 10 hour shift! In addition, and just as important, the upgraded model is a continuous duty, 3-shift machine, extra heavy duty, built to last for decades. The original lower model was a one shift machine and though still very expensive, could not run day in, day out as continuous duty. This will be an important factor in preparing for the secrets. The manufacturer worked with us on the cost and due to orders being down because of the economy downturn, we were able to get the upgraded $2.2 million machine at a greatly reduced cost. This was the bindery system initially sought but we felt it was beyond our ability to raise those kinds of funds for one machine. But Our Lady incredibly worked it out at a drastically reduced manufacturer’s cost. In addition the book binder is custom built to Caritas’ operations and is waiting for us to give a green light to be installed!!

However, we cannot install the book bindery system at this time. The reason is the bigger bindery system is 118 feet long, with one end turning outward ninety degrees, running an additional 35 feet. In addition, conveyors run back and forth. The length the book travels while being put together, from start to finish, runs 315 feet. Longer than a football field. So why haven’t we installed the equipment already manufactured and waiting on our OK? Because it will not fit in the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. The problem is that the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages is only 100 feet long. Hence, this is the reason we have not updated you for these months, because we have had to re-evaluate many layouts and logistics and review all options.

Back in 1992, when plans were drawn out for a new building to expand the mission of Caritas, initially it was for a metal-type building. It was cheaper and could be put up quickly. The decision was made to move forward in planning the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages and prayer was offered in earnest for Our Lady to lead and guide all decisions regarding the expansion of the mission. Our Lady began to increase the vision. It began to be realized that a metal building was not in line with the dignity of our work and Our Lady. As thoughts were being formed for the building, step-by-step Our Lady gave increased understanding of the purpose and need for a bigger and more dignified building than what was first conceptualized. It wasn’t that there was a lack of faith that the funds for a larger-scale project could be raised, but rather, was it God’s will to expand in a larger way and in this manner? Through much prayer, confidence was given that Our Lady was inspiring the change in mentality of being too reserved. Though there was a willingness to think BIG, according to Our Lady, it wasn’t big enough. This is how the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages was birthed 20 years ago.

We find ourselves in a similar situation today. Pressed to bring the mission up-to-date to be able to handle millions of requests for information and materials in the future, the decision was made to expand and to take on the burden of raising these funds for Retooling the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. A decision was also made as to what was thought to be reasonable in expanding the mission. What we thought to be reasonable has not measured up to the expectations Our Lady has for Her mission. We had been thinking BIG, but not big enough for Her plans.

Looking at our present situation and the large industrial bindery equipment, we had to re-evaluate the need for more space. This re-evaluation resulted in a final decision being made upon something that was needed when we began the Retooling, but which we were reluctant to take on. A final decision was made to accommodate the larger binder with more area for working and space for work flow. The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages would undergo a building extension. In the launching of the Retooling, we did not plan for this for the Retooling fund drive because we felt we would be asking too much. But when Our Lady opened the door to obtaining the larger book bindery system, we began to look at extending the length of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages in the print shop. Since the first floor print shop was where the major cost would be, adding floors above it was cost effective in expanding shipping, paper storage and much needed auditorium space. Everything was drawn up and reviewed, and excavation started in March/April. With the generous matching funds donations, we were able to get the building out of the ground. Because the folding, cutting, and binding departments are ready to be installed, we are moving as fast as possible with construction. But we must raise very quickly an additional $650,000 to complete the new addition in order not to stop construction on the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. Meanwhile, the equipment is in the warehouse and is awaiting delivery.

Normally a building addition such as this would be about $2.9 to $3.1 million dollars. If this was the case, we would not have opted to build. However, after reviewing the project, we knew we could do many things ourselves. For example, we did all the clearing, excavation, hauling, pad and foundational work, saving a quarter of a million dollars. Because of the infrastructure system we have built through the years at Caritas and the ability to do many things ourselves, we have been able to save and do much with very little, which if we would have had to pay a contractor’s cost, would have cost too much. We have shaved off literally millions of dollars on projects through the years by having this ability to do a great deal with greatly reduced need for dollars to be involved by having our own equipment and skills. For the new addition, we also will be doing all the electrical, saving at a minimum one hundred thousand dollars. In addition, there are many other areas of construction that we will be able to do ourselves, as well as subcontracting the new addition which means several more hundreds of thousands of dollars will be shaved off the cost of the construction. In other words, money we do not have anyway will not have to be raised, thereby keeping our request to you down to the minimum need. More is shaved off the cost of construction because some Caritas supporters are donating things or giving them to Caritas at cost for the addition like an overhead door for our paper storage floor below the print shop addition. One large expense was shaved off through a friend of the mission who regularly volunteers at Caritas, who works on an oil rig as a certified welder. He actually worked on the rig closest to the one next to the BP rig that exploded in June 2010. This gave him time off to be with us and donate his time to manufacture our own four story freight elevator in our own machine and welding shop. This amounted to a savings of another $50,000! The Community members, along with the help of a certified elevator expert, who is Protestant but moved by our mission, is donating his time to help us install the elevator in the new addition, which will yet save additional funds.

With all these items, performing the work ourselves, and a great deal of coordination, along with many other duties in spreading Our Lady’s messages, we do not have space to tell you about everything we are doing in this update. But you can now see, we are busy as a beehive. The decision to add an extension to the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages came, and through reviewing of the path that we knew we could shave off and cut costs to this project by more than half, it thereby became ‘do-able’ for us to go right into construction for the addition as part of the Retooling. So please forgive us because of this beehive of activity, for being unable to update you until now.

