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Special Letter From A Friend Of Medjugorje To All Of You

Special Letter From A Friend Of Medjugorje To All Of You

from a Friend of Medjugorje


Dearest Medjugorje Family,


With the heart I wish to thank you for all your empathy, prayers, fasting, sacrifices, Masses and letters. You are a consolation to me and I want to be a consolation to you, as we navigate through every situation coming down the road to us. Our Lady’s message of April 25, 2021 said,


“…May your faith…not waiver in any situation, not even in this time of trial…”


What struck me out of the blue that Saturday morning, April 17th, was not on my radar. Feeling healthy and fit, I can only believe all the events that morning, Our Lady had them all under Her watch, as Our Lady has told all of us, “…nothing is by chance…” September 2, 2016


The doctor told me before going into the surgery, “You’ll have a new heart after three month’s healing time.” I don’t know if he can promise that. However, I can promise to my blood family and to you, my Medjugorje family, I am not going to stop.


I am pressed, to lay the way for those who will come in the future, a witness, coupled with your witness, to give a map of how Our Lady led us through the antichrist moment we are in, written in Genesis 3:15i and Revelation Chapter 12, which speaks of how satan’s head is crushed by the Woman and helped by Her apostles. We are the practice “play” to the future generation who will be under the antichrist; satan incarnate manifested upon the earth through an antichrist system, as the one growing in our midst. Our Lady is here to intercept its maturing before satan can fully manifest himself incarnate.


Our Lady has built with us a way of life; a shield of holiness to deflect satan’s blows against Her children. That is what Medjugorje is about. That is what you and I are about. Specifically, in one word, “witness.” The future generation will look back on how we endured the period of trial, and they will find hope in our witness, thereby strengthening them to endure the final great trial before Christ comes.


There are many things I feel pressed by Our Lady to record for you and future generations, no different than what the early church recorded. I leave you, the beloved, with what I told the Community seriously just before my Saturday trial: “…Love one another…” (This was in the message of October 2, 2014 picked that morning.) I also added, “Make a copy and read this message all day.” Our Lady knew the trial coming and with Her new efficacy, She is in the midst of every detail. Our Lady’s fingerprints are recognizable throughout our day.


Our Lady said on March 2, 2007:

“…My name is Love…open your heart to Love.”


One of many examples of how Our Lady displayed Her efficacy while I was in Medjugorje happened when She gave the November 2, 2015 message. Never had Our Lady said, “love” 15 times in a message. Arriving at the Caritas Mission House I could not stop thinking about how She said “love” 15 times. It was a mystery. Our Lady kept prompting me toward something I didn’t know.


Suddenly I told a Community member to look up a certain song out of the blue. I listened to the song. When I played it again, I counted how many times the song said the word “love”. It said the word “love” 15 times!! Our Lady’s Motherly efficacy exposed again: “love” fifteen times in the message and “love” fifteen times in the song. Our Lady put the thought in my heart to count how many times She said “love” when I read the message. She wanted me to find the song. When you find Our Lady, you find love. The song contains the sweetness of Our Lady all through it. Listen below to the beautiful song.


Click Play ▶ and Follow Along


One last thing, in deep gratitude to all of you who sent letters responding to the writing by the Community regarding my heart attack and bypass surgery, I will extend to each of you, by name, Our Lady’s Special Blessing from the Bedroom of Apparitions. See this download here which explains more about Our Lady’s Special Blessing.

With Love and Affection,

Friend of Medjugorje

Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?


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i: “I will put enmities between you and the Woman, and thy seed and Her seed. She shall crush thy head and thou shalt lie in wait for Her heel.” Genesis 3:15

The following was written by a Friend of Medjugorje to refute modern scholars scripture changes:

