Special Announcement – Words From Heaven

Words From Heaven 11th Edition

June 15, 2009

This morning the long awaited 11th edition of Words From Heaven was released! Words From Heaven is known and recognized around the world as the research book of Our Lady’s messages. Many who write for the movement use it, as well as people all over the world. The book, now in its 11th edition, is prized by followers of Our Lady who want to transform the messages into their daily lives.




June 15, 2009


This morning the long awaited 11th edition of Words From Heaven was released!

Words From Heaven is known and recognized around the world as the research book of Our Lady of Medjugorje’s messages. Many who write for the movement use it, as well as people all over the world. The book, now in its 11th edition, is prized by followers of Our Lady who want to transform the messages into their daily lives. It is Our Lady of Medjugorje who said to transform them into life.

December 25, 1989

“…read everyday the messages I gave you and transform them into life…”

Words From Heaven was conceived by a Friend of Medjugorje to index Our Lady’s holy words to help him and others have the convenience of the messages at hand to more easily culturalize the messages. Through the years, he has held it as his most important work. The book safeguards many crucial things that surround the messages, as well as preserves them for a future world who will look back on the apparitions and want to learn everything about them. All of a Friend of Medjugorje’s writings are based on and flow from this book of Our Lady’s holy and world-saving words.

We, in the Community of Caritas, use this book throughout the day, often wearing out a book in a few months. It is in every vehicle at Caritas and taken on every trip, along with our Bible.

We must daily seek Her messages. We are permitting society’s and our own sins to take away our ability to discern right and wrong. Our Lady recently said on May 2, 2009:


“…You are permitting sin to overcome you more and more. You are permitting it to master you and to take away your power of discernment…”



The above message was given 44 days ago and is in the new 11th edition. It is as updated as can be. In today’s dangerous world, one thing must be at hand. It is the guidance of Our Lady’s messages to help us navigate through a darkened anti-christ time in order to recognize the signs of the times.


May 2, 2009

“…look around you and look at the signs of the times…”



Every family must have Our Lady’s messages at hand. While the book, Words From Heaven, and the search for the messages are on Medjugorje.com and is valuable as a work tool, it is not the same as the use of the book. When you pray as a family, when you read from the book to pick a message, you follow the method of generations of bringing yourself and others to wisdom that was the method all the way back to the cradle of civilization. Jesus was called the Word. Read physically from a book, Our Lady’s words are wisdom. Words From Heaven – order before July 1, 2009 – a special introductory sale for only $12.00 before the new price of $15.00 starts. (click here for mejmart)

In Mary and Jesus,
Caritas of Birmingham



Twenty-six members of the Community gathered this morning, June 15, 2009, at 7:00 a.m. to fill Words From Heaven orders. It was a great joy to have the new edition of Words From Heaven finally in our hands and we know so many have been waiting as we have to refresh themselves with Our Lady of Medjugorje’s words.



Every single order that leaves Caritas receives a personal hand-written thank you for helping to support Our Lady’s mission. We do not consider the extra time this takes wasted time, but rather it is one of the most valuable things we do in our mission. If Our Lady takes the time to thank Her children, after every message She gives in Medjugorje, for responding to Her call, then how much more should we follow in Her example? It is a privilege to serve those who are helping Our Lady achieve Her plans from Medjugorje and so we never get tired with saying “Thank you.”



Words From Heaven – packaged and ready to go this morning, June 15, 2009. This is what you call “precious cargo.”

June 25, 2002
“…Live my messages and put into life every word that I am giving you. May they be precious to you because they come from Heaven…”

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  1. Wow!   Prayers to Jesus,  Joseph, and Mary.   I need to know what to do next. How the heck to I get rid of this apple computer I use at work and this blasted iPhone I’m on right now. ?

  2. Peace be with you!!!God is taking care of His Holy Servants, whom He has chosen for the Spiritual Battles which are multiplying.  Onward Christian Soldiers keep following Our Heavenly Father, Our Brother, Jesus and Our Lady, Mary Most Holy.  Sister in Christ,Sister K. Joanie Torres

  3. Dearest FOM:-Thinking For Myself Because Of The Radio Show”Are You a Non-Thinker”-A Statement As To Why The Corona Vaccine[IS] A PART Of The Culture Of Death;With Sterilized Women(Also Men)Becoming Infertile(Sterile);To Destroy The Family Units Of The World For Population Control By A NWO SOCIALIST Marxism; They(Globalists;Antichrist)ALSO Promote A DEATH Culture For Population Restricting!;With Planned Parenthood’s;Abortafacients;Contraceptive’s;Abortion’s;A Massive Population Reduction Death Plan With Great Childhood Indoctrination For A Sexual Pleasure ONLY Civilization;Without Offspring Through Same Sex Marriages; LGBTQ Orientated;Without Population Growth(With A 500 Million Maximum Population Goal;Sterile Society.!)!ALSO A Life Uninsurance Policy;WITH A DUTY To Die By Euthanasia As A Requirement Of Old Age Disability.!A Totally STERILE Society And CULTURE Of DEATH.!It’s COMING VERY SOON;And The Numbers Add Up To 666 – THE BEAST Among Us.!NEVER Cease PRAYING.!SAY!-Amen;And AMEN.!!!

  4. Patti Cortichiato

    Thank you Friend of Medjugorie for helping me see the plan clearer. With a grateful heart to Our Lord and Blessed Mother Mary May we all choose to stand firm for God.

  5. When the Apple-1 was replaced, by its successor, Byte magazine referred to as part of the “1977 Trinity,” of personal computing. satan only makes, “Shades of God’s, True Glory.” As Christians we recognize the Trinity of God, as Father, Son, & Holy Ghost. The Bible shows, satan has plans for his own trinity, as well. Revelation mentions people will build an image of the 1st Beast, into which, life is breathed. The 1st Beast is a mortally wounded man, whom gives his life up to satan & his plan. The 1st Beast will no longer have a Soul, but will appear alive, even without a body. As such they are, satan’s shade of, “in me & of me.” Also they are, shade of god & son, “made & not begotten.” Together they’re satan’s own trinity. The world’s deceived, believing immortality’s, possible from the Beast, but instead they’ll only become a copy, without a Soul, preventing them from ever going to Heaven. God hasn’t given up on us & this time though. Repent & Convert & God will Relent & Bless Us.

  6. It was difficult to finish listening to this man’s diatribe against masking and the coming vaccine. The use of very weak slippery slope arguments without any scientific proof was laughable. The dots he was trying to connect to the Gates Foundation, Apple I computer, IBM’s smallest computer, and the Covid vaccine is nothing more than an apophenic fallacy. The gall to correlate masking with the mark of the beast was entertaining. This philosophy could be applied to seat belt use, and parents making their children to eat all their veggies at dinner; should we consider the aforementioned as conditioning for the beast’s mark as well? This was a very disappointing and misleading listen. What an embarrassment to the Catholic faith.

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