In addition, with the non-stop production of the book, It Ain’t Gonna Happen™, and many other materials being printed and shipped out of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, destined for Caritas’ Mission House in Medjugorje, among other destinations around the globe, made for a situation of our inability of having no time to stop to even give you the smallest update, despite the great need to do so.

With demands in Medjugorje, which include work directly for Medjugorje visionary Marija, plus the transmission of Our Lady’s messages to the world, including the 25th of the month, second of the month, and prayer group messages, this whole additional infrastructure, five department expansion, will be put to profound use. This whole spiritual machine, “everything will be placed at God’s disposal” as an instrument for Our Lady. We hope to have a special “Five Days of Prayer” surrounding the consecration of the new building with all equipment around March 2011, though it may be later, providing we can immediately raise the funds and not interrupt construction, specifically and especially for the $650,000. We will still need more funds to complete everything in the five departments, ‘But’ the big news is we are over the hump with three departments complete or nearly complete, and another one, prepress, 80% complete!! We will have to focus on completing the shipping department last to finish everything. So though we still have a task before us in raising the rest of the funds, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you. Thank you in every way. Thank you for ‘faith-ing’ it into being! If you did not believe, it could not have gotten to this point. However, now is not the time to celebrate. A lot still must happen. We need a lot of prayers to bring everything to a close.

We are worn thin by our work, but encouraged by your prayers and monetary support. There is no way this turn of events, of being able to purchase a larger binder and add a new addition, could possibly be achievable if it were not for your prayers. What we knew we needed, the larger binder and more room in the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, miraculously have come together, through steps Our Lady guided that we were not open to even attempt to achieve or have hope that it could have been achieved. We were thinking big, but much smaller and too conservative than what Our Lady was thinking. We should have known better because it is Her words that say:

February 25, 1995

“…transmit them to the whole world…”


Our Lady, through our prayers and labor, through your prayers and contributions “placing everything at God’s disposal” will achieve the transmission of the written messages by our lives and witness in the community and yours in union with us, that being the achievement of God’s ‘desires’ expressed by Our Lady:

June 25, 2007

“…God desires to convert the entire world…”

We all must think bigger than what we can see, give bigger than what we plan in order to convert the entire world, and put all at God’s disposal. We need immediately to raise the $650,000 in order not to interrupt construction and to have equipment installed as soon as possible. We are actually having to go out of house to other printing facilities to keep up with the production of It Ain’t Gonna Happen™ book orders because our present equipment cannot keep up, as well as Words From Heaven® which is too thick for our present binder. We thank God for inspiring the Retooling because it is coming together, not one hour too soon. Your donation of $1.00 or $100,000.00 is necessary. Several who can give $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 donations will be great boosters to acquiring these funds. Remember every donation of $50.00 places your name permanently on the walls of the print shop, where each month you are being prayed for, along with your intentions and a happy, holy death.

Hoards of people, now and much more so in the future, who are in need of the messages and how-to materials of Our Lady’s way of life are not in a position to be able to donate for materials about Our Lady and Her plans. The written word of the message will, in the long term future, exceed all forms of spreading Our Lady’s messages. Is it important for everyone to receive these materials and booklets free? Can one booklet about Our Lady save a soul from perdition? One exploding area that for years we wanted to expand into that will bring conversions of hardened sinners is prisons. We hear often from prisoners who express their desires to receive information about Our Lady, such as what was expressed in the following letter:

August 7, 2010

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

I am presently a member of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and I am of a destitute and indigent sort. Due to the crime of murder, I am incarcerated within the penal system of Alabama. I have received one of your booklets from a prison missionary and I am very interested in the contents of your publications. I would like to ask for further contact and literatures published by your organization, if at all possible. Please enlist me on your mailing list. Thanks for your time and considerations in this matter.

Atmore, Alabama

We can blanket prisons nationwide, once the Retooling is complete, as well as prisons in other nations, who speak other languages. Did not Christ say, “Did you visit me in prison?” Until now we only respond to those prisoners who write us. Our Lady is waiting for Her messages to find their way to these souls – many souls who can be saved from perdition by one simple booklet transmitted via the written word.

“…transmit them to the whole world…”


Caritas always pays as it goes. Our Lady has said, “I want you to be my apostles.” We, as Our Lady’s missionaries, labor and produce much with few numbers of people. Many of you have observed this truth. Sue, who has given eight donations, totaling $1,065.00, for the Retooling, along with supporting other aspects of Caritas, writes:

April 9, 2010

Caritas of Birmingham,

I feel there is no question about donating to Caritas and your community, as I know if given a penny you will get a dollar’s worth of good from it. If given a dollar, you will get ten dollars worth from it. If given ten dollars, you will get a hundred dollar’s worth from it. And on and on…as you are Our Lady’s workers.


Your donation is transformed through Caritas, into a booklet for a lost prisoner. As a lighthouse by proxy, you visit the prisoner with the light of the message of Christ, via His Mother. How many can be touched who are prisoners of sin? Charlene writes:


April 15, 2010

Dear Caritas,

Our Lady’s message of February 2, 2010 has inspired me to write to you. It said, in part, “Dear children, with Motherly love, today I call you to be a lighthouse to all souls who wander in the darkness of ignorance of God’s love…” As I read the word “lighthouse” I wondered about the significance of that word.