The above translation of Genesis 3:15 is from the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible, translated by St. Jerome beginning in the year 382. satan has caused confusion over this verse in the Bible. Out of 10 Bible translations, three Catholic and seven Protestant, this verse was changed from “she” to “he” except for in two of the Bibles. For over 1000 years, St. Jerome’s translation, as shown above was the official text of the Church, used in the Roman Rite. While some scholarly work is of value; God gave the Bible to man, not to ‘ modern’ scholars who with an attitude of superiority, grant authority to themselves to be changers of Scripture. Genesis 3:15 is a perfect example of scholars invalidating and rationalizing the change of “she” to “he will crush thy head…wait for his heel.” The argument scholars use in eliminating “she” is that St. Jerome translated from Hebrew and Greek to Latin, the language of the common man, and that it was a poor translation. Other scholars in the 15th century changed the pronoun to “he” because it was inclusive of both “he and she.” Today’s modern scholars, to be “more inclusive,” are inclined to say, “he or she.” Now there are scholars saying the proper translation is neither “he or she,” but rather “they.” If these scholars are so advanced in their intellect to gerrymander Scripture, why did the Holy Spirit leave Genesis 3:15, as what was stated above, for more than 1000 years? In their arrogance, today’s Scripture scholars, in essence, are stating that the Church was wrong for over 10 centuries, centuries in which the Vulgate influenced the life of the Middle Ages, inspired the Renaissance with its art and architecture, as well as the life and culture of other centuries. This verse is about the Woman, the Holy Virgin Mary, and whether Jerome perfectly translated it from Hebrew and Greek to Latin or not, he (Jerome) had an oral understanding, very close in real time to the inspired writers, which gives even more credibility of knowing “Her” because of living within two or three or so lifetimes from the death of John (John died around the year 100 AD, Jerome was born in 347 AD). So serious was St. Jerome in working on this translation, that he translated the entire Bible within the cave of the Nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem, over the course of 30 years. He wanted to surround himself with the holiness of that Sacred Place and be influenced by the “Word was made Flesh,” as he prayed through his translation, whereas scholars do their work most often in rooms at sterile universities. The Church has always held the tradition in seeing Our Lady in this Bible passage and it is self-evident by the many statues and paintings of the Virgin Mary with Her heel standing on the head of a serpent.

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77 thoughts on “Special Letter From A Friend Of Medjugorje To All Of You”

  1. Deborah Martinez

    I didn’t know you were sick , because i’ve been so busy , but be sure my prayers are with you and your family just like I know i will always have yours. Your community is a part of my life forever , like an extended family. So happy your feeling better. God bless

  2. Deborah Martinez

    I didn’t know you were sick , because i’ve been so busy , but be sure my prayers are with you and your family just like I know i will always have yours. Your community is a part of my life forever , like an extended family. So happy your feeling better. God bless

  3. Deborah Pepper

    Thank you Friend of Medjugorje for all of your hard work and dedication to serve Our Lady. I pray that God will continue to heal you and that you make a complete recovery! BTW – Your birthday is the day before mine. I am so glad that you are still here with us to guide us to a better understanding of Our Lady’s messages. I just found out about Caritas in the last 7 months. I thank God for leading me to you and all of Caritas! May God and Our Lady continue to bless you and the whole Caritas community.

  4. So glad God is healing you! I pray for your complete recovery! Thank you for your work for the Lord and for blessing allof us with your time and talent and love for God and our heavenly Mother!

  5. Janet STEWART belew

    Tell Maria I am still here. 75 years old. I have believed since day one. And there are more . Just read about your heart attack this evening. It just popped up on my phone when I put in Medjugorje. Brutal. My heart goes out to you and all concerned. With love Janet

  6. Thank You for all you do for Our Lady Friend of Medjugorje. It is great having your website.  Long may it last.  We need to use this time well and predominantly pray pray pray. Thank you

  7. Lorraine Piermani

    Thank you for enlightening us about Mary and the world. I wish Terry a speedy recovery. God bless all of you.

  8. Dear Friend of Medjugorje,      I’ve been to Caritas two times and have enjoyed the peace and serenity I’ve felt there tremendously! I look forward to returning there again in the near future. Please follow your care plan and heal so I can hear you talk again. Know that I’ll keep you and your community in my prayers also. I’m continuing to read your books daily, and want to know and continue to share all about this great love that you and your community share with Mary and her Immaculate Heart.  Sincerely, Diane Long

  9. Della Caraveo

    Thank you! For your love and sacrifice to help our Lady in bringing souls closer to Her Son our King and redeemer Jesus Christ. As we continue to ask the Holy Spirit to open our hearts to the gifts that lead us to Gods kingdom. May God’s grace penetrate the hearts of all mankind. +Peace Della 

  10. Dear friend of Medjugorje, I hope you recover quickly, God bless, I have learned so much from your website and books.

  11. Dear Friends of the Heart, from my heart to yours I thank you for extending to us Our Lady’s Special Blessing. I know that while you endure pain, this is  from Her words on September 2, 2017, while you are suffering Heaven enters in you and you give a piece of Heaven and much hope to all those around you. That is what just happened to all of us, for this very special gift we thank Her and you for sharing and extending such a grace as this is.  When Our Blessed Mother said she was placing all of us in her Immaculate Heart on April 25, 2020. I believe this was what transpired. Praised be Jesus!!  Be well, prayers are with you and your family. 

  12. I deeply appreciate your message! I have always responded to others with respect, but didn’t always get it back. My husband and and l reach out to others with kindness and offer help if they need it.  We don’t ask expect anything in return, but that they will pass it on to someone else. I think of a song I listened to and sing to myself,  “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this a better place if you can.”❤️

  13. Marguerite Daniluk

    Today, May 14th, I am just hearing about your heart attack. It is with great relief and thankfulness that you are on the road to recovery through the many prayers offered and blessings of our Father. Our Blessed Mother is watching over you and the Caritas community because of the times we are in. You are a messenger to the world spreading her messages in these days of revelation. May God give you continued strength and resolve to spread the word. God bless you! 

  14. Friend of Medjugorje,you have been a source of comfort and hope to us the children of Mary.I take this opportunity to thank God the Father,Jesus the son,and the Holy Spirit and by Our Mother’s intercession,for the miracle of a new life and heart for you.More things to come and we need Your insights,understanding in order for us to witness to others in this difficult times. May your life friend of Medjugorje be a pure reflection of Jesus resplendent LOVE.

  15. R. Renee Reams

    Dear Friend of Medjugroje…Thank you so much for this letter; I am so very glad you are in the mend..Our Lady has you and the community wrapped in her mantle.of protection..and your complete healing and restoration will be wrought thru your Lady’s Intercession and  her Love for you and the community and all of your sacrifices to get as many hearts as humanly possible to our Lady’s heart. I will never be the same again after my first visit to Caritas; I still remember when it rained…as we celebrated Our Lady b-day in the feel despite the rain and lightning…and my impromptu decision to join a Caritas Medjugorje pilgrimage..all these unforgettable Caritas..sustain me in everyday life.. Thanks is such a  a small word to offer you yours and Caritas witness!! Praying for your speedy recovery and all your intentions, dear Friend of Medjugorje

  16. R. Renee Reams

    Dear Friend of Medjugoje…Thank you so much for this letter; I am so very glad you are in the mend..OurLady has you and the community wrapped in her mantle.of protection..and your complete healing and restoration will be wrought thru your Lady’s Intercession and  her Love for you and the community and all of your sacrifices to get as many hearts as humanly possible to our Lady’s heart. I will never be the same again after my first visit to Caritas; I still remember when it rained…as we celebrated Our Lady bday in the feel despite ther rain and lightning…and my impromptu decision to join a Caritas Medjugo rje pilgrimage..all these unforgettable Cariras..sustain me in everyday life.. Thanks is such a  a small word to offer you yours and Caritras witness!! Praying for your speedy recovery and all your intentions, dear Friend of Medjugorge

  17. Suzanne OConnell

    Thank you for writing to us. We love you and I have been praying for you and the community everyday. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. I am so thankful Our Lady has preserved your life to continue your good work here. We wait in great anticipation to hear from you again. Love and prayers from my family to yours and the community family. God bless you!! In Christ,   Susan O’Connell 

  18. I am very happy that you survived and that you are healing!  Now you testify that “God” has healed me physically, I had the best doctors, and I am on my way to being well again!”  Continuing prayers for your recovery!

  19. God bless you and your family at this critical time in your life. Thank you for years of posting our blessed mother’s messages for the world. You are a talented writer as well.  

  20. Thank you so much for sharing the words of Our Lady. May God and His Blessed Mother keep you safe and your health continue to improve every day! ❤️?❤️?

  21. So glad you are doing well.  How Lady is taking good care of you.  She knows what a treasure you and the Community of Caritas is.  Continuing to pray for you all.  Peace and love always.