How could I be one? Then it came to me. I can be a lighthouse through Caritas. Through the Tabernacle I can contribute to the printed material that goes out to many people, through the Mission House. I can be part of the dissemination of the current messages to pilgrims, through mej.com. I can put the messages on the internet, and through the billboards I can reach those who may not have contact with Medjugorje any other way. I can’t be a lighthouse by myself, but when I join the Community of Caritas I can participate.

I am enclosing a check for $430:

$100 for the Mission House
$100 for mej.com
$100 for the operations of the Tabernacle
$130 for a billboard

Thank you for laying the foundations of the lighthouses and for keeping them running. God bless you all.


Excerpt from It Ain't Gonna Happen


A nun once wrote to us and said, “I like the idea that my $5.00 can produce so much because of the way Caritas is structured with no debt and low over head. Because it expands only through what is acquired, no money goes to banks, interest, rent, or 100 other charges that increase the cost to what is produced.”

Proof of what this nun said is in Caritas’ history, from the beginning up until and including this moment. It can be seen not only by the millions of free materials we give away, but also by what we offer to those who get material in volumes to be distributive hands of the messages to their parishes, coworkers, families, and even people they meet on the street. The latest Medjugorje book is the most recent example. Where can you get a book valued at $21.00 for 95¢ in bulk? And this book sells for this price while it is new and in great demand and growing. It’s through Caritas’ efforts that you can buy in a 500 quantity volume at the actual cost of the raw, uncut paper cost of the book in order to “transmit Our Lady’s messages to the world.” The Retooling will ensure prices can go down even further because through more production, more languages, etc., paper costs drop when buying in bigger volumes.

Through the years, Caritas’ trademark, by the grace of Our Lady, of accomplishing much with so little, has become well known. The Retooling will strengthen and expand our ability to do much, much more with less and less.


April 9, 2010

Dear Friends at Caritas,

Thank you so much for sharing your Easter weekend pictures. I always enjoy those “Caritas in action” photos the most – like the sawmill, pouring concrete, etc. etc…even all the kids in action. Isn’t it amazing what can be done with God’s blessing?

I have enclosed $1117 for the following:


April Field Angel: $250
Mej.com Core: $55
At your discretion: $812

It really is a privilege to be associated with Caritas and to serve Our Lady…a real privilege. Thank you for the incredible work that you do. Personally, I have been somewhat in awe of what you seem to accomplish on so little. You are truly blessed. May Jesus and Mary continue to bless you.


Please, in the goodness of your heart, help us raise the urgent immediate need of $650,000 to finish the extension of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. Please consider making an immediate initial donation and make a commitment of tithing 10% of your income for the extension of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages over the next coming months to keep the subcontractors working. We cannot afford to let them stop, delaying the construction. Thank you.

The other funds still yet to be raised are necessary, but not as urgent as the construction funds. Please offer Mass, Communion and Holy Hours first in thanksgiving for how far we have come and then please, for the rest of the funds. And please remember to pray throughout your day, and especially at the end of your day, for this intention.

In Our Lady’s Love,

A Friend of Medjugorje

Four Story Extension to the Tabernacle
of Our Lady’s Messages

retooling work

The location of the extension of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages

Before we choose a site for any building layout, we look and study the land, its topography, the trees on the property with repeated prayer over the site asking God to show us how to lay it out, begging insight before we begin. For those who have visited Caritas, you have witnessed our buildings lay right into the grades, topography and God’s creation as if they were built 50 years ago, even though just finished. It is part of what is cored into Our Lady’s messages to build our surroundings to foster peace with God’s creation.

retooling work

Virtually all construction begins with blue prints. However, blue prints are inferior to what we term “boots on the ground” development. This does not mean visit a site for a couple of hours, or a couple of visits as architects often do. Boots on the ground development means to be constantly at the site in order to let the development unfold and to be with and run the equipment and let the land tell you what to do according to the way God made the land. Trees removed will be turned into lumber on our saw mill. Here we drop all trees inward of the building site leaving 75 to 100-plus-year-old trees right next to the new building. We prefer to do aspects of the clearing by hand so as not to disturb the surrounding trees that will stand next to the new extension. This adds peace and creates a natural refreshing forest scene around the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. This also is cored into Our Lady’s messages, “…go into nature because there you will meet God the Creator…” October 25, 1995 To visit the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages is like going into nature. The building’s construction is part of the nature of the land and its topography around it. It’s why even Protestant ministers have come to pray here. Our Lady’s way is the way.

community children carrying log

community praying at retooling construction site

Years ago, someone asked us why Caritas was successful. We answered, we do not try to be successful, which led them to again ask, but why is our work so successful. Our response was we do not have a goal of success. We only try to be successful at one thing and that is prayer. When we are successful in prayer, it is God who makes everything else successful. Therefore, prayer is our call. Prayer is our life. Caritas’ equipment has come to us through prayer. The work itself is prayed over. Here we meet at the site of excavation for the Divine Mercy Chaplet. We pray, kids play and then we all return to our work. Our Lady said: “…always pray before your work and end your work with prayer…”July 5, 1984 Big machines, children, and prayer all go together for us. The world puts equipment at lifeless construction sites, children away from adults and prayer only in church. We prefer Our Lady’s all-in-one way. The construction of the new extension of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages is full of life, of memories, of youth who will grow up and have a heritage of history to share with those not yet born who will one day ask, “What were you doing when Our Lady delivered the plans for the salvation of the world.” And they can respond, “We were implementing it.”