  22. God bless you in your recovery. I can only imagine the pain you are going through. Your heart is broken for the lack of love that surrounds us. May God grant you and your family, and our world, the healing we need, even if we need to be broken first to achieve it. Peace be with you. ❤️??

  23. maureen Johnson

    Thank you for your special blessing….During these times, it is even more appreciated and needed…Sending prayers and love to you and your family….God bless you and protect you….Maureen 

  24. Christine Sullivan

    Dear Friend of Medjugorje  A Heartfelt Thank you for praying a Special Blessing for we friends and Apostles of Our Lady in the bedroom of Apparitions during your recovery  You are certainly following in the footsteps of Our Lord Jesus ‘Beloved John’ and the ‘Little John’ being Maria Voltorta and finally ‘St John Vianney’ by bringing us closer to Our Heavenly Family-Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Mother Mary through your actions, prayers, writings and sufferings Sending prayers and love across the miles for healing and thanksgiving xxx

  25. Janice Hirsch

    I am so glad you are getting better. I added you to my rosary prayer list. Your words give me courage and hope. Thank you!

  26. We are so happy the you are recovering.  We know that the Blessed Mother is watching you closely and praying for you. We wish you very good recovery and and love all of you at Caritas.  We are keeping you in our prayers. Philip & Aline Bushey

  27. Barbara Heizmann

    I have always loved that song. Thank You. I am very glad you are recovering well. I have been praying for you and your family, also the Caritas community. Thank you for all you do.

  28. Julia Montgomery

    Thank you FOM for all you do for us and the time spent in sharing the message of Our Lady. I am so glad you are OK. We still need you here with us you have helped so many people come to the Lord including me. Again my thanks and God Bless you all.

  29. I am so happy to hear of your beginning progress. As you said Our Lady said the word Love fifteen times. This has touched me so dearly because sometimes I ask myself if I am loving others as I should in real charity.  You are always in my prayers for a full recovery. Yes when we are doing the work of Our Blessed Mother we are attacked but never overthrown. Mother Mary is holding you under her blue mantle so you can be her strong Apostle once more. Always in prayer.

  30. To A Friend of Majugorjie  Thank you for ALL the information you share with us and for all your hard work. You are always in our prayers.  Be safe and God Bless you.

  31. It was so nice of you to respond to us! We certainly are a close knit group “ bound together by our Lady of Love” God bless you and heal you! Margaret P.S. I hope that you get this response—— there were many “ stray clicking noises  “ while I was typing this note! Who knows — we may be completely prevented from responding to you! God protect us all!

  32. Dear Friend of Medjugorje, Thank you for your special blessings on each one of us.  Thank you for  the heart lifted letter and sweet song.  May Our Lady keep you under her Mantle to be her voice and her hands in spreading her motherly love around the world. Always prayers for you and your family and your community.  I would like also to share that on May 1st we picked a message to read in our family and it was the same message that you mentioned in your letter : My Name is Love … Jihane 

  33. Michael J. Hebert

    Dear CARITAS, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened Mej.com, only to find FOM, hadn’t left a new message. This made me feel distinctly as though a small sword had pierced my heart, longing and hoping, while praying that you were doing well, and that you were only taking time to be together with your Caritas Family, at this moment. This has also brought memories and feelings in some ways, the same as when Our Lady stopped Her 2nd of the Month Messages to the World. I couldn’t help but realize, some day, Our Lady’s Messages will end, and perhaps in some way, this all is meant to serve as a reminder of that future event. I pray for all of your wonderful Community to receive all which is necessary from FOM’s spirit, combined with Our Holy Mother’s, as in the Bible, Prophets received the spirit of their predecessor and teachers. My prayers are for it not be God’s will, in this time, to not find another writing from Our Dear FOM and for it to please Him, to allow FOM to be with us, as long as possible, to continue to teach us more about Our Lady’s Messages. I give Thanks and Praise for each every new day, as this has been a reminder of how important you and your Community actually are, to all of us. Perhaps this is a catalyst for something else which FOM, has been feeling within his heart, which you now better understand, and we’ll all see how this Blooms Forth, in the coming years, through Your Good Faith. God Bless and keep you well

  34. What a beautiful letter. This feels like family for the “father” to reach out warmly to share his experiences after a “battle.” We so appreciate you and your family and your collective leadership and perspective!  Warmest wishes and prayers continue for your “new heart,’ tired from all the love you give our Lady and us all. Now you are good to go through the hard pat! 😉 Maria 

  35. Thank God and Our Lady that Friend of Medjugorje is recovering well after his heart attack and surgery!! Wishing him continued recovery and healing. Thank you for the encouraging letter of today, as I and am sure, many many others were concerned about him.  God and Our Blessed Mother be with him and his family through this difficult time for them.