excavation of the retooling edition

The gift of prayer and living for Our Lady brings skills most would never think could be used for the salvation of the world. Because of such precision specialized equipment being installed in Caritas’ print shop, a special foundation was dug. After excavating, existing ground down to building grade, an additional 15′ was excavated to remove poor soil. Then good soil was packed and raised in 4″ lifts. This was repeated 4″ at a time until it was refilled back to the 15′ that was originally removed. Now having a solid bed, a 6′ wide foundation was dug back through the compacted ground to a depth of 17′ where the footer could lay on bedrock. From there, concrete refilled the large foundation to building grade. The building extension can have no settling or vibrations with the new equipment for Our Lady’s print shop. A great deal of funds was saved by performing such extensive work with our own equipment and our labor.

community member picking message for wall

Random messages are picked and written in stone (concrete) by Caritas youth. Thomas Jefferson once said that whatever is written in stone will always remain. So write your history in stone.

It doesn’t matter if these messages in the foundation are covered up. They will be there 500 years from now. If someone unearths them, it will be a sign left by those who first followed the Queen of Peace while She walked the Earth. This is one reason we etch Our Lady’s words in every concrete pour we do.

community member writing message in concrete

rosaries in concrete

In only a couple of square feet, eight rosaries, Miraculous medals, and scapulars can be seen. These blessed objects sent from people from all over the world are in the original Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, the new addition and every building and driveway of Caritas. Literally hundreds of thousands of blessed sacramentals are sealed in concrete for protection of the building and the holiness of the grounds.

community lifting concrete wire

Even with concrete pours we shave off costs by the community doing some of the prep work. More dollars saved means more material will be produced for less, and in turn, more can receive Our Lady’s messages.

metal welding for retooling edition

As if floating four floors up amidst the trees while welding, steel erectors became more and more friendly with us. They said they had never worked in such quiet and peaceful conditions. Our Lady touches everyone who comes in touch with what is of Her touch. Our Lady’s first message given, through Marija, in this valley was, “May your life be prayer. May your work be offered as a prayer and may everything that you do bring you toward me. Let everything that you do and everybody that you meet be an encounter with God.” November 20, 1988 Everyone who comes here is to encounter God through their work here.

welding elevator shaft for retooling edition

Fabricating our own freight elevator saves over $50,000. Through the years we have saved the Caritas mission a great deal of money by having our own fabrication/welding shop, called St. Joseph’s Shop. Not only does it save needed funds, but often we can keep a job or project running without having to interrupt it if something breaks on a piece of equipment. For example, a bracket handle broke on our Heidelberg punch. To order a new one would take four days to ship and cost $1,000. We made one in two hours that cost less than $3.00 and the equipment was up and running in our print shop the same morning. This is why we can give so much Medjugorje material away, and also for you who order in bulk costs you very little. This is to help you so that you can be evangelizers of Our Lady’s messages, providing you with Medjugorje material with little or no cost.

elevator shaft  for retooling edition

The installation of fabricated elevator rails going through four floors of the new extension. The elevator itself is also being fabricated and a certified elevator installer will be donating his time to oversee and help us install it, saving more funds.

Roof of retooling edition

Towering at tree top level, the “wedding” of the two buildings is moving close, soon to be joined together, witnessed only by the mountains. They will be joined together for the conversion of the entire world, for the world to come to know and love its Creator. Though Our Lady has repeated the word “Creator” many times in Her messages, She said in this valley a word that She has only used once in 30 years of apparitions, and said it twice in the same sentence: “creation.”

December 25, 1988

“…Today I give you my Special Blessing. Bring it to all creation, so that all creation will know peace…”

The creation of Caritas amidst such a beautiful place of peace could have only happened by the hand of its Creator.

Community under new roof

Prayer and more prayer. It is Our Lady who said recently, “…may your life be unceasing prayer…” September 25, 2010

Our Ladys message written in stone

pouring concrete for new edition

Three stories up yet looks as though you are at ground level. The concrete contractors became more and more reverent and respectful each day they came out, until finally they began asking, “Tell us about this Virgin Mary. Can we have some of your material?” The last days they asked, “Would it be alright if we brought our wives and children out?” This, of course, is the purpose of our building’s extension. Along with the community and our way of life, as Our Lady’s extended hands, you share in that role by collaborating with the Retooling. Thank you for what you have done for this place of a meeting of hearts. “…I desire for you to comprehend that I want to realize here, not only a place of prayer but also a meeting of hearts. I desire for my, Jesus’ and your heart to become one heart of love and peace…” July 25, 1999

♥:Thank You!


The following pieces of equipment
have been sponsored and paid for!!!

The following people have sponsored equipment but it has not yet been assigned.
It will be assigned by the next update.


Alfred, Delaware
Avita, Louisiana
Brent & Jean,Louisiana
Bob & Annette, Florida
Carl, Wisconsin

Charles, Illinois
Consuelo, California
Gary & Donna, Texas
Jack & Imogene, Indiana
Janet, Florida

Johnny & Lilliana, Costa Rica
Lisa, California
Mary, Maryland
Mary Ann, Pennsylvania
Pat, Illinois




Only $22,000 left to complete $310,750 Cutting Department

Caritas cutting department


Making Books for Our Lady

Caritas bookbinding department






The other pieces on the plate maker were paid by donations of $50.00 or more whose names appear on the print shop walls and are prayed for on the first Wednesday of each month for their present intentions and a happy, holy death, or in memory of a loved one.