  36. Overjoyed by your writing & that joy is still so very evident in your writing today. Please know I am praying for your recovery. United in Our Lady  God bless Michael 

  37. I am so thankful for A Friend of Mej and the Caritas Community. They have become true family. I keep pulling the message about how Our Lady wants us to be a Community of one mind in Christ. I keep thinking and relating it to how FOM and Caritas have been such a strong witness and how that has helped me to live Her messages and be a better witness.  Thank you for sharing your stories and your love. May God bless and continue your healing.

  38. Praise be to God & an eternal “Thank You” to our Blessed Mother!!!  I have an interesting “story of the heart” to share with you, but will write it & send it by mail.  God bless your whole family, including your Caritas family!!! Cathy Simplot

  39. Dear Friend, how wonderful to receive a message from you following the incident 3 weeks ago. We were wondering how you were getting on and have been praying for you, your family and the Community. We are ever so grateful that you are still living among us and ready to carry on working for Jesus and Our Lady. May God the Father Lavish you with anointing, wisdom, energy and love. Blessings and prayers to you all, Rachel, UK

  40. I’m so glad that you are healing nicely.  Your letter is one of inspiration and such comfort.   Our Mother Mary loves us and protects us with her entire being, we are so fortunate.  Thank you for your continuous dedication to this wonderful gift.  Take care, Tanya Rosamond

  41. We will pray our daily rosary for you…. God bless and PEACE be with you.  Thank you for all you do in service to the King and Lord Jesus!

  42. Praise be Jesus and Mary! Your words brought joy and hope into my morning. I called Caritas to ask about my granddaughter having a deep desire to climb Penitentiary Mountain. It was at that hour I called, a friend of MEDJUGORJE was  to have surgery. It was a humbling invitation from Our Lady to pray and fast with Caritas family. My granddaughter and I climbed and prayed together Penitentiary Mountain with other pilgrams the first time in 2013. She was 10 years old. She wanted to climb and pray with Grandma for her Mother. Not knowing, she had blisters on her feet and never complained .  My daughter lives on the streets. She’s a victim of schizophrenic and drug addiction. Her father died before she was born. Kayla Elizabeth told me on her 18th birthday, two months ago, that on Penitentiary Mountain was the first time she experienced God’s LOVE for her. She was always very afraid of God and did not understand how much God LOVED her . One day my granddaughter will understand and comprehend the grace and significance of her being in the presence of Mother Mary in the field of Apparitions.  When Our Lady says for those who have not yet experienced God’s LOVE for them She also speaks for our children. Kayla received a special grace that day at the Cross. “For the soul of America”, for the souls of our children. Her LOVE for Jesus today is a witness to all who know her. She radiates God’s LOVE . Without her even knowing she is Our Lady’s Apostle of LOVE. Her favorite bible passage is. ” “I may decrease so God may increase.” I am sharing this because I want to thank you and the Caritas Community for your LOVE and sacrifice that have and will continue to save so many souls who otherwise would be lost. I am one of them.  We will be climbing Penitentiary Mountain together this month before she leaves to Africa in missionary work in bringing God’s LOVE to others. She does not know much about Our Lady or Medjugorje and why Grandma always prays and holds her rosary. Mother Mary tells us to witness with our lives and not our words. To pray more and speak less. Mother Mary tells us to LOVE one another and without LOVE there is no salvation. God is LOVE. I LOVE you my Caritas family. 

  43. Thank you FOM,for being a true  witness and example to follow.May you b blessed with health of mind, body, soul and spirit.I appreciate you and the Community of Caritas for all your hard work,dedication and LOVE.

  44. Thank you so much for the updated letter. You have been in our prayers and daily rosaries every day since we received the news of your heart attack.  It is amazing how blessed we all are to have you and the Caritas Mission and how quickly we could loose your leadership A Friend of Medjugorje.  It would truly be devastating for everyone of your followers if that were to happen. Our Blessed Mother needs you. We need you! God Bless!