Caritas prepress department

Caritas archival system

Dearest Community of Caritas,

“Thank you for your witness of your lives and prayers. Please know that your lives are a daily inspiration for our family to strive hard to live Our Lady’s messages and God’s Ten Commandments. When we cannot be with y’all at Caritas, we love listening to your CD’s over and over, and actually need them as much as the writings you provide. Please accept this check for the Retooling of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, as we wish to sponsor one CD Duplicator…Know that we live in awe of your response to Our Lady to be Her messengers to the world with the witness of your lives and your enormous efforts to encourage conversion world-wide. Please also thank Marija and the other beautiful visionaries for the dedication of their lives to Our Lady’s plan and for sharing everything with us all. We love them and you all so much!
Until we can be with you again—may God’s Grace and Peace be with you always!”

B. & J. Field Angels in Broussard, Louisiana

Prepress workstation

Mail Management System

Includes a computer, screen, central printing and mail management software designed specifically for our use.

Mail management system



Caritas Cd production

CD Printer

The CD production system allows us to produce 150 CD’s every 2 minutes! Each system includes 9 CD production burners and two printers.

Caritas cd production

Dear loved ones at Caritas,
May 17, 2010

“I’m writing to tell you how so very important you all are to me and to my eternity. It’s so important to have you “seated” and “rooted,” ie., established as a Community distributing the messages of Our Lady. Thank you for your mission to my heart (and of all others). You are included in my prayers. I unite myself with your prayers and good works for the honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls.”

To Jesus
Through Mary




Caritas Mail department


$ 187,000 Paid for from general donations of $ 50 or more for the retooling

Caritas folding department




Caritas Mailing department


Caritas cutting department

Keeping the large Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages clean requires two floor sweeps; one for tight areas and another for open spaces.

Caritas floor sweep

All prices in Caritas’ “Retooling Booklet” and updates reflect installation, all applicable taxes, freight, rigging, training, and equipment modification to work with existing equipment. It may or may not include requirement modifications to the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages and/or unforeseen decisions that must be made to Retool the mission of Caritas according to operations of Caritas of Birmingham in fulfilling its general mission.

Equipment Still Left to be Sponsored

Caritas Paper-Baling System

To Sponsor the Whole Caritas Paper-Baling System Donate $176,050

Caritas believes in being good stewards of the materials that God has given us and making the dollar go as far as possible. In our effort to do that we have been driving container loads of baled waste-paper across the state lines to receive more money per ton recycling it. With the new bookbinding system being installed we are required to upgrade our current manual system in order to operate the binder. Also using this baling system will be the cutting system, the folder, and our current Horizon booklet-maker. For those of you that missed out on sponsoring any items in the bookbinding, folding, or cutting departments, you can latch on to all and more by sponsoring part or all of the paper baling system and you will be prayed for, as well as your intentions and a happy, holy death by every Community member who begins each shift. By sponsoring a piece of equipment in your name or in memorial of a loved one, a plaque with the desired name will be placed on the piece sponsored. To have your intentions prayed for everyday has been a great joy for many sponsoring equipment.

Caritas paper baler

As of June 1, 2010, Donations of $1,000 or more for the Retooling of
The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages Have Been Made by the Following People

(People who sponsored equipment are listed next to the sponsored equipment & are not listed here)

J. P., Louisiana, $50,240
G. & R. B., Florida, $40,000
C. M., New York, $32,000
Paul & Anita, Delaware, $25,000
D. K., Illinois, $25,000
D. C., Louisiana, $17,451.62
D. & M. G, Indiana, $12,500
Patrick, Pennsylvania, $11,300
J. & S. D., California, $11,000
B. L., Texas, $10,565
R. S., Wisconsin, $10,000
J. K., Florida, $10,000
R. B., Indiana, $10,000
L. W., California, $10,000
M. H., California, $10,000
M. P., New Jersey, $8,350
B. & A. N., Florida, $7,900
M. & B. B., Missouri, $7,686
M. D., California, $7,100
N. P., Massachusetts, $7,000
L. K., Texas, $6,700
A. B., Texas, $6,200
R. & M. O., California, $6,100
C. B., Virginia, $5,500
G. E., Illinois, $5,500
R. C., California, $5,157
D. H., Minnesota, $5,100
P. T. jr., Delaware, $5,000
L. M., Georgia, $5,000
J. F., Michigan, $5,000
H. & R. F., California, $5,000
C. W., New York, $5,000
E. D., Connecticut, $5,000
J. G., Canada, $5,000
W. K., Arizona, $5,000
J. R., Michigan, $5,000
J. M., Pennsylvania, $5,000
L. S., Illinois, $5,000
R. C., California, $4,800
T. P., New York, $4,616
L. B., Minnesota, $3,900
L. H., Florida, $3,667
J. A., New York, $3,600
B. B., Texas, $3,560
F. H., Nebraska, $3,500
J. S., Iowa, $3,500
P. W., Tennessee, $3,500
R. D., Massachusetts, $3,400
C. J., Louisiana, $3,314
E. P., Louisiana, $3,100
P. H., Indiana, $3,100
C. G., Texas, $3,000
C. H., Massachusetts, $3,000
G. L., Louisiana, $3,000
D. S., Iowa, $3,000
M. N., Kansas, $3,000
E. W., Alabama, $3,000
V. Z., Kentucky, $3,000
L. R., Ohio, $2,988.70
J. B., Louisiana, $2,900
J. M., Canada, $2,900
L. O., Kentucky, $2,850
C. & K. S., Arizona, $2,825
D. R., Louisiana, $2,750
T. & A. L., Pennsylvania, $2,700
S. B., Massachusetts, $2,675
P. L., Illinois, $2,650
E. A., California, $2,500
D. Z., Kentucky, $2,500
R. W., Kentucky, $2,500
M. H., Ohio, $2,500
W. S., Missouri, $2,500
J. & I. M., Indiana, $2,400
B. & E. M., Tennessee, $2,400
J. H., Michigan, $2,400
R. & K. R., Texas, $2,400
P. R., Maine, $2,300
B. & T. S., Indiana, $2,300
C. M., Texas, $2,268
A. & P. C., Arkansas, $2,200
A. R., Pennsylvania, $2,150
A. & M. E., Alabama, $2,125
M. D., Ohio, $2,100
J. & M. M., Michigan, $2,100
J. & C. O., Texas, $2,100
B. A., Indiana, $2,100
L. G., Ohio, $2,065
J. S., Pennsylvania, $2,050
C. B., Wisconsin, $2,025
D. & D. D., Wisconsin, $2,025
V. K., New Jersey, $2,000
R. B., New York, $2,000
E. K., Minnesota, $2,000
M. T., Minnesota, $2,000
J. E., New York, $2,000
P. W., Minnesota, $2,000
S. & C. L., Arkansas, $2,000
M. L., Kansas, $2,000
M. P., Kansas, $2,000
D. F., Georgia, $2,000
B. C., Oklahoma, $2,000
M. W., Illinois, $2,000
W. & M. M., Illinois, $2,000
R. B., Oklahoma, $2,000
M. Y., Pennsylvania, $2,000
M. D., Maryland, $2,000
J. C., California, $2,000
R. K., New Jersey, $2,000
D. V., Massachusetts, $2,000
M. H., Michigan, $2,000
M. R., New York, $2,000
K. M., Nebraska, $1,950
C. & J. G., Michigan, $1,900
M. F., Wisconsin, $1,900

C. D., Pennsylvania, $1,884
M. D., New York, $1,850
J. G., Maryland, $1,850
E. U., Illinois, $1,850
V. C., Texas, $1,850
D. H., Louisiana, $1,800
M. & L. W., Ohio, $1,800
E. C., Connecticut, $1,800
R. & J. D., Illinois, $1,750
Z. S., California, $1,750
M. G., Ohio, $1,707
F. P., Minnesota, $1,700
N. P., New York, $1,700
D. M., Illinois, $1,700
B. W., Illinois, $1,700
T. J., New York, $1,700
M. S., Pennsylvania, $1,700
N. H., South Carolina, $1,657
M. H., North Dakota, $1,650
J. J., Colorado, $1,650
A. & M. A., Alabama, $1,630
P. & P. H., Michigan, $1,610
C. L., Wisconsin, $1,600
J. M., Colorado, $1,600
J. L., Florida, $1,600
E. C., California, $1,600
E. M., New Mexico, $1,592.50
J. H., Arkansas, $1,550
D. K., Washington, $1,550
M. D., Virginia, $1,550
R. W., Ohio, $1,519
E. G., Indiana, $1,500
K. & L. G., Oklahoma, $1,500
L. & R. E., Alabama, $1,500
E. E., Texas, $1,500
P. T., Illinois, $1,500
E. M., Florida, $1,500
M. H., Nebraska, $1,500
T. D., Missouri, $1,500
M. L., Washington, $1,500
K. O., Tennessee, $1,500
R. M., Ohio, $1,500
M. M., Maryland, $1,480
A. L., Vermont, $1,460
M. K., Minnesota, $1,400
A. C., Louisiana, $1,450
T. S., Maryland, $1,450
L. M., Arkansas, $1,404
K. G., Wisconsin, $1,400
S. D., Hawaii, $1,400
C. L., California, $1,400
V. M., Oregon, $1,400
T. W., Texas, $1,400
B. & J. W., Louisiana, $1,400
F & D. M., Mississippi, $1,400
V. Q., Canada, $1,400
R. A. V., Texas, $1,400
L. D., Wyoming, $1,350
A. M., Rhode Island, $1,350
D. F., Minnesota, $1,350
D. K., Iowa, $1,350
C. E., Arkansas, $1,350
B. Z., Illinois, $1,340
P. M., Texas, $1,325
D. J., Louisiana, $1,300
G. S., Pennsylvania, $1,300
V. M., Florida, $1,300
M. I., Texas, $1,300
L. S., Arkansas, $1,250
M. J., Alabama, $1,250
J. & B. C., Florida, $1,250
D. & E. L., North Dakota, $1,250
M. D., New Jersey, $1,210
S. F., West Virginia, $1,200
J. R., Pennsylvania, $1,200
R. R., Florida, $1,200
R. W., Ohio, $1,200
J. W., Illinois, $1,200
R. D., Texas, $1,200
A. & M. S., Wisconsin, $1,200
M. H., Wisconsin, $1,200
M. B., South Dakota, $1,200
G. & D. C., Texas, $1,200
R. A., Michigan, $1,200
J. B., Ohio, $1,200
J. F., Ohio, $1,200
B. S., Arizona, $1,200
R. & J. M., Texas, $1,199
D. K., Nebraska, $1,150
P. T. Illinois, $1,150
A. S., Connecticut, $1,150
P. C., Florida, $1,120
D. K., Texas, $1,120
S. & J. G., Louisiana, $1,100
E. M., Florida, $1,100
M. L., California, $1,100
S. C., California, $1,100
C. D., Mississippi, $1,100
P. D., Ohio, $1,100
S. A., Pennsylvania, $1,100
P. O., Wisconsin, $1,100
S. K., New York, $1,100
L. & R. H., Nebraska, $1,100
S. B., South Carolina, $1,100
J. P., Pennsylvania, $1,095
R. S., New York, $1,075
S. C., California, $1,065
G. S., Florida, $1,050
S. & B. S., Arkansas, $1,050
C. B., California, $1,050
V. K., Missouri, $1,050
E. Q., New Mexico, $1,050
D. L., New York, $1,050
R. S., Georgia, $1,050