  45. Friend, You have been in my prayers and thoughts, Very glad your on the mend.  We need you!  🙂  You and Caritas will continue to be in my prayers.  Many blessings and love sent to you all!

  46. God bless you, & keep you and most of all, keep hold of Our Lady’s hand in all you do.  I do believe your heart will be changed, to hold Jesus & the Holy Spirit in a profound way.

  47. David J. Webster

    In the Evangelical Catholic Study Bible (fully keyed to the Valtorta Revelations) I created using the Douay-Rheims I present absolute grammatical support for Jerome’s translation of Genesis 3:15: 15 I will put enmity between you and The Woman,* and your offspring and her offspring [“offspring” is a plural, collective noun].  She [this pronoun, “hu” which may be translated “he” “she” or “it” is singular and thus can only refer to the only singular noun here, the woman.] shall crush your head [the dragon of Rev.12] and you shall lie in wait for her heel. *The Woman:  This is a clear reference to Holy Mary and her virginal conception of the Savior and the new race she will beget by bringing them to Christ.  1st, “the woman” is Holy Mary: To suggest that “woman” here is a reference to women in general is inconsistent with the text.  If this were a general reference, why mention only woman as being an object of Satan’s hatred?  Are not men just as certainly the object of Satan’s wrath?  Therefore, the hatred of Satan here is not his general hatred for mankind, but a very special hatred motivated by his fear of the success of human redemption!  Only those who deny that the mother of our Lord in a very unique way (because of her sinlessness) was absolutely critical to the fulfillment of Christ’s work of redemption could even imagine this faulty interpretation.  To make “woman” mean women in general also makes “her offspring” mankind in general!  The text, however, speaks of a conflict between a divided humanity, a conflict between “her seed and the serpent’s seed!  2nd, the offspring of the woman then is not only Christ, but it includes all she brings to Christ.  Christ is thus the second Adam, and since Mary brings Him into the world, both He and those who are born anew in Him become her seed or offspring, the new human race, fulfilling what Eve should have originally accomplished.  This same triumph of this very same woman is also found in Gal.4:4, Jer.31:22, Isa.7:14, Psa.44[45], and Revelation 12. (See also Prov. 8; Sirach 24:11-46 for the place of this woman in leading mankind to God.) See also the Appendix of this Bible on this text. THANK YOU FRIEND OF MEDJUGORJE FOR YOU FAITHFULNESS! MEDJUGORJE LED THIS BAPTIST PASTOR TO THE CATHOLIC FAITH. DISTRIBUTED A CASE OF YOUR BOOK “THEY FIRED THE FIRST SHOT.”

  48. May The Spirit of Love sanctify all that you Think, Say, and Do,  that all is for the the Glory of God. As Father Slavko says let everything, every word pass through the heart. May God bless you and the community for your witness, courage, and perseverance. 

  49. Thank you from the depths of my soul. The writings and teachings that you have provided changed my life. Praise God! Praying for your good health. You are such a blessing. Praying for countless others to find this website. 

  50. Dearest Friend of Medjugorje 🙂 Thank God and Our Lady for you and your vocation. For your example to live the fullness of your vocation in God. As you are not stopping, we are not stopping! May God and Our Lady bless you and lead you, and through you lead us, in this Great Plan for the Salvation of mankind. Keeping the Mission and Community of Caritas in my heart and constant prayers! 

  51.  Our Lady has you under her mantle of protection. I pray for your complete recovery. It seems to me, people who have tried to bring the Blessed Mother to others have been suffering physically, myself included. May you continue to be blessed.

  52. Your zeal is an inspiration to hundreds of thousands! Your printing ministry is deeply appreciated and helps to assure that Our Lady’s messages will be meditated on for generations to come, just as we still find inspiration from the OT stories that are now history. The lessons live on!

  53. I’m so happy to hear from you again! You are our St. Paul! Not that your past was like Saul, but that you are a clear voice for us in this time, beyond the official Church and our Shepherds. Praying for you, the community  and all of our Shepherds!! May Her Heart Triumph!! May God’s Will be done, here on earth as it is in Heaven!


    May God and His Holy Mother continue to bless you and your lovely family ,thank you again for all your work

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