I. P., California, $1,050
P. & A. D., Illinois, $1,045
D. & M. D., New York, $1,036
F. M., Minnesota, $1,025
M. R., Ohio, $1,020
M. K., Ohio, $1,020
F. T., Rhode Island, $1,015
L. & C. H., North Carolina, $1,010
B. B., Wisconsin, $1,000
R. B., Iowa, $1,000
G. & S. L., Arizona, $1,000
H. M., Iowa, $1,000
S. & A. C., Texas, $1,000
M. & E. R., Texas, $1,000
N. & C. H., Louisiana, $1,000
K. F., Connecticut, $1,000
J. M., Pennsylvania, $1,000
R. S., Connecticut, $1,000
F. G., Illinois, $1,000
J. B., Kansas, $1,000
B. P., Pennsylvania, $1,000
K. L., Pennsylvania, $1,000
T. & A. J., Michigan, $1,000
M. W., Florida, $1,000
J. & J. B., Oregon, $1,000
V. L., Washington, $1,000
G. I., Michigan, $1,000
T. M., Nebraska, $1,000
V. D., Massachusetts, $1,000
J. F., Alabama, $1,000
P. F., Colorado, $1,000
R. A., Texas, $1,000
C. S., Texas, $1,000
A. D., Pennsylvania, $1,000
D. S., New Jersey, $1,000
M. M., Iowa, $1,000
P. G., New Jersey, $1,000
P. M., Ohio, $1,000
M. H., Louisiana, $1,000
H. W., Texas, $1,000
R. M., Pennsylvania, $1,000
E. C., Illinois, $1,000
T. J., Kentucky, $1,000
M. H., Ohio, $1,000
E. M., Michigan, $1,000
V. D., California, $1,000
R. C., Georgia, $1,000
J. W., Indiana, $1,000
R. Z., Michigan, $1,000
S. H., New York, $1,000
R. P., Florida, $1,000
P. L., Wisconsin, $1,000
O. S., Texas, $1,000
T. L., Mississippi, $1,000
J. & J. W., Pennsylvania, $1,000
L. & B. S., Missouri, $1,000
J. & T. D., Louisiana, $1,000
W. D., Texas, $1,000
P. G., Texas, $1,000
B. & F. V., Louisiana, $1,000
G. H., North Carolina, $1,000
L. G., Iowa, $1,000
I. L., Louisiana, $1,000
M. & S. H., Iowa, $1,000
K. & E, M., Kentucky, $1,000
R. R., New Hampshire, $1,000
E. R., Michigan, $1,000
A. R., New Jersey, $1,000
S. J., Illinois, $1,000
B. & B. V., Florida, $1,000
M. K., North Carolina, $1,000
J. G., Louisiana, $1,000
B. D., Nevada, $1,000
E. A., Louisiana, $1,000
D. B., California, $1,000
C. D., New Jersey, $1,000
C. T., California, $1,000
D. B., California, $1,000
M. L., Louisiana, $1,000
M. B., Georgia, $1,000
D. M., Nevada, $1,000
W. & P. C., Louisiana, $1,000
J. L., Ohio, $1,000
G. W., Alabama, $1,000
C. A., Michigan, $1,000
B. M., Texas, $1,000
L. L., Arkansas, $1,000
L. D., Kansas, $1,000
F. A., Ohio, $1,000
M. M., Massachusetts, $1,000
M. J., Canada, $1,000
M. C., Oregon, $1,000
D. & K. D., California, $1,000
B. & T. H., Maryland, $1,000
A. F., Louisiana, $1,000
D. & M. N., Kentucky, $1,000
T. &V. R., Minnesota, $1,000
D. N., Michigan, $1,000
R. S., Texas, $1,000
H. Z., Florida, $1,000
M. J., Louisiana, $1,000
T. S., Texas, $1,000
S. M., Kansas, $1,000
M. M., New Mexico, $1,000
A. & H. W., Illinois, $1,000
J. K., New Mexico, $1,000
J. & P. E., Florida, $1,000
J. T., Michigan, $1,000
J. S., California, $1,000
B. & L. M., Michigan, $1,000
A. & B. W., Pennsylvania, $1,000
J. B., New York, $1,000
C. R., New York, $1,000


Donations for the Retooling of The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s
Messages Have Been Made in the Names of the Following People:

The names of these $50 donors will appear on a plaque hanging in Caritas’ Print Shop where the Community will gather once each month on the first Wednesday of the month to pray for their present intentions and for a grace-filled happy death or the repose of their soul. In addition, when all the Retooling alms are raised, all $50 and above donations, and all sponsored equipment names will be brought to Medjugorje, and we will lay them at the foot of Our Lady in Her apparitions for all of Her intentions for the gifts you have given Her.

ϤVery ImportantϤPlease find the names you have sponsored and check spelling. Names are listed alphabetically by family name. Call us with any corrections at 205-672-2000 ext. 383, twenty-four hours.


Names of Retooling donors

Update Graph for Retooling


$50 Donations for the Retooling of
The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages


Those who sponsor equipment will be prayed for at the beginning of every shift. The names of these $50 or more donors will appear on a plaque hanging in Caritas’ Print Shop where the Community will gather once each month on the first Wednesday of the month to pray for their present intentions and for a grace-filled happy death or the repose of their soul. In addition, when all the Retooling alms are raised, all $50 and above donations, and all sponsored equipment names will be brought to Medjugorje, and we will lay them at the foot of Our Lady in Her apparitions for all of Her intentions for the gifts you have given Her. You will receive a certificate naming the person(s) that you have donated for (see above gold-embosseed certificate).

Scroll up to see the list of names of people that the Community of Caritas prays for on the first Wednesday of each month.

To make a donation to help with Retooling the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, or to sponsor a piece of equipment and be prayed for at every shift, please call Caritas in the US at 205-672-2000. You can also print the below form and mail to Caritas at: Caritas of Birmingham, 100 Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive, Sterrett, Alabama 35147 USA

Yes I Want to Help with Retooling the Tabernacle of Our Lady's Messages

The Retooling opens a path for many to Jesus

Yes! I want to help get ready for the Secrets and the Great Evangelization

Yes! I want to help get ready for the Secrets and the Great Evangelization.

To make a donation to help with Retooling the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, or to sponsor a piece of equipment and be prayed for at every shift, please call Caritas in the US at 205-672-2000. You can also print the above form and mail to Caritas at: Caritas of Birmingham, 100 Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive, Sterrett, Alabama 35147 USA

Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

For the latest update and to help us reach the goal visit here

15 thoughts on “Special Release: Important Information for Worldwide Medjugorje Movement”

  1. I will pray and my little mortification that many may help in this work. May the good Lord bless your work. Thank you. lucy.

  2. I will do my very best to raise funds for your projects. It may not be much, but it will be the best I can in my situation. I only ask from you to pray for all of the people outside the Caritas community to be able to fulfill God’s will, and to help our Mother to triumph. The devil is extremely upset, and is using all means to put every God’s soldier down, but I’m sure we’ll keep coming back with prayer and fasting. May God bless us all, for the triumph of the two hearts of Jesus and Mary.

  3. Paddy & Monica Roe

    Dear Caritas, We have just read your report and were very moved by your prayerfullness and willingness to follow in the ways of God. We are pensioners who try to follow the same path, we will certainly put you into our prayer lives, if we can be on any assistance Paddy has 40 years experience working with stone and offer our time free if needed. Wishing you Gods Love peace & Joy Monica & Paddy

  4. After reading the 5th update, I thought an eagle’s eye could only see with sharpness what is needed for us in the future. You people at Caritas have that vision. Thank you and thank you especially a Friend of Medjugorje. I like the others want my name on your print shop wall! Around the end of Dec., I will send a larger donation. Keep going, don’t stop.

  5. Brilliant! Inspired!! I am happy about such ideals spreading Mother Mary’s messages. She must be too. We need the planning described in your (our) Retooling. 🙂

  6. As a newbie to Medjugorje, and wanting so much to spread it and not being able to, your plan helps me and others to do just that! Thank you and please do not go away. You connect us to Medjugorje in a way very satisfying to my soul.

  7. For Patricia and others wishing to donate to the Retooling you can either call Caritas at 205-672-2000 in the US and place your donation over the phone, or you can send us your contact information and someone can call you to process your donation. God Bless! – Medjugorje.com

  8. I am amazed by the scope of what Caritas is doing. I’m thrilled to see a group of people who work for Our Lady doing such wonderful work! I don’t know how you even come up with this except by being inspired. Thank you Caritas and a Friend of Medjugorje. I’ll donate soon. – James

  9. Dear CARITAS, Thank you for keeping me abreast with all the information of Mother Mary’s messages and greetings from Medjugorje. I would love to make a monthly subscription of Euro10- and give a donation of Euro 50-for a piece of equipment and to be prayed for. May the love you have for Mama Mary and the love of Jesus keep you focussed in all that you do for the Queen of Peace and as a true witness of the Way, Truth and Life in Christ Jesus! Zena

  10. Wow! I had no idea what huge project all of God’s people had involved theirselves in. All I can say is my prayers are with all of Mary’s faithful who have been working so hard. This is truly a work of wonderful grace and love. Best to all and may the mercy and grace of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Yours in Christ Ruth Van Camp

  11. dear sir. As you have advised I just reached home, open my computer and saw the miracle of God and mother Mary. What a beautiful arrangement. I will pray and my little mortification that many may help in this work. May good lord bless your work. thank you lucy.

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